Naturalism_ by ewghwehws


 Mr. Mummert
  English 4
Take a few minutes…
          • Quick Write (Write for
            10 minutes):
            – What is the scariest
              thing you’ve ever
              faced? How did it turn
              out for you? What are
              some other ways this
              event could have
              turned out?
            – 1 page
A quick recap…
       • In one sentence, sum
         up Romantic
       • What philosophy
         comes next?
       • What did it attempt to
Result of Realists’ Writing
              • A closer examination
                of character,
                especially as it related
                to moral behavior
              • Works often did not
                have happy endings
• Developed out of realism and was more
  concerned with plot than character.
• Portrayed human life as determined by
  outside forces of heredity and
• Characters are trapped in a world they
  can’t control and only the strong survive.
  – Do these last 2 ideas sound like any
    philosophy you know?
Three Ways of Looking at a
             • Different points of
                – a Romantic
                – a Realist
                – and a Naturalist…
                   • Savvy?
Romantic Point of View
           • Behold the lovely
           • So small, so innocent!
           • Such gifts that nature
           • Make me glad to see
Realist Point of View
           • The sparrow
             searches for food.
           • He hops around,
             looking under leaves,
             picking at twigs,
             cocking his head to
             listen for danger.
Naturalist Point of View
            • The sparrow is quick,
              but not quick enough.
            • The hawk swoops,
              capturing its prey in
              its strong talons.
            • Disemboweling the
              sparrow with its
              dagger-like beak.
             YOUR TURN:
• Choose another subject from nature, such
  as a plant, animal, or rock and write
  descriptions of it from the romantic, realist,
  and naturalist points of view.
  – Romantic- Worship the object.
  – Realist- Describe the object.
  – Naturalist- Describe the object as strong
    enough or not strong enough to survive.
Strategies for Reading Naturalist
                 • Pay attention to
                   concrete details for
                   information about
                   characters and
                 • The setting, such as
                   nature, may be a
Strategies for Reading Naturalist
• Notice the values of the characters and whether
  any characters have conflicting values.
• Think of Curley & his conflict with everyone.
• Lennie’s struggle to fit in.
• Determine what causes a character’s downfall.
• What can Lennie not do?
• Pakhom?
• Sasha?
Strategies for Reading Naturalist
•   Look for truths about ordinary life.
•   How Much Land?
•   What Men Live By?
•   “I should’ve shot my own dog, George.”
To Build A Fire Voc 1
           • Vocabulary– Relax
             it’s only 4 terms!
           • Conflagration-
           • A big, destructive fire
To Build A Fire Voc 2
           • Conjectural-
           • Based on guesswork
           • Is it really possible to
             know which brand
             Santa smokes?

           • *These pictures are
             from real ads.
To Build A Fire Voc 3
           • Peremptorily-
           • Commandingly

           • It’s as if science, or
             the doctor himself,
             were commanding
             someone to smoke
             this brand.
To Build A Fire Voc 4
           • Unwonted-
           • Unfamiliar
           • It’s unfamiliar to many
             of us to see babies
             used to sell
    • Please write a ½
      page summary of
      these notes.
• Could Of Mice & Men have ended any
  other way?

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