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					Smt. Sonia Gandhi, President AICC

Where as Gandhian Ideologist, philosopher and social reformer Naresh Kadyan, founder
Chairman of the People for Animals (PFA) Haryana – , representing United
Nations affiliated the International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA in India – needs recognition in the animal rights and their welfare read with Wildlife
conservation category.

Naresh Kadyan, C-38, Rose Apartment, sector-14, Prashant Vihar, Rohini, Delhi - 110085 was
 born on 10th October, 1961 in village Siwana, now in Jhajjar District of Haryana, he is a
Master Trainer of the Animal Welfare Board of India, had been Nodal Inspecting Authority for
Haryana and adjoining areas of Rajasthan of the Animal Welfare Division (Govt. of India),
Nominee of the CPCSEA, Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication along with Post
Graduate Diploma in J&MC, Diploma in Footwear Technology along with Advance course with
‘Distinction’ as well, elected as Member of the Clothing and Footwear Institute, London on
November 8th, 1988. He had been a reporter for the ‘Jagiriti’, a journal of the Khadi and Village
 Industries Commission – KVIC.
Naresh Kadyan have successfully organized many blood donation, eye donation, plantation,
awareness about social evils like dowry, honour killings, illiteracy, infants marriage, killing of
female child etc. , he has been elected three time state President of the Haryana Khadi Board
Employees Union and founder Secretary General, National Khadi and Village Industries Board
Employees Federation (An apex body of all India’s KVIB Employees Unions). He has arranged
blood donation camp on January 30th, 1996 with the Haryana Khadi and Village Industries
Board at Manimajra, Chandigarh and then on October 2nd, 1996 with District Administration,
Gurgaon followed by another on October 2nd, 1997.
Naresh Kadyan is a first complainant under the Right to Information Act, 2005 as he has moved
complaint on 19-10-2005 and compiled a book on animal related laws in Hindi.
Naresh Kadyan have been Duty Magistrate during prohibition policy in Haryana and at present
he is working as a District Khadi and Village Industries Officer at Faridabad, during his service
as many as 9 times he was transferred, many times charge sheeted for animal rights and their
welfare activities, counter criminal case was registered against Naresh Kadyan in Nawab
Pataudi black buck hunting case, since 2000 onwards annual increment was with held for no
Animals are being abused during transportation and Naresh Kadyan moved campaign in all
over India, maximum FIR's were lodged against offenders and animals were rescued, then
Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (Govt. of India) made a documentary on live raids
in midnight at Bahadurgarh. Naresh Kadyan compiled a book in Hindi on the animal related
laws in India. The National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal injecting Oxytocin injections for
lactation on the Buffaloes but Naresh Kadyan lodged FIR against animal abuse because it was
a crime as per section 12 of the PCA Act, 1960 then he moved public interest litigation before
High Court at Chandigarh. A special cattle train was caught by Naresh Kadyan on 10th
December, 2000 for the violation of the animal related legislation's, banned oxytocin was
recovered which were injected in 5 boogies 65 cows for lactation and these all accused were
punished by the concerned court at Faridabad, similar special cattle train of 40 boogies was
also stopped for the violation of animal related laws, FIR was lodged with the GRP, Gaziabad

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on 28th December, 2000 and the Allahabad High court upheld the objections raised by Naresh
Kadyan, animals were rescued, handed over to the local animal shelters. Border Security Force
- BSF also shifting camels in a cruel manner from Rajasthan to Delhi for Republic parade but
this animal abuse was exposed by Naresh Kadyan, in Jammu and Kashmir horses were
abused at Katra then Naresh Kadyan moved first complaint on 19th October, 2005 under Right
to Information Act, 2005 raising this issue because due to special status state as per the
Constitution of India, Indian animal related laws are not enforced over there. Sheep's and
Goats are being abused under Indian Army supply cover but Naresh Kadyan exposed this
crime against animals as well. The Govt. of India made out rules for slaughter hoses in 2001
and these rules were implemented by Naresh Kadyan lodging FIR against illegal slaughter
houses in Ballabgarh (Faridabad). Conchs and corals are also banned in India; Naresh Kadyan
found these articles in Kurukshetra, Mathura, Haridwar and legal actions have been initiated.
He has contributed a lot and a man behind rehabilitation of the performing animals like lion,
bear, panther, monkey and bear, due to his efforts all dancing bears are now out from the
Indian roads and streets because he introduced a scheme for rehabilitation of kalandher along
with their performing animals like monkey and bear, later this scheme was successfully
implemented by the Wildlife SOS and Wildlife Trust of India, more than 600 dancing bears
rescued and no one left to perform in captivity. He has rescued many dancing bears from the
Kalanders, lodged FIR with the Police Station, Sonipat, Salhawas, Gurgaon, Faridabad
(Haryana) and Shalimar Bagh in Delhi. He played a key role to rescue 29 performing lions and
a bear from the Russian Komal circus from Palwal in Haryana, Asiad circus from Dehradun,
Amar circus from Karnal, laxmi female sick elephant was also rescued from Dhand in Kaithal
and same was shifted to Delhi Zoo, which was died later, Apollo circus at Meerut, Western
circus at Gurgaon. He has contributed with the ZEE News to rescue African lion Narsinhma
from a farm house of Muzaffar Nagar, this lion belongs to Asian circus and Naresh Kadyan
lodged a complaint against this circus while stationed at Gurgaon, owner ran away along with
two lions and cub from Gurgaon, both lions were died at farm house and cub Narsinhma
became adult, same was rescued and rehabilitated in rescue center at Nahar Garh, Jaipur
after lodging FIR against offenders with Dalanwala Police station.
Naresh Kadyan, a whistle blower of former captain of Indian cricket team Mansur Ali Khan
Pataudi black buck hunting along with two hares in 2005, he took the carcass for postmortem
cum identification of species to Delhi zoo and he is faces criminal proceedings for his strong
activism. Animal Welfare Board of India - AWBI recognized his work declaring Star of the
month, later he strongly opposed accused bail in the High Court at Chandigarh and raised the
jurisdiction issue and get trial shifted from Jhajjar to Special Environment court at Faridabad. A
black buck and Chinkara was illegally captured by the Air Force Station, Sirsa officials and
make unrecognized mini zoo with in the Air Force station premises but Naresh Kadyan moved
complaint, both animals were rescued and rehabilitated at Deer park, Hissar. The Chief Wild
Life Warden of Haryana failed to take legal action then he filed a complaint before Special
Environment Court at Kurukshetra, like wise a black buck was hunted in Udmi village of
Panipat, FIR was lodged and when due to politically pressure Administration moved to cancel
the case but Naresh Kadyan moved complaint in this case as well before the Special
Environment Court at Kurukshetra. A black buck was also found in the captivity of a Chairman,
 Haryana Tourism Corporation's residence at Dharuheda but same was also rescued and
rehabilitated in Rohtak zoo by Naresh Kadyan, due to this strong activism Naresh Kadyan was

