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					                                                SIMs for iFIX 4.0
                                             Last updated 07/30/2007

iFIX 4.0 English:

iFIX40_1234330561   Workspace: General

                    * In iFix 4.0, the Data Entry pushbutton expert displays "Type Mismatch" error at runtime when
                    used with an A_CV data source. (1-234330561)

                    * Needs ability to disable the MouseUpOffObject event. (1-292994921)

                    * FileTree control can't be unloaded if it is inserted into a picture as an OLE object.(1-

                    * Fixbackgroundserver displays error message that file\schedule or picture is already opened with
                    same name when loading custom FXG. (1-298958341)

                    * Workspace hangs when inserting a Crystal ActiveX Report Viewer Control 11.x. (1-190016661)

                    * VB program with HdaGetPath call crashes VB. (1-176412510)

                    * Compatibility of FileTree.ocx is broken after installing iFIX40_1112641852 or a later workspace

                    * E-Signature.GetSignature method hangs when called from Excel VBA (1-221001581)

                    * The 2007 Daylight Saving Time (DST) rules are incorrectly applied on iFIX chart with historical
                    data earlier than 2007 if you apply the Microsoft 2007 DST patch to your machine. (1-297458581)

                    * Title and Menu Bars still show after being disabled by User Preference Environment Protection

                    * Lookup table is lost after changing data source when animating an object's property (1-

                    * Saving the User Preferences is slow when there are a large number of pictures and tag group

                    * Polish characters do not display correctly on SCU main screen (1-297129131)

                    * Pushbuttons when converted are inconsistent in appearance. (1-280023701)

                    * Center justification for datalink doesn't work properly if the "Remove Leading and Trailing
                    Spaces" checkbox for Datalink is not selected in the User Preferences. (1-107337701)

                    * The Electronic Signature description string is truncated when passed on the GetSignature
                    method if it takes more than one line. (1-195042961)

                    * Desktop views Openpic and Replacepic fail when using UNC or partial paths (1-249696588)

                    * The window caption becomes truncated after being set in a script (1-191279607)

                    * Picture Converter gets progressively slower (1-116792191)
* WSQLODC.EXE would crash about once a month (1-247093311)

* Memory usage increasing when opening and closing pictures in workspace run mode (1-

* The Advanced Animations checkbox in the Basic Animation dialog does not stay checked when
an expression is used for the animation. (1-164499177)

* Unable to use partial substitutions in tagnames when an operator symbol (such as a hyphen) is
present. (1-189121617)

* Performing SaveAs fails if Pictures Lines of Code exceed 32767 (1-247650764)

* Using VBA to Add and Delete pens in a Chart cause a Workspace exception.(1-239843131)

* Alarm Summary AckPage acknowledges the next off screen alarm (1-178956371)

* Alarm Summary shows last alarm in list using incorrect font. (1-166375985)

* Alarm Summary Object - Allow acknowledge All Alarms Option doesnt enable Apply (1-

* Last letter of Russian alphabet fails in Translating Picture Text.(1-260083271)

* System object security variables do not update properly after a login or logout if both the
Workspace and the FixBackgroundServer are running.(1-175456474)

* DDA addressing that uses single quotes does not work when used in Tag Group substitution.

* When a tag with low EGU limit of -9.999999 is imported, it fails and the error in import.err is
"Cannot request more than 7 significant digits(A_EHI)". (1-227043281)

* A script that calls System.FixLogout and System.FixLogin fails leaving the system with no one
logged in. (1-240042781)

* Issue with FIXLOGIN not retrieving Windows user full name upon logging in (1-160488977)

* Added support for TCP/IP to Auto Alarm Manager (AAM) (1-244731431)

* When a bitmap is used as a pushbutton it doesn't stay down when depressed and held.(1-

* The Visiconx Data Control object fails to read certain database block types. When output or
secondary blocks are read, iFix error 1719, "Illegal Option", is received. The following blocks
types are affected: AO, BB, BL, CA, DO, DT, ETR, EV, FN, HS, LL, PID, RB, RM, SC, SQD, SS,
TR and TT. (1-164121931)

* When a long expression is entered into the Output Calculation field of the Calc block and the
database is exported, the Calc block may later fail to import. (1-146909901)

* Alarm ODBC shows poor performance when filtering by alarm area is used (1-129724281)

