Letter on Boddy to Bar, US & DA Attorneys by nashmusic


									Eddie Garcia
PO Box 120235
Nashville TN 37212

March 7, 2012
Sent Via Telecopier to US Attorney, DA Blodgett, Mass. Bar of Overseers, and the Press

To the parties herein:

As I am a US citizen and it is my constitutional right to bring to your attention malfeasance and the
suspicion of wrongdoing or the willful failure to abide by a FOIA, I have lost all trust and faith in
the office of Secretary of State, Galvin to compel the city of Lawrence to adhere to the laws
specified and promulgated for public records.

Therefore, I implore your respective offices to carry out the laws in the interest of the general
public to be informed of their government’s actions.

From these records it appears, to a reasonable person that Mr. Boddy has denied my rights to
access public records by stating that no record of my re4quest exists. However, the Eagle Tribune
reports that Mr. Degnan is a businessman who holds a city of Lawrence contract.

I am requesting that your respective offices individually or collaborative investigate my request
and assess any and all penalties to the party who have violated my rights. I reserve the right to file
a lawsuit in a court of competent jurisdiction to vindicate my violated rights.

Eddie Garcia

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             Important mainly because of the words in the message.
Mr. Boddy:

Surprise, surprise as Gomer Pyle used to say on the Andy Griffith Show.

Your response, dated 2.21.12 clearly states that "Regarding public records reflecting contractual
relationships with Degnan Insurance Agency, the City has no documents responsive to your requests."

Therefore, see attached responses by you wherein it clearly contradicts the news report in the Eagle
Tribune as follows:

Degnan, along with numerous local businessmen who hold city contracts, testified before the federal
grand jury empaneled since at least last spring.


Therefore, Mr. Boddy, as you are an attorney I am shocked that it appears you willfully lied, mislead or
obfuscated the truth for some ulterior motive. If the Tribune reports that Degnan had/has contracts ---
then why are you writing me that none exist.? I am not only writing the Bar of Overseers with a
complaint but to the state Ethics Commission, DA Blodgett and US Attorney Ortiz. If you haven't been
served with subpoenas, I hope and pray you will soon. I will not condone you denying me my
constitutional rights!!!

Wish you well.


Eddie Garcia

By the way, you still have blocked my eddievsongs@gmail.com email address from contacting you.

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