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harassed by then Haryana Govt. A black buck was captured by the officials of Wildlife science
faculty of Aligarh Muslim University, same was rescued by the UP Wildlife Department with
out any legal action against offenders but Naresh Kadyan lodged FIR No. 491 dated 9th July,
2011 against five officials of the faculty as well. Elephant polo was held at Jaipur in 2006 but
Naresh Kadyan raised the issue and then moved public interest litigation about elephant
abuse, Rajasthan High Court - Jaipur Bench banned the operation of Iron Ankush on the PIL
moved by him. Chimpanzee was abused in the feature film Janseen, Elephants in Jodha
Akbar, horses in Drona and all these issues were raised by Naresh Kadyan.
Mongoose is a protected wild animal but people used its hair paint brushes. Naresh Kadyan
moved a campaign in India for awareness and many legal actions were initiated like huge
mongoose hairs along with paint brushes were recovered from Ambala Cantt, Gurgaon,
Bhiwani, Faridabad, Ballabgarh, Narnaul, Rewari, Bahadurgarh in Haryana, Jahangirpuri in
Delhi and in Hyderabad, where as this project was sponsored by the Wildlife Trust of India.
Leopards are being killed due to conflict between human beings with the wild animals,
leopards were killed at Jind, Karnal, Mewat, Faridabad, one was badly beaten in Mewat
another was illegally captured by a farm house owner in Gurgaon but all these issues were
raised by Naresh Kadyan. Many online petitions successfully operated to get support of local
and International communities, due to his strong campaigning peacock feathers trade was
proposed to be banned, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and the Wild Life
Protection Act, 1972 draft bills were prepared for replacement of PCA Act, 1960 with the
Animal Welfare Act, 2011 and to amend the WP Act, 1972. Adoption of Zoo animals in
Haryana scheme was introduced by the Chief Wild Life Warden and motivation campaign was
initiated by Naresh Kadyan at his own. Elephants can be openly traded from the official cattle
fairs but Naresh Kadyan raised his voice for amendment in the concerned legislation. He has
recovered 30,000 plastic Indian flag before Independence day in Delhi then mobile fast to get
ban on Elephant polo in Jaipur, same was canceled by the Carlsberg beer, in past Naresh
Kadyan moved PIL against Cartier Elephant polo in 2006 and Iron Ankush was banned by the
Rajasthan High Court (Jaipur Bench). Presently he is campaigning to get ban on meat export
and illegal animal slaughtering in Gazipur Slaughter house in Delhi by Allana’s, Cancelation of
White Tiger inbreeding in Madhya Pradesh, Where as concerned officials are backing it for
profit and tourism promotion. Campaigning for food, water and treatment for Tripoli Zoo
animals in Libya during war, Campaign against Factory Farming in India, FIR has been lodged
with the Madhuban Police station against Rabbit farm and owners were hold guilty, punished
as per legal provisions by the local court, moved petition before the Chief Election
Commissioner of India for freezing the Elephant symbol of BSP, online petition has been
delivered to the Chief Election Commissioner of India on November 3, 2011. Complaint against
Jumbo Circus has been lodged by Naresh Kadyan to rescue blind hippo, docked tail dogs,
feathers chopped birds, abused horses, camels, cats and elephants.
Raised his voice against the National Dairy Research Institute – NDRI, Central Board of Excise
and Customs, Income Tax Department, Delhi State Rifle Association, Haryana Public Service
Commission, State Government of Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka,
Haryana Police, Punjab Police, Gujarat Police, Assam Police, Goa Police, Tamil Nadu Police,
Delhi Police, Manipur Police, Kolkata Police, Karnataka State Police, Bangalore City Police,
Rajasthan Police, Uttar Pradesh Police, Madhya Pradesh Police, Indian Ordnance Factories
(Ministry of Defense) and Mizoram Legislative Assembly, which insulting the National Emblem

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of India, where as Haryana Police comes forward to remove the errors after Naresh Kadyan
complaint. HE the Governor of Tripura breach the agreement and violated the set procedure,
guidelines of the Government of India being an Padama Shri awardees but Naresh Kadyan
taken up this matter as well, he has further raised his voice about the rank of the Indian
Police, Para Military Forces along with the Indian Army because their badges also don’t have
Satyameva Jayate. Punjab Police and Haryana Police replaced original emblem.
Naresh Kadyan also successfully campaign against the attack on Indian students in Australia,
radio-tagging scores of Indian students duped by a "sham" university in California, castles
reservation cover for all communities based on financial status, removal of Lord Ganesha
image from the Indica beer / Goddess Laxmi image from non-vegetarian burger / Vests, spread
peace and harmony after terrorist attack on Mumbai 26/11, awareness campaigning about Ram
Setu, Yamuna, Taj Mahal, Sparrows, Vultures and holy Ganga with the full support of
International communities, he is the man behind getting approved of the pension benefits
scheme to the Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board employees. Many International
communities recommended Naresh Kadyan, to be a political voice for animals in the Indian
Parliament. He successfully campaign against lifting ban of beef export from India.
Main PIL’s moved by Naresh Kadyan on the following issues:
1. Ban on unbranded eatables.
2. Removals of encroachments from Gram Panchyat lands.
3. Appointment of Lokayukta in Haryana.
4. Appointments of consumer form members.
5. NHRC petitions during Kadyan Sangwan khap disputes.
6. Marriage dispute between Kadyan Lohan khap matters.
7. Satluz Yamuna Link Canal – SYL matter.
8. Ban on same gotra marriages.
9. Amendments in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.
10. Ban on peacock feathers trade.
11. Ban on elephant polo and iron ankush.
12. Ban on misuse of oxytocin injections on milking animals for lactations.
13. Langur abused to keep away common monkey.
14. Oxytocin injections were operated on Buffaloes for lactation, FIR was lodged, PIL moved.
15. Whistle blower in Nawab Pataudi black buck hunting and Miss Soha Ali Khan arms license
matter was exposed.
16. Wildlife Trophies declaration matter.
17. First RTI petition moved on October 19, 2005.
18. Legislation for exotic animals and birds Emu and Rabbits.
19. Cruel camel transportation by the BSF.
20. Two special cattle trains were stopped, offenders booked with in 15 days, December 10,
2000 with GRP, Faridabad and December 28, 2000 with GRP, Gaziabad.
21. Introduction of rehabilitation schemes for kalanders and dancing bears
22. Vest and bullet proof jacket for Police dogs and their rehabilitation after their retirement.
23. Introduction of legislation for camel, elephant’s transportation / Dog breeders, pet shops
and fish aquariums.
24. PETA, WTI and Gurgaon District Administration awards.
25. Ban on illegal slaughter houses, moved PIL in the Supreme Court of India for ban on cow