* In a Fix Desktop picture, the database name system link (A_DBNAM) shows ??????. May
cause XVT Error 39516-1245060 in View. (1-200344531)
* iFix can't shut down ALMODBC and WSQLODC if they connect to a Sybase 9.xx database on
French OS. (1-105652516)

* Chart's SetDuration method doesn't allow days greater than 99 even if using Proficy Historian
(i.e. iHistorian). (1-194759931)

* Network Status Display pictures Tag Status Screen - Pid_TS failed in language switching. (1-

* The AutoResize property of VisiconX Grid OCX doesn't work.      (1-188139356)

* Alarm Summary object gets extra columns and become unable to acknowledge alarms if after
configuring it you switch to run mode and then back to configure mode after installing Workspace
SIM that contains iFIX40_1160243111.(1-196043437)

* WorkSpace slow startup performance when there are large number of pictures and tag group
files. (1-145318257)

* Update Alarm Priority Color dialog is not translatable. (1-202484094)

* Extended property for alarm summary ocx does not show up in the property window. (1-

* VisiconX Help does not show in local language (1-199095347)

* Tag group resolution does not work properly if using the DefaultRefreshRate entry in the
Workspace.ini file and resolving tags before switching to Run mode.(1-123523131)

* Adding and deleting chart pens via VBA in run mode causes workspace crash (1-183309211)

* Bitmap Pushbutton stays stuck down, when pushbutton is invisible and user clicks on area
where pushbutton exists. (1-162154461)

* iFix1_Industries picture in SampleSystem was leaking on Open/Close operation (1-186066001)

* Unable to open the database manager on the SCADA node with Primary/Backup SCADA
configuration with Change Management enabled. (1-175009248)

* FixBackgroundServer events logged in the NT Event Viewer are not mapping with

* Data in a picture never updates.(1-144898371)

* If Fire DataChange Event is disabled, then global user variable never triggers (1-155223934)

* Workspace crashes with picture that has charts that reference iHistorian pens that are updated
via timer (1-163479884)

* Memory leaks from WorkSpace when cycling thru the pictures. (1-166599847)

* Changing the DataSource for the last existing pen in a chart group file using the Chart Group
Wizard causes the values for color and limits to be reset. (1-111307898)

* Color animations using shared threshold table don't work properly if the same threshold table is
used by different pictures and these pictures are all opened in run mode. (1-147175602)
* "Picture" under New menu of WorkSpace is not translated for non-English iFIX. (1-172906862)

* In the Chart Group File dialog, the file tree doesn't support Kanji Characters. (1-112641852)

* AlarmSummaryOCX has a font problem with Alarm Status and Alarm Priority spread control in
Color tab on non-English system. (1-171882601)

* Needs a security application feature to control who has access to the Tag Status feature. (1-

* The runtime right-click menu can't be disabled and shows up even if it is unusable. (1-

* It was not possible to use a "_" in a Windows User Name when running SecuritySynchronizer

* VisiconX data control requires user with local administrative rights to connect to OLE DB
database. (1-110895991)

* AlarmSuymmaryOCX had column headings broken when opening picture on different language
if the picture had saved on another language. (1-160243111)

* Provides a tool to update alarm priority colors of alarm summary objects in multiple picture

* ESignature DoVerifyandWrite swaps Perform and Verify comments sent to Alarm ODBC (1-

* Button caption translation outputs incorrect error message (1-153057601)

* TGE converter from migration tools won't convert files (1-150434135)

* Log file and Alarm ODBC database don't capture each unsuccessful login attempt (1-

* ValidateSignatureAndWriteValue causes an error when executing on a tag requiring only
Perform signatures. (1-143755731)

* ASCII values are not displaying in datalinks if datalink's "Remove Leading and Trailing Spaces"
checkbox is unchecked in the User Preferences\Shape Preferences.(1-143175738)

* The Workspace title bar and menu bar are showing up when using full screen in configure

* Fixes a workspace crash that can happen when selecting a datalink. (1-147585511)

* Provides a tool to update alarm priority colors of alarm summary objects in multiple picture

* WorkSpace generate access violation when saving a picture or switch modes. (1-135651349)

* IOCNTRL.exe will be added to the beginning of the startup task list when it is automatically
added while adding a device driver. (1-140618611)

* eda_get_pdb_name call fails (1-128632701)
                    * Alarm summary priority colors are not the same after upgrading to iFIX 4.0 (1-135599586)

                    * iFIX 4.0 - LISTSIMs does not work (1-221991609)

