Mozu by dandanhuanghuang


									                                                                                               Musical Numbers
           TAFFE Productions Presents                                    Act I - Spring, Snow Monl<ey ParI< in Shiga Heights, Japan
                                                               H 0 nsh irabe                                                         1nstru mental
                                                               See No Evil. Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil          Nanda, Itigo. Uso, Morulius, Mori
                                                               Sex Up Your Life                                                               Mori
                                                               I Can See It Now                                                              Mozu
                                                               I'm Glad I'm a Mama's Boy                                                       Uso
                                                               BIam e th e Giants                                                             1tigo
                                                               Two Heads Are Better Than One                                           Nemu, Mozu
                                                               Daughte r Mine                                                             Moru Iius
                                                               Man or Beast                                                     Itigo. Mozu. Nemu

     Bool< & Lyrics by Steven Oberman                                                          IS-minute Intermission

Music Composed/Direction                by Jude Thomas                                      Act II - Six Months Later
       Directed & Staged          by Jim Strait                Freedom                                                                    : Mom iji
                                                               I Want to Father You                                                           Itigo
                                                               Who Am I Here For                                                             Mozu
   Set Design              Light Design       Sound Design     Toe the Line                                                      Morulius. Nemu
Ted Crittenden            Ashley Jenl<s       Jeff Polunas     Mating Song                                                  Morulius, Mori, Mozu
                                                               Living Blind                                                           Mozu, Uso
     Costume Design                      Wig Design            Youth and Snow                                                        Mori, Momiji
     Jeannie Galioto             Michael Dondaville II         Who Are We Here For                                      Mozu, Nanda, Momiji, Uso

     Makeup Design                      Stage Manager                               ARTISTIC & PRODUCTION               STAFF
    Kathleen Kenna                   Tiffany Fontaine          Music Consultant                                                      Douglas Lynn
                                                               "The Performance" Choreographer                                    Marcos Matinez
                          The Cast                             Pro perti es                                                      Steven 0 berman
                                                               Assistant to the Producer                                          Katie Oberman
       Nanda .... Scott     Andrew Amiotte
         Morulius ...Caro      Louise Aristei                                                   Program    Notes
                                                             "Mozu" has been on my mind for over twenty years, after I first watched the docu-
                  Michael Aviles
                Itigo                                        mentary titled. "Mozu: the Snow Monkey." The story of Mozu. born with deformed
                                                             hands and feet, who must struggle to survive and keep up with her troop especially
             Mozu Rosalie Celestial                          during the harsh winter months in Japan's Shiga Heights, hit a cord with me. Seeing the
                                                             way these snow monkeys interact, and learning about their complex social order. I
                Nemu ...Dan     Feraldo
                                                             quickly had an idea for a play. which after the first draft transformed into a musical.
           Uso...Justin Warren Martin
                                                             The troop of monkeys in the play live at a private preserve called Jigokudani Yaenkoen
               Mori. ..D'Ann Paton                           Park, where I was fortunate to visit last year while doing research for the play. These 2
                                                             -foot tall creatures live in the woods yet come down the mountain. to "The Gathering
          Female/Momiji. ..Monet          Payne              Place," where humans can come and watch the monkeys up close as they receive
                                                             handouts from the park rangers, or while they soak up the soothing waters of the
                        The Musicians                        heated pool.

  Guitar ...AliaJyawool< Flute ...Emily Hecl<                We hope you enjoy this production of "Mozu," where we, as humans, are not the only
             Percussion ...Daniel Pate                       ones on this planet with stories to tell.
BIOS-The Cast