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     slaughtering during bakir Eid.
     26. Ban on joy rides on camel and elephants.
     27. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerments make documentary on cruel
     transportations of animals live raids by Naresh Kadyan.
     28. Exposed cruel sheep and goat shifting under India Army supply cover from Delhi to J&K.
     29. Leopard killing in Faridabad, FIR was lodged and complaint has been moved in the Special
     Environment court at Faridabad.
     30. Successfully running ambulances and shelter for animals in distress.
     31. Dogs have rights to bark, rules for pet shops, dog breeders and fish aquariums / Ban Quail
     32. Removal all objectionable material from the internet about our beloved leader Smt. Indira
     Gandhi spread by the so called Khalistani’s.
     33. Constitution of Human Rights Commission in Haryana.
     34. Blind Hippo, docked tail dogs abused by the Jumbo Circus.
     35. Freeze BSP symbol and white paper on the governance of Km. Mayavati in UP.
     36. Registry for animal abusers.
     Naresh Kadyan earn International recognition and credibility, to know more about his work, his
     name may kindly be searched at any search engine at internet, you can find his images as
     well. He has managed many PIL’s and online petitions, as he has spent 25 years active service
     for mankind, animals, wildlife and society as well.

     Nomination for Rajya Sabha:

     Animal rights and their welfare field's are still neglected by the Indian governance, very few
     dedicated peoples are adopting this social service as mission like Naresh Kadyan, founder
     chairman, PFA Haryana and representative of the UN affiliated OIPA chapter in India.

     Animal rights and their welfare field are being neglected by the Indian governance while
     recognizing services for padam awards and nomination for Rajya Sabha.
     Gandhian ideologist, philosopher and social reformer Naresh Kadyan, animal rights activist
     needs attention, nomination as a member of the Rajya Sabha against five vacancies, which are
     yet to be nominated by the Her Excellency the President of India or he may kindly be
     announced your party candidate against 58 vacancies of Rajya Sabha because he don't have
     God father in the Indian politics.

        Name                From                       Comments
1.      International Pfa   DELHI - INDIA, India       Naresh Kadyan - a deserving candidate for nomination as
                                                       a candidate for Rajya Sabha from Haryana. Smt Sonia
                                                       Gandhi, Smt. Margret Alwa & Ch. B.S. Hooda are
                                                       requested to support Naresh Kadyan candidature for the
                                                       said election to be held at Chandigarh on March 26th,
                                                       2008. They are further requested to declare Naresh
                                                       Kadyan as a party candidate.
2.      Beth OHara          eboothbay, ME

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      Name                From                        Comments
3.    NARESH              Delhi, India                Please help me & send mails........
4.    avril kettle        Grantham, United
5.    Anne Thompson       England, United
6.    Dusty Ravenwolf     Jax, FL
7.    Kristi Knotts       Reseda, CA
8.    Caitlin Schmedlin   Monroe, CT
9.    Angelia Martin      Dothan, AL
10.   Jaylena             Ashland, OH
11.   Sally Read          Wilsonville, OR
12.   Anja MM             No Mans Land,
13.   Celestial AJ        Angola, NY
14.   Gail Costic         Bushkill, PA                Naresh Kadyan is a man most worthy of this honour!!!
15.   Kathy G             Wiltshire, United
16.   Hans Lak            Eindhoven,
17.   Marcy Morgan        West Hills, CA
18.   Karen Brozek        Old Orchard Beach,
19.   Brenda Hodges       Shongaloo, LA               Please declare Naresh Kadyan as aparty candidate.
                                                      Naresh is one of the kindest and most caring people I
20.   FreeSpirit          Spring Hill, FL             Naresh will be an asset to your country and the parliment,
      Running                                         please elect this wonderful man. He deserves to be a party
                                                      candidate! He is one of the most respected, well educated,
                                                      caring & loving man that I have had the pleasure of being
                                                      friends with. It would be an honor to have him in your
                                                      parliment. Thank you.
21.   Suzanne Hart        Havelock, Canada
22.   Patrick Ronan       Limerick, Ireland
23.   Glezela Meyer       Blue Eye, MO                I support 100 percent Naresh!Please elect this kind, loving
                                                      and caring person. He not only cares for animals but
                                                      spends much of his time helping and encouraging people.
                                                      Naresh is well educated and is worthy of this office.
24.   nasale McIntyre     Regina, Canada

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      Name               From                        Comments
25.   michele santos     Comerio, Puerto Rico        Naresh Kadyan is a honorable,Caring,dedicated, well
                                                     educated, highly respected man.Not only as a friend,am I
                                                     in support of Naresh Kadyan as a candidate for RAJYA
                                                     SABHA - UPPER HOUSE of Indian Parliament from
                                                     Haryana,more importantly because I Know that Naresh
                                                     Kadyan will be a positive asset to your Parliment.
26.   Jim Phillips       Sonoma, CA                  I am in full support Activist Naresh Kadyan's Candidacy.
                                                     Thank you.
27.   Cindy Nearing      Lafayette, LA               PLEASE KNOW THAT I SUPPORT ACTIVIST NARESH
                                                     KADYAN. HE IS VERY WELL RESPECTED, A KIND
                                                     HEARTED, WELL EDUCATED SOUL AND WOULD BE A
                                                     WONDERFUL ASSET TO THE UPPER HOUSE, INDIAN
28.   Lil Judd           Sylmar, CA                  Naresh Kadyan is a person with a love & dedication to
                                                     wildlife, humanity & this planet. Please support him.
                                                     Naresh will make a very positive addition in the Upper
                                                     House of Indian Parliament. Please support him in this
29.   Mindy Jasper       Russell Springs, KY         I stand behind anyone who wants to help change the world
                                                     for the better.
30.   Terrah Dawn        Greenwood, MS               I SUPPORT NARESH KADYAN!! I wish I were in India to
                                                     do more!! Naresh is a very good friend... loves people,
                                                     animals and the environment. He cares for this planet! I
                                                     have spoken to Naresh via IM - he's a very kind man. He
                                                     would make a fine human being in office in Indian
                                                     Good Luck NARESH!
31.   Alf ILuvU          London, United              Naresh Kadyan would make a great candidate!!
32.   Richard Lewis      Baltimore, MD
33.   Jerilyn Merideth   Amory, MS
34.   Cheryl Benson      Toronto, Canada             dedicated soul to the lives of animals and an asset to India
                                                     as would be in parliment
35.   Melody Welch       Lake Jackson, TX
36.   DAPHNE             Sherman Oaks, CA
37.   roxie schliesmann Holmen, WI                   WTG dear friend ... my love and light go out to you ! :)
38.   Susan Beaman       Moncton
39.   Marla De Vries     Eibergen,
40.   Ali Hirst          Bald Hills, Australia
41.   RR                 Columbia, WA