                    * Tag Group Editor about box - application name is not translatable. (1-229973684)

                    * New Login.exe that supports the integration of third party biometric authentication software. (1-

                    * In QuickTrend.grf, some pens don't display if loaded from a saved tag list.(1-149210501)

                    * In QuickTrend.grf:
                    1) When a tag is deleted from the legend, it is still displaying in the chart and
                    2) The selected row(s) in the legend remain selected even after the Delete Selected Row(s)
                    button has been clicked. (1150694581)

                    * Can't find Translation Toolbar after creating new project. (1-166375821)

                    * Picture not showing up in Translation Toolbar list after saving. (1-145079684)

iFIX40_1196742891   Database Manager

                    * After converting a FIX32 6.12 database to iFix, the AA block Alarm Suppression field is left
                    blank (1-196742891)

                    * Database manager hangs when deleting tag referencing the S7A driver (1-302805961)

                    * DBM doesn't show tag information correctly on Japanese system (1-240712339)

                    * Tagnames and fields containing pound (#) signs do not import properly from a .GDB file. (1-

                    * Database is locking up when putting tag on scan (1-150047507)

                    * Alarm extension fields do not allow upper and lower case characters (1-168636016)

                    * Improved database import speed and progress updating. (1-146480211)

                    * Loadable block don't work with current database version (1-123445902)

iFIX40_1208136831   SAC

                    * MDI block's A_OPCQUALITY field always shows BAD even when data is good. (1-208136831)

                    * DA label truncated to 14 character in alarm logs (1-277839331)

                    * Problem with MDI block: Alarm Time In is not updated when a new alarm sequence begins for
                    MDI tags configured to "Re-alarm". (1-181012741)

                    * When using the "C" parameter with WSACTASK.EXE for suppressing COMM alarms, the
                    "TimeIn" field did not update with the current time that the COMM Alarm occurred.(1-237788278)
                    * SQT blocks get stuck in the state of waiting for confirmation once their confirmations get lost or
                    never happen. (197202545)

                    * AA block using a alarm priority of INFO does not alarm correctly (1-188931101)

iFIX40_185874301    OPC Alarm and Events

                    * iFix OPC AE server with a client connected to it crashes by acknowledging an alarm. (1-

                    * iFixOPCAESrv.exe filters out simple and tracking messages when filtering by specific area. (1-

iFIX40_1251185531   Application Validator

                    * When parsing the command line AppValidator does not run if base path contains "-" (1-

                    * AppValidator Help not working. (1-251185531)

iFIX40_1203825319   Proficy Portal Control

                    * The Proficy Portal Control modified to work correctly in Cimplicity. (1-203825319)

                    * The control did not draw when inserted deactivated. Needed to double click the control to
                    activate it and force it to draw. (1-164382099)

iFIX40_1211035704   iFIX to Portal Picture Exporter

                    * iFix Exporter to Portal causes Visibility condition values to change to zero. (1-211035704)

iFIX40_199234191    Networking

                    * iFIX event file filled up with assertion messages like "assertion failed (ulLocalIpAddr != 0) &&
                    (ulLocalIpAddr != INADDR_NONE)" (1-99234191)

                    * Trusted computing does not prevent access from 3.5 (non trusted) to 4.0 (trusted) (1-

                    * Conmgr.exe generate exception during iFIX shutdown. (1-176638211)

iFIX40_1123445832   Change Management

                    * If File Description in SCU is translated into double bytes, it gets failed due to unable to convert

                    *.SCU to text when taking Differences between current and any version (or between any version)
                    in PCMHistory. (1-123445832)
                    * When opening SCU Diff report on non-English system, it gets runtime error, also Prev and Next
                    buttons do not work depending on how "Difference %s of %s" is translated. (1-123445832)

                    * Clicking the diff button rapidly can cause a error to occur within pcmhistory. (1-126222390)

iFIX40_1174403491   Alarming

                    * Alarms no longer synchronize properly on some redundant systems. (1-174403491)

                    * Incorrect alarm status color after acknowledging the alarms from iFIX 3.5 node (1-135348011)

iFIX40_ PCMIntegration Change Management - ME SP2 Compatibility

                    * This SIM is required for compatibility with SP2 for PCM (Change Management).

iFIX40_1168055287   Change Management - SVG Comparison Utility

                    * Script changes may be present and no indication given. (1-168055287)

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