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         The South Sound Sailing Society had no Star Fleet
There was PHRF racing all year and Portsmouth Racing in the summer
There was no one design racing at all. The J 24 fleet was 15 years gone
  SSSS Star Fleet Forms
I am pleased to announce the formation of the Budd Bay          from the September 2001 Ship-to-Shore
Star Fleet. At present we have six Stars in the water and a     The newsletter of the South Sound Sailing Society
seventh will be sailing this spring. It is a woody now being
restored. I am on the hunt for more boats to be bought.

We have had several races so far, most with five boats
racing. Sean Trew ran races for us this summer. ... You can
see from the results that no one has really dominated. We
will hold more Star races. We also plan on participating as a
class in the Fall and Spring Series, the Spring Regatta, the
under 30 regattas, and Wednesday and/or Thursday night

Our boats have hull numbers in the 5000 series. Our intent
is to limit the fleet to the older boats, those with hull
numbers below 6000. We want boats winning because of
the skill of her crew. We do not care to find out who can
buy the newest fastest boat. ...

Does this seem like something you would enjoy? If
interested in crewing, borrowing a boat, or buying one
contact me for more information. All the present owners
have allowed others to use their boat, if they can not make a

Other present owners, besides myself, are Gary Pedigo, Ann
Heming, Ginny Stern, John & Steve Ridgeway, and Steve
Worcester                                                                          Photo by Cecilia Greenberger

Bill Brosius, Star Duster, Fleet Captain
      There were only six boats,
                        but we were off to the races.

Photos of the first night of Racing
             by Cecilia Greenberger
                      The fleet grew
                                   as Bill found boats found boats to buy.
                          Bill over came set backs, like the temporary loss of a crane

Launch photo by Cary Throrogood, boats at the dock by Jim Findley, Stars crossing by Ron Vander Lugt, other photos by Sean Trew
            Building a Star Fleet with Old Boats May 11, 2005
                              from the International Star Class Yacht Racing Association web site

   The racing season for the venerable 17 boats of the Star class
in Olympia on southern Puget Sound in Washington State, USA
begins in early May. Docked at the private Westbay Marina, the
fleet of 1974-1985 Stars (with epoxied bottoms) stay on buoys
from launch until haul out in the fall.
   Bill Brosius of Olympia, Washington is the sparkplug behind
these boats based at the South Sound Sailing Society. A few
years ago, Brosius started encouraging others to buy old Star
boats, ... Brosius worked at finding reasonable priced old Stars
and mating them with potential one design sailors. He went
looking for used boats, lining up local buyers to build a fleet. The
most expensive boat in the fleet to date was $3000 with trailer
with most costing $1500-$2500.
   The design of Stars has changed some over the years and
newer boats are faster so local racers concentrate on getting older
boats with hull numbers under 7,000 to keep the fleet
competitive (the latest number for Stars is above 8200) ...
   Sails (usually costing fleet members about $300 for a main
and jib) are castoffs from newer Star boats and Brosius tries to
keep the various mains and jibs in roughly comparable condition.
Brosius also keeps a stock of masts available. …                                           Bill outside his shop,
   “It wouldn't be together if it weren't for him,” said Mary                            which he built to have a
Campbell, who bought a wooden Star about 50 years old for                               place to refurbish old Stars
$1000. As with most old boats it was in reasonable shape but still
                                                                                         Photo by Andris Kleinbergs
needed work before it was race ready. She got help from Brosius.
           Inside Bill’s
            Star shop
 to the left, Bill demonstrates flipping a Star at a Fleet
             meeting, photos by Jim Findley

bottom left and center, top center, and to the right wood
   Stars needing work, photos by Andris Kleinbergs

top right corner, two Stars ready for sanding and bottom
               paint, photo by Bill Brosius

           bottom right, newly painted Stars,
                 photo by David Roe
                            Woodies sailing again

                                   Photos above and below
                                    by Andris Kleinbergs
 Photo Derek DeCouteau                                                             Photo by Ron Vander Lugt,

                                                             The oldest are 5 woodies and the lowest hull
                                                            number is 3337. Brosius used to have #927
                                                            from 1927 but sold it after refurbishing it.
                                                            He’s now on the track of #23 that was owned
                                                            by Seattle’s Sunny Vynne. Most of the rest of
                                                            the fleet are glass boats built from 1974 to
                                                            1985, including three formerly owned by

                                                            Olympic Gold Medallist Bill Buchan.
                                                              Building a Star Fleet with Old Boats
                                                                         May 11, 2005
                                                            from the International Star Class Yacht Racing
                                                                         Association web site
Photo by Ron Vander Lugt,
                By 2006 it was time for our fleet to join the
            International Star Class Yacht Racing Association

                                                                Thirteen of us became dues paying members.