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      Name                From                       Comments
42.   Brian Guadagno      Bayonne, NJ
43.   IE Ries             Atl, GA                    A win for animals is a win for the world!
44.   gran pat            Bastrop, TX
45.   Kathy A.H.          Peoria, AZ
46.   Evert Jan Klein     Raamsdonksveer,
      Velderman           Netherlands
47.   Linda Gillenwater   Winston-salem, NC
48.   Caroline Bissey     Palmerston North,
                          New Zealand
49.   Elizabeth Hudson    Justice, IL                This is a Good man and all the world needs more good
50.   Social Service      Delhi - India, India       Naresh Kadyan, most suitable & deserving candidate for
                                                     the upper house of the Indian Parliament, hence I appeal
                                                     to the AICC President Smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji, Smt. Margret
                                                     Alwa Ji & Ch. B.S. Hooda Ji to bless him as a party
                                                     candidate for the same.
51.   stephanie vitt      Woodstock, GA              I am here to support Naresh Kadan For the Upper House
                                                     of the Indian Parliament. He is an activist for people,earth
                                                     and animals! He cares for all!
52.   Andrea Johnson      Oak Park, IL               Best of luck to you, Naresh!
53.   Pamela Lyn          Philadelphia, PA
54.   Karenlee Holland    Lake Havasu City, AZ
55.   Mark Smith          San Diego, CA              Naresh Kadyan is an honest and caring soul. If we had
                                                     more people like him in politics, politicians would be in
                                                     better repute.
56.   Anne Kaspar         Santa Fe, NM               Please select a very deserving candidate. Thank you.
57.   Tim Redfern         Mosheim, TN                India, you need this man! Mr.Kadyan is a good-hearted
                                                     man who will be good for your country!
58.   Judy Turner         Burlington, NC
59.   Scott Shaubel       Port Colborne,             Keep up the good fight, Naresh.
60.   Diana True          Paris, KY                  Thank you for all that you do!
61.   Anu Saarinen        Nokia, Finland
62.   Adrian Lewis        Cape Town, South
63.   Cher Clarke         London, Canada             Thnx for all that you do!
                                                     Keep up the great work my friend!
64.   angela duquette     Seabrook, NH
65.   Stormy Weathers     Anchorage, AK
66.   Margaret B.         Jacksonville, FL

                                        Page 8   -   Signatures 42 - 66
      Name                From                         Comments
67.   Karen VDay          Indianapolis, IN
68.   Art Deco            Kennebunk, ME
69.   Joycey Berry        Canton, NC                   I support Naresh Kadyan 100%. He is such a hard worker
                                                       and a very caring man. He is an asset to everything.
70.   Pearl Millard       Leyton, United
71.   Elizabeth Burlock   Mitchell, Canada
72.   Sinikka D.          J�venp�, Finland
73.   tia hilkert         Menomonee Falls, WI
74.   Michelle            San Antonio, TX              Please help.
75.   Kathy Chadwell      Lafayette, IN                I'm honored to be able to sign this petition to support
                                                       Naresh Kadyan.
                                                       What a wonderful gentleman who has the compassion this
                                                       world is in such dire need of right now. I totally support him
                                                       200% GodBless this gentle soul.
76.   Dave Kane           Brooklyn, NY                 Naresh Kadyan -- perfect man for the position!
77.   bergstromjoy@ms Wake Forest, NC                  Please help this man for he has a good soul. He's a caring
      Bergstrom                                        and loving man.Please help him
78.   Karen Mondale       Mountain View, CA            I am very happy to vote on this petition for Naresh. He is
                                                       an inspiration, and he would have a very good influence in
                                                       Parliament. Naresh is dedicated to his causes.
79.   Olga Martin, Argentina
80.   faith armstrong     Byhalia, MS
81.   Jon Marshall Jr     Tanner, AL
82.   Ana M.              ..., Portugal
83.   Elena Pintilie      Toronto, Canada
84.   Chrissy Newman      Curra, Australia
85.   Linda Bonura        Denham Springs, LA           Naresh Kadyan is a very loyal and dedicated individual. He
                                                       is the best person to champion animal rights, and I support
                                                       his Candidacy wholeheartedly.
86.   Virginia            Norfolk, VA
87.   Tj Harris           Oxford, United
88.   Linda Hughes        Tampa, FL
89.   Tawnya Shields      Hernando, MS
90.   Betty Henderson     Albion, PA
91.   Linda Homer         Mount Vernon, OH
92.   David Gould         Canonbie, United