                Scott Andrew Amiotte (Nanda) Recent Appearances San Diego:                      Justin Warrcn Martin (Usa) Recent appearances: PASSION (staged
                DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA (Danny), THE LAST DAYS OF                           Concert) Cygnet Theatre; I LOVE YOU BECAUSE (Jeff Bennet), PA-
                JUDAS ISCARIOT (Satan), THE GLORY OF LIVING (Clint) SOMEONE                     RADE (Leo Frank) & METAMORPHOSES (Orpheus and others) Stage-
                WHO'LL WATCH OVER ME (Edward), CORPUS CHRISTI (James the                        house Theatre; ALADDIN'S OASIS (Aladdin) & PLAYHOUSE DISNEY
                Less), TROILUS AND CRESSIDA (Hector/Diomedies),   MY THREE AN-                  LIVE ON STAGE! (Jamie) The Disneyland Resort; THE ROCKY HOR-
                GELS (Alfred). Tours: MACBETH (Macduff), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S                    ROR SHOW (Riff-Ran) Camino Real Playhouse; BAT BOY (Swing) Stages
                DREAM (Oberon). Film: THE LAUNDROMAT (Armando), STREETS                         Theatre; SIDE SHOW (Bearded Lady) Westminster         Playhouse.
                (Ace), THE BADLANDS (Ahsik), DEREK (Branco) THE AMERICAN
                DREAM (Latin Fever Rodriguez). Voice Overs: SHAWL DANCER (Arena
                Director), TREASURE FALLS & SPLASHBA TTLE (Cpt Dreadbeard).                     D'Ann   Paton   (Morj)   D'Ann most recently appeared in THE GRAPES OF
                Director: RED LIGHT WINTER, DIVINERS. Fight Choreography: THE                   WRATH at Carlsbad Playreaders. She also played Aida in OVER TI-IE
                OF POINT LOMA, SKULLS EYE. Scott is the founder and Executive Di-               GIRLS at Scripps Ranch Theatre. Prior to that, she was seen as Eileen
                rector of Triad Productions.                                                    in THE CRIPPLE OF INISHMAN at Lyceum Space for ion theatre com-
                                                                                                pany. Having performed in many San Dicgo theaters, some of her favorite
                Caro Louisc Aristci (Morulius) Recent appearances include: THE SE-              roles were in DARK OF TI-IE MOON at The Old Globe; THE ELE-
                CRET GARDEN, Patio Playhouse; THE TAMING OF TI-IE SHREW,                        PI-IANT MAN at San Diego Rep.; TI-IE HEIRESS at The Old Town Thea-
                Patio Playhouse; PORTRAIT OF A MADONNA, Theatrx; THE                            tre; FULL CIRCLE at the Cassius Carter; and ENCHANTED APRIL at
                WOMEN, Avo Playhouse; HARVEY, powPAC; and THE OLDEST PRO-                       Lamb's Players Theatre. D' Ann is a member of SAG and the Actors Alli-
                FESSION, North Park Vaudeville.                                                 ance of San Diego.

                Michael   A vilcs (lU80) Michael is currently a theatre major at San Diego      Monct Paync (Momjjj) Recent arpcJraJ1"e~: THE MIKADO, SDSU 0pera
                City College. His most recent appearanee was: PIPPIN, Saville Theatre           Theatre (Katisha); DELOVEL Y COLE POIlTER, San Diego Sym-
                (Pippin). He got his start at Heartland Players Theatre playing various char-   phony (Featured Soloist); DIE FLEDERMAUS, SDSU Opera Thea-
                acters such as: SLEEPING BEAUTY (Father of Aurora), LADY JANE (King             tre (Chorus); STREET SCENE, SDSU Opera Theatre (Nursemaid
                Edward VI, Ben). His favorite aeting credits include: MY FAIR LADY              2); SONGS OF EXPERIENCE, La Jolla Symphony (Featured Solo-
                (Harry, Ensemble Member), SOUND OF MUSIC (Nazi Soldier) Ramona                  ist); SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD, San Dieguito Academy (Woman 2);
                Bowl Amphitheatre.                                                              OKLAHOMA!, Star Theatre (Ado Annie).

                                                                                                Special Thanks to:
                Rosalic Celcstial (Mozu) Rosalie graduated with a B.A. in theatre per-          TRADER JOES OF LA MESA
                formance from San Diego State University. She was last seen in INNER            for providing refreshments for our
                VIEWS (San Diego Asian American Repertory Theatre). Favorite Credits
                include CYC's production of RENT; DEAR MISS BREED (Asian Story
                                                                                                post-show lobby reception.
                Theatre); NICKEL & DIMED (SDSU); and ALEXANDER & THE TERRI-                     Please join us after the show!
                BLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY (SDSU Theatre of the
                World Festival).                                                                                                  TAFFE Productions
                                                                                                                                       945 Begonia Ct.
                                                                                                                                     Carlsbad, CA 92011
                Dan Fcraldo (Nemu) Dan was last seen as Jerry Meyers in A NICE FAM-
                ILY GATHERING for OnStage Playhouse. Elsewhere: mulitple roles in                                                   For more information:
                THE GRAPES OF WRATH for Ion Theatre, the Judge in RUN, JENNY at                                              Steven Oberman, Executive Director
                Compass Theatre, and Bellomy in THE FANTASTICKS for Coronado                                                           (760) 268-0169
                Playhouse. Dan wishes to thank Steven Oberman and Jim Strait for casting
                him in their production. Thanks to Annie Hinton for her invaluable help                                    TAFFE is a 50l(e)3 non-profit organization.
                and support as drama coach.                                                                                           Visit
                                                                                                      Jeff Polunas (Sound Design) Jeff has been working with sound for over 100 dilferent productions.
Steven Oberman (Pla)'II'right/Producer) Other credits: CLAIRE VOY ANT, Avo Playhouse                  Some recent credits inelude WEDDING SINGER, THE PRODUCERS, SEUSSICAL, COM-
(directed by Jim Strait); TRIPLE TAKE, UCSD Department of Theatre. Steven has been writing            PANY, THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER, A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON TI-IE WAY
short plays and skits for the past three years for TAFFE (Theatre Arts For Fun Education), a non-     TO THE FORUM, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, GYPSY, and URINETOWN. He
profit organization which he founded and serves as its Executive Director. TAFFE                      just finished his first year of UC Irvine's prestigious three-year MFA Sound Design program. He
( has presently been focusing on producing theatrical productions which are meant       has been nominated four times for the KC/ ACTF Regional Sound Design Award and spent two
to educate as well as entertain. Special thanks to his kids Katie and Adam for their love and sup-    years at PCPA Theaterfest and received his Bachelor's degree from San Diego State Uni\'ersity. His
port.                                                                                                 ambition as a sound designer is to create an aural environment that blends the action on stage with
                                                                                                      the human ear while creating an enjoyable theatrical experience for the audience.

