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									Windows 7 Black Screen Of Death Fix - How To Fix The Black
Screen Error When Booting Up Windows 7
The "black screen of death" is a big problem for many Windows 7 users - as it just shows when you
load up your PC, preventing your computer from being able to completely boot up. This problem has
existed since Windows 7 was first launched in October 2009, and although many people have
attempted to explain & fix it, the fact is that not many have been able to remedy the issue completely.
Fortunately, there's now a strong idea about what's causing this error to show, and how it can be
fixed - with a software patch being released to help resolve the issues which are causing it to show.
What's Causing The Win7 Black Screen Of Death?
The "Black Screen Of Death" error has been nothing short of a mystery to both Microsoft & the tech-
savvy community. The problem is that because it just shows a black screen, and prevents your
computer from booting - meaning the issue could be anything from a damaged graphics driver to
incoherent settings on your system. There have been many rumors and theories about what might be
the cause of this problem, but there is one resolution which seems to have stuck.
The main cause of this error is thought to because of several registry settings inside your PC.
Registry settings are kept inside the "registry" database, and are basically what your computer uses
to help it run as smoothly as possible. These settings store everything from your desktop wallpaper to
your most recent emails, but also keep a lot of vital Windows system files inside. It's thought that the
cause of the black screen error is because of several registry settings not loading correctly - causing
Windows to just show a black screen instead of showing your desktop & programs. Each time a
Windows computer loads, it needs to read 100's of registry settings to help it run... But if any of those
settings are damaged, it will cause all sorts of problems, including the Screen Of Death.
How To Fix The Black Screen Of Death On Windows 7
Fortunately, there is a very simple way to fix this error which works for most people. The first step is
to download a "patch" that a company called PrevX released in late 2009. This patch basically targets
the specific registry settings which are causing your PC to not load up correctly, allowing you to boot
into it. You should load the patch by transferring it by USB to your system. After you've used the
patch (you'll be able to find instructions for it easily), you should then look to use a "Registry Cleaner"
tool to scan through your computer and fix the various errors which could still remain inside the
registry of your system. This two step process should fix the issue completely.

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