                                          Page 9   -   Signatures 67 - 92
       Name               From                       Comments
93.    Nadia Donato       New York, NY
94.    Linda Aldred       Cornwall, United
95.    serge vrabec       Portland, OR
96.    Shoshana Simon     San Bernardino, CA         This is a man who has dedicated his life to helping
                                                     animals. We should help him continue this wonderful work.
97.    BigCatRescue       Hawley, PA                 Naresh is the man for this position, he is of pure heart and
       Annie Joyce                                   utmost integrity.
98.    Regina Marino      Hamden, CT                 He gets my vote, as a wonderful person for caring of
99.    Veronica Lach      Arad, Romania
100.   Jennie Boatman     Round Rock, TX             Naresh Kadyan is an impressive supporter and activist for
                                                     animals worldwide, and particularly in India. Besides his
                                                     impressive resume and work experience, he spends hours
                                                     of volunteer time working for the rights of endangered
                                                     animals in India against at times overwhelming odds. This
                                                     is a man of principle who never gives up. I would hire him
                                                     in a minute in any position in which he could or would have
                                                     influence on the future of animals endangered by poachers
                                                     or indifferent public.
101.   Jessica            New Albany, IN             For more impact, add a personal comment here
102.   Elisa Minakis      Toronto, Canada
103.   Nancy Welch        Irving, TX                 We need him for his compassion and love of animals.
                                                     Please hire him now!
104.   Maria Cristina     Porto, Portugal            Naresh Kadian is someone whose knowledge, attitude and
       Almeida                                       lifelong goals are much needed in Rajya Sabha. He must
                                                     have the opportunity to make his contribution, and others
                                                     should be able to proffit from it. For the good of all.
105.   Brandy Ramos       San Antonio, TX            Naresh Kadyan is a great supporter of animal and human
                                                     rights. Please support his candidature for RAJYA
                                                     SABHA-UPPER HOUSE of Indian Parliament From
                                                     Haryana. He is a man with a great heart.
106.   Janeth Chavarria   Medellin, Colombia         you deserve it,
107.   Heather Harmon     Warwick, RI
108.   Nachi M            Bombay, India
109.   Khadi Federation   Delhi - India, India       100 % support to the Naresh Kadyan for Upper House -
                                                     Rajya Sabha from Haryana.
110.   Daughter of        Delhi, India     , please Sonia ji bless
       Naresh Kadyan                                 Naresh Kadyan with your party ticket.
111.   Darlene Davis      Garden City, MI            I fully support Naresh Kadyan, an outstanding activist for
                                                     animal and human rights and welfare, for the RAJYA
                                                     SABHA-UPPER HOUSE of Indian Parliament From

                                       Page 10   -   Signatures 93 - 111
       Name              From                        Comments
112.   Black Tiger       Vancouver, Canada           I support Naresh Kadyan, he is a good man with high
       Petersen                                      standards.
113.   Greg Phillips     Saranac Lake, NY
114.   susan arthur      salisbury, NC
115.   Marian Elliott    Casper, WY                  I would like to add my support of Naresh Kadyan. He will
                                                     do much for the rights of all and this in turn will help gain
                                                     more world favor.
116.   Carol Bischoff    Kerkrade,
117.   Shannon           Alta Loma, CA
118.   Sherri O'Connor   Brantford Ontario,          Naresh Kadyan is an outstanding human being. He
                         Canada                      deserves everyone's support. The world needs more
                                                     people like him.
119.   Cher Isbell       San Antonio, TX
120.   Samantha Overy    Port Pirie, Australia       Naresh Kadyan is the right man for the job. He has the
                                                     right attitude and is what is needed NOW. For the sake of
                                                     the animals and the down trodden I hope justice prevails
                                                     here and he is the winning candidate.
121.   Wolfweeps         Fairbanks, AK               We need more good peoplw such as Naresh Kadyan
       Johnson                                       Candidature. Let him teach the rest of the world his
123.   Jacqueline        Coeur D Alene, ID
124.   Mary Riley        Hoquiam, WA
125.   Mark Foote        Olympia, WA
126.   Felicita Luna     New York, NY
127.   Kelli Stowe       Orosi, CA
128.   Glenda Parker     Gorokan, Australia
129.   Candy LeBlanc     Placerville, CA
130.   Louis Bauer       Albany, NY
131.   Jocelyn           Kangaroo Flat.              I would like to say what a wonderful, hard working man
       Koopmann          Victoria, Australia         Naresh is. I have got to know him on Care2 and think he is
                                                     an honest, good person. Thank you.
132.   Kathy Tessier     Toronto, Canada             I support you.
133.   Ana Loa           Pleasanton, CA
134.   Sandra M          Denver, CO
135.   Michael           Greeneville, TN
136.   Mimi Jacoby       Jerusalem, Israel

                                     Page 11     -   Signatures 112 - 136
       Name              From                      Comments
137.   Brent             San Francisco, CA         MY FRIENDS SAY YOUR A GREAT MAN WHEN IT
       Bartholomew                                 COOMES TO HELPING THE ANIMALS SO YOU HAVE
                                                   MY TOTAL SUPPORT, ANY MAN THAT HONERS THE
                                                   ANIMALS FOR THERE ROLE IN HELPPING
                                                   MANKIND,FROM THE DOGS THAT FIST SAVED MAN
                                                   WHEN HE CAME OUT OF THE CAVE. OUR
                                                   DEMESTCATION OF ANIMALS HAS LEAD TO ABUSE
                                                   SO WE NEED MORE MEN LIKE HIM TO HEAL THE OLD
138.   Jagdish Purohit   Udaipur, India
139.   Pam Fioretti      Adelaide, Australia       I wholeheartedly add my support to the worthy and
                                                   compassionate Naresh Kadyan- you could absolutely find
                                                   no better candidate - he will be a valuable asset to any
                                                   enterprise he attempts.
140.   Lucien Pan        Manitou Springs, CO
141.   bhojraj khade     chandrapur, India         the man who is helping the animals,definitely he will also
                                                   work and support the welfare human beings hence this
142.   Denise Reiser     Kingman, AZ               Good luck in your endeavors, my friend. Gooooo
143.   Elle Jordan       Cambridge, MA             It is my sincere pleasure to offer my wholehearted support
                                                   for this gentleman who is running for office. He is a friend
                                                   of mine and a very caring person. He is intellegent,
                                                   knowledgeable, and sincere. I hope that you will chose him
                                                   to serve since I cannot think of a better candidate than
                                                   Naresh Kadyan.
144.   Krystyna Postawa Zabrze, Poland
145.   shirley paddick   Lake Echo, Canada
146.   beatrice DUPONT France, France
147.   Hilde Broeckx     Ternat, Belgium
148.   Glen Venezio      Carolina, PR
149.   Sophia Dalle      Ny, NY                    MAY I INTRODUCE MYSELF FIRST
                                                   I AM SOPHIA DALLE, OPERA SINGER IN NEW YORK
                                                   CITY. ACTIVIST FOR INDIA ,YOU MAY GOOGLE ME.
                                                   WITH great vision for Mother India in the lineage of
                                                   Ghandi, Naresh Kadyan is a candidate that was born to
                                                   offer only the very best of human qualities and dignity to
                                                   any office . HIs prescence will serve to bring a better future
                                                   for all concerned with an honest and sincere regard for the
                                                   highest good of both humans and animals.Rare is the soul
                                                   that has incarnated as Naresh Kadyan and rare is the
                                                   opportunaity for a country to have such a man serve the
                                                   public.I consider this man an asset to India and all those
                                                   that know him. Please do have the vision t enable
                                                   NARESH KADYAN TO SERVE .

