Newsletter February 2012 (DOC) by dandanhuanghuang


      Date                        What’s on                              DIRECTOR                              Spare Player
     Tuesdays                 Aggregate Rubber                          Roy Ashmore                          Partners provided
     Thursdays              Learners and Improvers                    George Collins et al                   Always available
 3       Fri        Pottage Qualifying heat                         Steve Howell                           Guy Turner
 6      Mon               Teams of Four                            Dennis Chambers                            None
10       Fri        IBM Simultaneous Pairs                           Richard Ray                          Mike Thresher
11       Sat       Mollie Simmons Swiss Pairs                       Chris Kinloch                             None
13      Mon                 Duplicate                                David Lewis                          Sandra Ruffell
17       Fri        Duplicate “Six Partners”                          Stan Babb                           Ken Smallbone
20      Mon            Individual Round 4                           Helen Kinloch                           Gill Harris
23      Thurs              Junior Pairs                            Arthur Whittaker                       To be arranged
24       Fri                Duplicate                               Keith Williams                         David Lewis
27      Mon                 Duplicate                               Chris Kinloch                          Chris Comer
 2       Fri              Teams of Four                            Dennis Chambers                            None
 5       Mon                 Duplicate                               David Lewis                         Barbara Seymour
 9       Fri                 Duplicate                               Richard Ray                          Helen Kinloch
12       Mon          Duplicate “Six Partners”                      Barry Williams                          May Lawn
16       Fri                 Duplicate                              Mike Thresher                         George Collins
19       Mon            Individual Round 5                          Helen Kinloch                           Gill Harris
23       Fri                 Duplicate                                Stan Babb                            Eric Clucas
26       Mon                 Duplicate                             Arthur Whittaker                       Chris Kinloch
30       Fri                 Duplicate                              Keith Williams                        Frank Sanjana
     If you can’t attend on a day for which you are nominated, please swap with someone as soon as possible. New directors
     and spare players are always welcome.
                                      CLUB AND COMMITTEE TELEPHONE NUMBERS
     Club:                    Maydene, Sherborne Road,               (01256) 541988
                              Basingstoke RG21 5TG
     Chairman:                Helen Kinloch                          (01189) 813210
     Vice-Chairman:           Mary Lucas                             (01256) 882670
     Treasurer:               Arthur Whittaker                       (01256) 334496
     Secretary:               Sandra Ruffell                         (01256) 363102
     Committee:               Jean Anderson                          (01256) 842984
                              Andy Fry                               (01256) 780056
                            Viv Morris                             (01256) 889946
                            Richard Ray                         (02380) 253239  
                            Jan Yates                           (01256) 466766  
     Club:                  Maydene, Sherborne Road,            (01256) 322690  
                            Basingstoke RG21 5TG
                                        Web site:

           County Events – entries to Lillian Craigen 02380 254276 or
       12th February         Valentine Swiss Teams                Romsey               2pm
                                     Issue 218 February 2012

County successes
Congratulations to our Basingstoke Cup team (Mary, Sandra, Frank, Arthur, Fil, Val,
Jean and Stan) who won their match against Petersfield. They will now play against
Swanmore in the semi-final.
Congratulations also to Miles and Chris, clear winners of the Candlesticks Swiss Pairs.

February events
The Pottage Qualifier is on Friday 3rd Feb. Please enter in advance to ensure being able to
play on the night, even if you do not wish to take part in the competition. All players who
achieve 50% or more will be eligible for the semi final at Romsey on 1st April.
Teams of four this month is Monday 6th. As usual please enter teams on the board or let
me know if you wish to play.
The IBM simultaneous pairs will be played on Friday 10th
The Mollie Simmons Swiss Pairs is on Saturday 11th. Please make sure your entry is on
the board, as it is essential to know definite numbers. If any pair would be prepared to act
as stand-by (playing only if another pair drops out at the last minute) I would be very
grateful. There has to be an even number of pairs for this type of competition. The stand-
by pair would not pay if required to play.
The third round of the “Six Partners” will be on Friday 17th and the fourth round of the
individual on Monday 20th.
The junior pairs will be held on Thursday 23rd. This event is open to all members below
the rank of club master.

Once again I have been asked by the committee to remind members to park sensibly.
Quite often some spaces along the right hand hedge are not used, and many drivers are
loath to use the spaces right in by the door if they arrive early. Please try to move as far
into the car park as you can, filling up the two spaces by the door and the right hand line
first and leaving the space nearest the road for the spare player. Remember we also have
parking spaces in the nursery next door and exit from there is always easy and quick.

NICKO news
Basingstoke A (Christine & Richard, John & Brian) won their first round NICKO match,
but unfortunately lost to Hedge End in the second round.
Basingstoke B (Manny, Graham, Andy & Sula) and C (Helen, John, Steve & Tracey),
were knocked out in the first round of the NICKO and therefore eligible to play in the
NICKO Plate. They have both recently won their first round matches in this secondary
competition, B beating Oxford E and C beating Gosport B.

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