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Arcytech – Educational Java Programs
Arcytech – Educational Java Programs, designed by Jacobo Bulaevsky,
includes interactive tools for several manipulatives commonly used in
the elementary grades, including Cuisenaire rods, base 10 blocks,
pattern blocks, and fraction bars. Each tool has instructions and
suggested lessons.
Base 10 Blocks
Base 10 Blocks offers an excellent illustration. This virtual manipulative
provides students with an unlimited set of blocks for demonstrating
place value.
Create Your Own Disney Board Games!
Great site to create and print your own board games or let the kids do it!
Great for math games!
Fraction Decimal Balance
Virtual Manipulative
Handmade Manipulatives Instructions
Hand Made Manipulative Instructions * Click on a link and print out the
page. These pages print the best using a PC and Explorer 4.0. * Copy
onto cardstock as many times as you need for a set. Enlarge the page so
that it fills an 8.5 in. by 11 in. piece of paper if you like! * Color
(optional), laminate and cut out the pieces. * Numbers 4-7 are for
information only.
Math Playground
Free virtual manipulatives!
Pan Balance
Pan Balance – Numbers is a manipulative that is based on the balance
pans that are used with younger children to demonstrate the concept of
equality. With this virtual manipulative, students enter a different
number expression (e.g., 6+8 and 7+7) on each side of the balance.
The Oddball Game
Oddball is a game which begins with 15 balls. The object of the game is
to leave only one ball at the end of your last turn. Each player can
remove 1 or 2 balls on each of their turns. The player who leaves the
last ball for his opponent is the winner. You must always take the first
turn then select "YOUR TURN" to indicate that your turn is over and
you are passing play to your opponent (the computer).
Virtual Manipulatives
Free trial
Virtual Manipulatives -Examples

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