                                   Page 12     -   Signatures 137 - 149
       Name                From                      Comments
150.   Jyotsna Vema        Hyd, India
151.   Elisabetta omdeb    M�ida, Venezuela
152.   Donna Marshall      Duluth, GA
153.   Susan Walker        Downey, CA
154.   alex loehr          Kassel, Germany           Wishing you the best luck with your candidature. Love and
                                                     appreciation! Alex
155.   Dogan Ozkan         Istanbul, Turkey
156.   Lucy Souza          Porto, Portugal           Naresh Kadyan is a dedicated activist and an inspiring
                                                     human being.
157.   Jean Mclaren        Lansing, MI
158.   Panagiotis          Patras, Greece
159.   Morris Stevensen    Act, Australia
160.   Ana Platon          Bucuresti, Romania
161.   John Smith          Ellenburg Dep, NY
162.   SANDRA ROCHA OPORTO, Portugal
163.   Ronald Huxford      Bognor Regis, United      I wish you every success in your enterprise Naresh. Be the
                           Kingdom                   champion of the needy people and animals.
164.   Debora Santo        Kikinda, Serbia And       For more impact, add a personal comment here
165.   Cristina Seica      Anadia, Portugal
166.   Alexander Day       Bakersfield, CA
167.   Ananta Swain        Delhi, India
168.   Sheila Gredzinski   Atglen, PA
169.   Sammantha Lyle      Bloomington, IN           Naresh Kadyan is an exemplary human being. He is a
                                                     dedicated activist who gives his all for animal rights, and
                                                     promotes peace and love. He is an inspiration and a
                                                     beautiful example of what we can aspire to spiritually in our
170.   Indian hat, United           please help this man to be what he wants to be he is a
                           Kingdom                   good caring man and governments have need of people
                                                     like him
171.   Robin Lyles         Phoenix, AZ
172.   Dellianan of the    Manitou Springs, CO
173.   Ramona Gehl         Windsor, Canada
174.   Jeannie Blackwell   Largo, FL
175.   Tripty Aurora       Hoffman Est, IL
176.   Elena Lin           Singapore, Singapore
177.   LISA SWAIN          ARLINGTON, TX

                                       Page 13   -   Signatures 150 - 177
       Name                From                      Comments
179.   Lynn Herring        Manhattan Beach, CA
180.   Robert michael      Fort Lauderdale, FL       Any fried of the poor and working people is a friend of
       Andrews                                       mind. good luck Naresh.
181.   carol marshall      Hants, United             I support Naresh for his compassion
182.   Raja Gopal          Mysore, India
183.   Alicia Ruiz Cant�   Monterrey, Mexico
184.   Melissa Guinn       Knoxville, TN             Living, breathing animals and humans alike need a
                                                     champion in their corner.
185.   Ralf Schuetz        Longmont, CO
186.   Jenny Vegan         United States, United
                           States Minor Outlying
                                                     IF SMT. SONIA GANDHI JI AND CH.B.S.HOODA JI
                                                     THESE BEINGS ARE FAVORING HUMANITY TOWARDS
                                                     ALL ANIMALS, THAN THEY ARE WILLED
                                                     EYE AM THE EYE
188.   Mike Downs          Auxvasse, MO
189.   Charles Chiusano    Boca Raton, FL
190.   daniella            Amsterdam,
       roozenburg          Netherlands
191.   Joy Ephraim         Brossard, Canada          Support the good that this man will do. Thank goodness
                                                     there seems to be a glimmer of hope!
192.   Sandra Vaskova      Gateshead, United
193.   Roy Cee             Grants Pass, OR
194.   J. R. S.            Sacramento, CA
195.   Kenny Hogg          Perth, United
196.   Arlette Scharer     Bidogno, Switzerland
197.   Theresa Banda       Hemet, CA                 Naresh Kadyan is a great person and so is his work, he
                                                     has my full support
198.   Kelly Dombek        Perrysburg, OH
199.   Cynthia             Brooklyn, NY
200.   laura zanoli        Clusone/bergamo,
201.   Trudi Reijnders     Amsterdam,
202.   judy k              Rochester, NY

                                     Page 14     -   Signatures 179 - 202
       Name                From                    Comments
203.   Robert Redmon       Dayton, OH
204.   charles stewart     None, United
       mclachlan           Kingdom
205.   Teresa Mac          Wpg, Canada
206.   Karin               St Petersburg, FL
207.   Roberto Angarita    Bogot�D. C,,
       Vargas              Colombia
208.   Rose Bellamy        Cornwall, United
209.   Sandra Lawson       Conroe, TX
210.   Cory Ferguson       Martinsburg, WV         Naresh has my full support!!!!
211.   Sarah Panullo       Waymart, PA             I haven't heard much about him, but if he's for animal
                                                   rights, he must be a good guy.
212.   Suzanne Puckett     Loveland, OH
213.   Phyllis Pleasants   Richmond, VA
214.   Heather Valentine Greensboro, NC
215.   Dana Hoffman        Grand Rapids, MN        There could be no better man for this position and that is
                                                   Naresh Kadyan, he has my full support.
216.   Jessica Contreras Commerce, CA
217.   Linda Bescript      Tucson, AZ              Because he cares!
218.   Kendell Beverly     Fairfield, CA
219.   Christine           Salem, OR               When I researched information regarding Mr. Naresh
       Cosgrove                                    Kadyan, I was amazed and impressed by his contribution
                                                   to the welfare of animals in India. This is a selfless man
                                                   who has dedicated his life to service. I believe that his
                                                   conscientiousness and social activism will make him an
                                                   asset to the Indian Parliament.
220.   Deedy Mullins       Covington, KY
221.   Maryanne            Greenville, SC
222.   Em Doe              Boston, MA
223.   Tracy Brown         Vineland, NJ
224.   Ms.R. Sverio        Topanga, CA             My best wishes to one who works for justice, care, peace
                                                   for our friends. May you continue with blessings.
225.   Animal Lover        Kerkrade,
       Claudia P           Netherlands
226.   Athanasia           Alexandroupoli,
       Giagtzidou          Greece
227.   Elizabeth           Migdal Haeme`q,         Naresh Kadyan have my support,because is a care and
       Goldstone           Israel                  good person!!!
                                     Page 15   -   Signatures 203 - 227
       Name                From                       Comments
228.   rose kennedy        Phila, PA
229.   Juliana Farah       Beirut, Lebanon
230.   Ramchand R          Sivakasi, India            Hello Naresh my support is for u.
231.   sven beuckelaers    Mechelen, Belgium
232.   Cebelica            Sarajevo, Bosnia And       My full suport and trust to this great person, Naresh
       Osmanagic           Herzegovina                Kadyan!! This much!!
233.   Philippe Ducreux    Loyettes, France
234.   BUFFALO             Plain City, UT
235.   Wendy Borgman       Indianapolis, IN
236.   RIVER FRANCE        Guelph, Canada
237.   Terrie Williams     Vidor, TX
238.   Carole Sarcinello   Culver City, CA
239.   Holly Swint         Gibsonton, FL
240.   Nicole Lafrance     Ottawa, Canada
241.   Jean Dament         Kitchener, Canada
242.   Pamela WolfSong Woonsocket, RI
243.   Michelle Rice       Cleveland, OH              Animal welfare is extremely important.
245.   Ana Jovic           Nis, Serbia And
246.   Just Me Cat         Marietta, OH
247.   Nuria Pons          Mexico City, Mexico
248.   Lori Rohn           Pendleton, OR
249.   Karin Paris         Dallas, TX
250.   Nicky Elizabeth     Mattawamkeag, ME
251.   Thomas Pirovano     Bern, Switzerland          Hopp!
252.   RALPH Xox           Stuttgart, Germany
253.   Marena Chen         Kuala Lumpur,
254.   Brenda Pelletier    Derry, NH                  MY name is Brenda and this man here has a heart and
                                                      soul.He is here for the animals,he is a very important
                                                      person to all of us.
255.   Sheila Kay          Peoria, AZ
256.   Vicki McCauley      Austin, TX
257.   Prima Baily         Canandaigua, NY
258.   Liz Duane           Tripoli, Libyan Arab

