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                                                             The Shady Hill Gardening Tips Series
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The following are a few suggestions for sun‐loving annuals.  We are pleased to offer all of the varities listed, 
as well as many others, so if you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to come in and check 
out our great selection.

Allysum - Excellent for edging and            Ageratum - mounding growth habit with         Angelonia - tall spikes of purple, pink, or
walkways. Carpet of tiny flowers in white,    clusters of purple, blue, pink, or white      white flowers. Heat and drought tolerant
purples, and pinks. Very cold tolerant,       flowers. Fairly drought tolerant, and easy    and makes a great, long-lasting cut
blooms April to October.                      to grow.                                      flower.

Brachysome - small, daisy-like flowers in     Black Pearl Ornamental Pepper - All           Bidens - mass of tiny, yellow flowers with
shades of purple and pink with a short,       America Selections winner for 2006!           a trailing growth habit. Great for use in
bushy growth habit. Great in full sun, very    Compact, upright plant with glossy           mixed containers or window boxes. Snip
heat and drought tolerant.                    purple/black foliage bearing black "pearls"   passed blossoms for best display.
                                              of fruit, which turn red as the season         Drought tolerant.
                                              progresses. Peppers are edible,
                                              but HOT !!


Calibrachoa - this plant produces a        Cosmos - upright, tall (24" - 36"), wispy     Celosia - very easy to grow. Feathery
profusion of dime-size "mini petunias",    plant with flowers in shades of pink and      plumes in shades of yellow, orange, red,
with a spreading, trailing growth habit.   white. Great against a fence or wall.         and pink. Celosia "New Look" has lovely,
 Lots of colors - shades of pink, blue,     Does not like a lot of fertilizer, so only   redish purple foliage. Adds great color to
purple, orange, yellow, and white. Keep    feed about once every two to three            any planting.
well watered and fertilized. Easy          weeks. Makes a great cut flower.
maintenance - no deadheading. Just trim
back to desired length!

Dahlia - great annual for containers,      Dianthus - Many colors and varieties in       Diascia - Delicate, wispy foliage and
window boxes, or as a bedding plant.       shades of pink, purple, and white.            blooms in shades of pinks, reds, and
 Giant blooms in brilliant colors. Keep     Corona Cherry Magic is an AAS Winner         corals. Compact plant best suited for use
well watered and fertilized. Remove        for 2003, and produces bi-color or straight   in mixed containers or baskets. Easy to
passed blossoms to promote new bud         color 2" blooms in shades ranging from        grow with very little maintenance.
development.                               cherry red to lavender. Dianthus is cold
                                           tolerant and will bloom from early spring
                                           throughout the fall.

Gazania - Large blooms, up to 3", in       Gerbera Daisy - lovely, large blooms in       Geranium - one of the most popular
colors ranging from bright yellow and      bright colors all season long. Best suited    annuals, Geraniums are available in a
orange, to dusky pinks. Low growing,       for containers, and can be brought in         multitude of colors. Very drought tolerant
about 6" to 8", very easy to grow, and     during the winter and kept as a potted        and easy to grow. Deadhead passed
blooms from late spring throughout fall.   plant. Also makes a great cut flower.         blooms to promote new flower
 Gazania's in my mixed pots still looked                                                 development.
great in early October!


Lantana - great sun loving and drought       Marigold - one of the most popular              Nemesia - tiny, snapdragon-like flowers
tolerant plant. Very attractive to           bedding plants available in various             over compact, wispy foliage. Works well
butterflies. Wonderful color selections      shades of yellows, oranges, and reds.           in container plantings or window boxes.
including yellows, oranges, and pinks.        African varieties are taller and have a         Drought tolerant and comes in shades of
 Some varieties are single colors while      large "pom pom" flower head, while the          pinks, purples, and white. White and pink
others are mix of all three.                 French varieties are shorter, and the           varieties are very fragrant.
                                             flower is more decorative.

Osteospermum Daisy - cold tolerant           Pentas - drought tolerant and heat loving       Petunia - sun-loving annual in just about
annual, as well as drought tolerant during   plants with clusters of pink, purple, red, or   every color you can imagine. Some
the summer. Available in many colors         white flowers. Very easy to grow and            varieties are more upright, while others
and very easy to maintain. Simply            maintain. Attractive to butterflies.            have a trailing or spreading habit.
deadhead passed blossoms to keep                                                              Petunias like to be well watered and
flowering from early spring to late fall!                                                    deadheaded frequently for best color

Portulaca - a low-growing, extremely         Sanvitalia - a creeping Zinnia with an          Scaevola - creeping, trailing growth habit
drought tolerant, heat loving plant in a     abundant display of small, yellow flowers.      with clusters of purple or white flowers.
wide array of bright colors. Excellent       Very heat and drought tolerant. Great            Very vigorous grower. Great in hanging
choice along walkways or rocky areas,        addition to a mixed container planting or       baskets, mixed container plantings, or as
and prefers well-drained, sandy soil.        window box.                                     a ground cover!
Very easy to grow with little maintenance.


Snapdragon - cold tolerant annual with       Supertunia - vigorous trailing/spreading     Zinnia - heat loving plant with many
spikes of colorful blooms. Varieties range   habit with masses of flowers. Excellent      varieties ranging in size from 8" to 36"
in height from short (8" to 10") to cut      choice for all applications including        with colorful single or double blooms. Tall
flower types (up to 36"). During the         hanging baskets, mixed containers,           Zinnia's make an excellent cut flower.
hottest months of summer, snaps require      window boxes, or as a groundcover.            Easy to care for, just keep well watered
lots of water as they prefer cooler           Supertunias like lots of water and should   and deadhead passed blossoms to
temperatures.                                be deadheaded for best display of color.     promote new bud development.


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