                                                                    In 2007 sixteen of us were members,
                                                                making us one of the larger Fleets on the coast.

                                                                                            Photos by Chuck Lantz

        We sent one boat to the Worlds in 2006.
  Bill went to repair the hull deck seam so they could
 race it. Then he volunteered to help others, including
                  the race committee.

    We sent a boat to the North Americans in 2007.
        Bill went as crew on an east coast boat.
He came back with a boat to work on for a Kiwi sailor.
After painting it, Bill trailed it to the east coast for him.
Our parent club, the South Sound Sailing Society, put together a program
  to introduce kids to sailing.
                                Bill organized the Star Fleet to supply the boats.
                                                                    Photos by Katie Goeres
            April 2007
 There were 19 Stars on the starting line

29 different skippers raced with us this year.
 The Fleet recognized Bill’s
 contributions in front of the
        whole Club.
                  A Proclamation
            by the Budd Inlet Star Fleet
In recognition of invaluable service to the Budd Inlet Star Fleet
including the following major contributions:
Bringing one design racing to Olympia.
Choosing a boat design with age and equipment limitations to control
costs and thereby making the sport of sailboat racing open to all.          So let it be known far and wide that we the sailors of the Olympia Star Fleet
Traveling far and wide to acquire Stars and their equipment and             do hereby recognize William Brosius as LORD of the Olympia STARS and
returning them safely to the Olympia area for the use of others.            that all rights and privileges of that high office be granted to Lord Bill up to
Constructing and equipping a large work shop on his property to             and including one free beer. In addition it has been noted that Lord Bill has
refurbish boats in need of repair.                                          many times expressed his annoyance at the unfortunate positioning of roof
Rebuilding, repairing, painting and equipping said boats to a race          support posts in the center of his royal workshop. These offending posts
ready condition.                                                            impede Lord Bill’s ability to move his beloved Stars about the shop causing
Making his workshop and equipment available for others to repair            him to become annoyed. This condition is unacceptable to his loyal subjects.
their Stars.                                                                Therefore these posts will be removed and replaced with a steel beam
Arranging for inexpensive moorage during the summer racing season           transversing said shop aloft from wall to wall. This construction will occur
at Westbay Marina.                                                          sometime this winter while Lord Bill is resting from his afore mentioned
Arranging for the use of a crane to transfer the boats onto the waters at   labors.
Westbay Marina.                                                             Thanks Bill.
Providing the use of his runabout as race committee boat.                   Budd Inlet Star Fleet
Continuing to assist in the ongoing maintenance and repair of boats         Presented to Bill at the September 2007 South Sound Sailing Society Meeting.
damaged by the improper sailing technique of their wayward skippers.                                                               Photo by Thera Black
                    Photos by Sean Trew; Thera Black, and Ron Vander Lugt

Bill is not done.

                      While putting together this presentation, I received
                      the following e-mail from Bill. It was not meant to
                      be made public and is typical of some e-mails he
                      has sent me for years now.
                                 I have almost finished the repairs
                                  needed on Linda’s boat and have
                                  finished glassing the deck and
                                  gunnels, I just need to fair and sand
                                  and it will be ready to paint the deck
                                  and start installing the hardware. Ron
                                  should just about have his finished this
                                 weekend also. I will move my wood boat into
                                 the shop as soon as Ron’s is gone and Linda's
                                 should be finished before Christmas. Peter and
                                 I will start working on his boat after Ron’s is
                                 gone also. I still expect to have at least 30
                                 boats in the water by April.

                    The fleet is still growing
 For the reasons shown here,
    and those listed in my
       nomination letter,
 we feel Bill Brosius deserves
more than local recognition of
   his support of our sport.
That is why we are nominating
      him for the Award.

                   Photo by Ron Vander Lugt,

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