                                       Page 16    -   Signatures 228 - 258
       Name               From                      Comments
259.   Silvia Heinrich    Newnan, GA                We need more good people in Office, I support Naresh,
                                                    even though I live far away.
260.   Jill Garofalo      Houston, TX
261.   Vedrana Mastela    Zagreb, Croatia
262.   Mary Orbison       Utica, NY
263.   Veronica           Iron River, WI            Do the right thing - always act on the side of justice for all.
264.   Barbara Campbell Vidor, TX
265.   Chetna Pittea      London, United            Good luck Naresh-Ji
266.   Ron Goodman        Nampa, ID
267.   Pamela White       Beaufort, NC              please help
268.   Denise Lytle       Fords, NJ
269.   liz casey          Pembroke, Canada
270.   Ange Barrett       Castleford, United
271.   Laura Stringer     Elkton, MD
272.   Aisha Esha         Albany, CA
273.   Drew Blanton       Tijeras, NM
274.   Victoria Thomas    Jackson, WY
275.   Diva Muni          Gandhinagar, India        do not forget what you promised when you get elected!
277.   Lydia Selwood      Broadway, VA              Anyone who supports animal rights & their welfare, along
                                                    with the Ideology of the father of the Nation, Mahatma
                                                    Gandhi, would be a fine addition to the leadership of India.
                                                    Every nation needs leaders who have compassion for
                                                    animals. Those who care about animals (who do not vote)
                                                    will certainly care about their constituents -- who do!
278.   Nikki Clapsaddle   Cape Coral, FL            We need this now more than ever!!
279.   Rene Siracusa      Brookeland, TX
280.   Lisbeth Donahoe    Huntsville, AL
281.   Rachel Weaver      Amsterdam, NY
282.   Kamila Baszczyn    Chojn�, Poland
283.   Alex P Bostwick    Covington, KY
284.   David              Doylestown, PA
285.   Jo Carlyle         Lemon Tree
                          Passage, Australia
286.   L. T.              Tustin, CA                I am honored to give my support to Naresh Kadyan. He will
                                                    be a positive force in dealing with the issues involving the
                                                    humane treatment of all animals in India.

