Poetry Workshop Image Poem by ert554898


									         Image Poem Topics
•   Quiet poem    •   Morning Poem
•   Loud Poem     •   Night Poem
•   Silent Poem   •   Waiting Poem
•   Winter Poem   •   Calm Poem
•   Summer Poem   •   Anxious Poem
  Two Steps for Creating an Image
• First, imagine an image for each sense—
  hearing, touching, seeing, smelling, and
  tasting—relating to your topic

• Second, choose the images you want to use
  for your poem. Remember to turn general
  images into specific ones
         Image Poem Format
•   Image 1: ___________________________
•   Image 2: ___________________________
•   Image 3: ___________________________
•   Image 4: ___________________________
         And me
       Image Poem Example
                       Our Quiet Poem
Snake scales slithering against a tree.
Rain sprinkling on frosty grass.
The sun drifting behind snow capped mountains.
Crickets singing in the night.
A cool midnight breeze
And me
Imagining it all.

Mrs. Sturgis’ 5th Grade Collaborative Poem

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