                                      Page 17   -   Signatures 259 - 286
       Name                 From                       Comments
287.   Roxann               New Orleans, LA
288.   Lynn Kane            Ben Lomond, CA
289.   Lee Butt             Baird, TX                  He's the best man for the job!!
290.   Kim S                Notts, United              Add my voice to those who have spoken for Naresh
                            Kingdom                    Kadyan's desire to serve in India's Upper House of Indian
                                                       Parliament! Naresh is a kind, considerate, well spoken
                                                       advocate of humans and animals! In my opinion, India
                                                       would greatly benefit from having Naresh representing her
                                                       in their Parliamant!
291.   Audrey Mealiff       Tullamore, Ireland         I support Naresh in his candidatsure!
292.   Carolyn M.           Oxnard, CA
293.   Emilia Cardoso       Porto, Portugal
294.   JayaKumar            Guntur, India
295.   Merry                Bettendorf, IA
296.   Ewa Anna             Roma, Italy                Good Luck Mr Naresh Kadyan ,Dear Friend .Peace !!!
297.   Dinda Evans          San Diego, CA
298.   Pam Boland           Grovetown, GA
299.   rashid fasiehullah   Multan, Pakistan           its good nd i pray for u
300.   Beatrice Barbu       Craiova, Romania           We need people like Naresh to represent all the good
                                                       people in Parliament, to open the minds and souls of all
                                                       the others. He is a great person and a great human being.
                                                       India needs people like Naresh Kadyan in positions that
                                                       allows them to make things better. The whole world would
                                                       need to be ruled by people like this, open-minded,
                                                       generous and empathic.
301.   Raluca Abudicioai Bucharest, Romania
302.   Livia Gomes          Espinho, Portugal
303.   Soledad Posac        Buenos Aires,              It is a pleasure for me to support a man like Naresh
                            Argentina                  Kadyan a man sith a sweet heart, and a kind soul.
304.   Simone Duffin        Swan Hill, Australia
305.   Rand Albrahim        Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
306.   Ronald Eenwerd       Not Specia,
307.   karen Stillwell      Copperhill, TN
308.   Ann Cawley           Saint Joseph, MO
309.   Amelia Baker         Carrollton, TX
310.   Janna Spektor        Campbell, CA
311.   Erika Stone          Lake Ridge, VA
                                        Page 18    -   Signatures 287 - 311
       Name               From                      Comments
312.   US CITIZEN         Oakwood, CA
313.   carol narick       Richmond, OH
314.   Maria Magdalena    Mariposa, CA
315.   Joanne D.          Sheffield Lake, OH
316.   Summer Daze        Atlantic Beach, NC        My support is *KINDLY* given to this wonderful man! We
                                                    need more like him in the world today! Thank you
                                                    Naresh...for all you have done...for all that you do...and for
                                                    all that you continue to WANT to DO!!! YOU ARE THE
317.   jennifer bonn      Wixom, MI                 Even though I do not live in India, I will always support a
                                                    good man who cares for people and the welfare of
                                                    animals. Good luck!
318.   UsdiGadu          Cache, OK
319.   * Zentura          Casper, WY
320.   BiLL Fowlie        Harmony, ME
321.   terry l. west      Morgantown, WV
322.   Kitty k            Bangalore, India
323.   John Lombardi      New York, NY
324.   Simona Stana       Bucuresti,, Romania
325.   Pauline Fuit       Waikiki, Australia        Go Naresh Go! and good luck!
326.   MITTAL SK          Mysore, India             A very good slection. We must support
327.   Maria Vasquez      San Francisco, CA
328.   Donna Smith        Wilm, NC
329.   Sandra Carr        Birmingham, AL
330.   Victor Talon       bb, Australia             Yes. May you live long to fight for these rights.
331.   Valeria Arredondo Edo. De Mex., Mexico Hope this great man is elected. We need more men and
                                              women like these in this kind of positions to help have a
                                              better world for animals and human rights.
332.   Vanessa            Austin, TX                I cannot imagine a more deserving candidate! Known
       Hutcheson                                    worldwide for his compassion, dedication, and principles,
                                                    you can't do any better!
333.   Jaime              Philadelphia, PA
       Cammarata, RD
334.   Rachit Seth        Baroda, India             I solely recoomend Sri Naresh Kadyan's candidature for
                                                    the Upper House.
335.   Bidhan Singh       Patna, India              On the basis of Passion for Public issue, devotion to INC &
                                                    positive peer views
                                                    I recommend Sri Naresh Kadyan ji candidature for upper
336.   Rachit Seth        Baroda, India             I support his candidature
                                     Page 19    -   Signatures 312 - 336
       Name                From                        Comments
337.   rupendra singh      chhindwara, India
338.   Antony Amirtharaj   newbury, United             He is a deserving candidate..
339.   Abhishek Kadyan     Delhi, India                Being an suitable / deserving candidate for the post, he is
                                                       ignored now where as a central minister from Haryana get
                                                       approval of the high command for their near & dear. Any
                                                       way we always support Naresh Kadyan for his work for the
                                                       society & animals as well.
340.   Amit Turner         Mumbai, India               well i hope so he is been choosen for the post on an MP to
                                                       the upper house
341.   Mohit S. rathore    Jaipur, India               He's the best suitable candidate!
342.   Remmish Gupta       Hyderabad, India            I support Mr. Kadyan's candidature for Rajya Sabha!
343.   Ronak Chheda        Navi Mumbai, Thane,
344.   Ron Matthews        Oxfordshire, United
345.   Samia Lalani        Markham, Canada
346.   Jacolin Schultz     Genoa, WI
347.   misty rennebohm     Coquitlam, Canada
348.   Tameka              paramount, CA               Naresh Kadyan has my full support.
349.   Mara Goodman        Nampa, ID
350.   lucia izquierdo     Guatemala,
351.   Camille Dagal       Makati, Philippines
352.   Vanessa             Belo Horizonte, Brazil
353.   Laurel Watson       Maricopa, AZ
354.   Anne Martinez       Mesa, AZ
355.   Roopa Sharma        Noida, India
356.   Lori S              Brookpark, OH
357.   Naresh Kadyan       Delhi, India
358.   VictoriaM Stong      Long Island City, NY       Activists like me and Naresh Kadyan are very patriotic and
       CivilRights Activist                            should be respected for that. Please make him your
359.   Animals Abuse       Katerini, Greece
360.   Animal Protection   .., Italy
361.   greta               Athens, Greece
362.   Saroj Grewal        Rohtak, India

                                       Page 20     -   Signatures 337 - 362
       Name                From                       Comments
363.   Becky Sandstedt     Ramsey, MN
364.   PAMELA              ISLE OF MULL,
       CUMMINGS            United Kingdom
365.   Sharon Fischer      Granville, NY
366.   Michelle            Manchester, United
       Soler-canton        Kingdom
367.   Leslie Alexander    Glenside, PA
368.   julie keetley       Nottingham, United
369.   Roxanne Sutton      Malaga, Spain
370.   larry smith         Lincoln, United
371.   Ingalill Ekroth     Halmstad, Sweden
372.   Susan Holmes        Wales, United
373.   Renee Kirkpatrick   Hooksett, NH
374.   Lenny Arancibia     Santa Cruz, Bolivia
375.   Linda Musel         Mission Viejo, CA
376.   Helene              ., Sweden
377.   marion scherner     Alsfeld, Germany
378.   Sabine Fath         Abtsgmünd, Germany
379.   Shannon Hu          Taipei, Taiwan
380.   Cindy Collier       Yorkshire, United
381.   Imelda Rivas        Alton, TX
382.   Brigitte Zlomek     Vienna, Austria
383.   Diana Steohens      Wurtsboro, NY
384.   Wendy Dearing       Irving, TX
385.   Linda Townson       Toronto, Canada
386.   Ed Laurson          Denver, CO
387.   Jignesh Prajapati   Ahmedabad, India
388.   Wanda Walker        Fort Smith, AR
389.   yamika damani       Toronto, Canada
390.   Abhishek Kadyan     Delhi, India               Man of many distinctions Naresh Kadyan needs
                                                      recognition now
391.   Sharon Prymaka      Gloucester, United

                                        Page 21   -   Signatures 363 - 391
       Name              From                     Comments
392.   shafiqur rahman   New Delhi, India         Naresh Kadyan is dynamic Activist. I on behalf of
       khan                                       EMPOWER PEOPLE support his candidature for
                                                  Membership of parliament
393.   Paige Harrison,   New York, NY
       R.N., BSN,
394.   sarah vanbelle    bruxelles, Belgium
395.   Jelica Roland     Buzet, Croatia

                                  Page 22     -   Signatures 392 - 395

Shared By:
Description: Nomination for Rajya Sabha: Animal rights and their welfare field's are still neglected by the Indian governance, very few dedicated peoples are adopting this social service as mission like Naresh Kadyan, founder chairman, PFA Haryana and representative of the UN affiliated OIPA chapter in India. Animal rights and their welfare field are being neglected by the Indian governance while recognizing services for padam awards and nomination for Rajya Sabha. Gandhian ideologist, philosopher and social reformer Naresh Kadyan, animal rights activist needs attention, nomination as a member of the Rajya Sabha against five vacancies, which are yet to be nominated by the Her Excellency the President of India or he may kindly be announced your party candidate against 58 vacancies of Rajya Sabha because he don't have God father in the Indian politics.