Jim Strait (Director) In the San Diego area, Jim directed several productions including THE
BOYS NEXT DOOR, RUMORS, I'M NOT RAPPAPORT, THE WONDER YEARS and NITE                                  Michael DondanviIle        II (Wig Design) Broadway credits: MEMPHIS, 33 VARIATIONS,
                                                                                                      FARNSWORTH INVENTION, and DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS. Michael is very grateful to.
CLUB CONFIDENTIAL. He staged last season's TAFFE comedy CLAIRE VOYANT. Jim per-
                                                                                                      be a new designer for this wonderful theatre company. His credits recently include design work for
formed on most San Diego stages in plays ranging li'om SCAPINO! to DON JUAN IN HELL to
                                                                                                      MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM at the La Jolla Playhouse. He just closed the First National Tour
BELLS ARE RINGING. He was Managing Director for the Gaslamp Quarter Theater Company in
                                                                                                      of XAN AD U as the Hair and Make-up Super\'isor, and is very anxious to get back on the road. I-Ie
the 1980's and Vista's Moonlight Stage Productions li'om 1995 - 2003. In Palm Springs, Jim was
                                                                                                      has supel'\'ised over 150 productions at the La Jolla Playhouse as well as The Old Globe. Lo\'e to
principal director for The Thorny Theater, staging twelve productions in four seasons. He also
                                                                                                      his mom and dad, and to Jeannie for belie\'ing I could bring her design to life! Proud member of
performed in THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS (Sheriff Ed Earl), ART (Marc),                       IATSE!!!
NUNSENSE A-MEN (Sister Robert Ann) and in many plays and readings for the Palm Springs
Playwrights Project. Jim is currently laying the foundations for The Desert Rose Playhouse in the
                                                                                                      Kathleen Kenna (Mokeup Design) Kathleen is the resident makeup artist at Moonlight
Palm Springs area. w·w " .. or "'ww .dcsntTosq>la:'ho\lsc .ori'
                                                                                                      Amphitheatre in Vista as well as San Diego Opera. Thanks to Ste\'en lor the opportunity   to work
                                                                                                      with TAFFE Productions.
Jude Thomas (Composer/Music Director) Jude is a local composer and performer and has appeared
in many musicals and operas throughout San Diego County. His last musical BIGFOOT, pre-               Marcos Martinez ("The Peiformance" Choreographer) Marcos is a Theatre Professor at California
miered in summer 2007 at the Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater. Jude received a Bachelor's de-
                                                                                                      State Uni\'ersity, San Marcos. Currently working with the Suzuki Company in Toga Mura, Japan
gree in Music Composition fi'om San Diego State University in 2007. He is the Assistant Director      on the most recent elaboration of Tadashi Suzuki's Method of Actor Training which he has taught
of Pacific Coast Harmony (an a capella men's chorus), provides vocal tracks for television com-
                                                                                                      in the U.S. and several countries abroad. Recent projects include his solo piece HOLY DIRT and
mercials, and sings with several groups around the San Diego area.
                                                                                                      directing BIG LOVE. Upcoming projects include ACTOS, by Luis Valdez (Fall 2010), Moliere's
                                                                                                      THE MISANTHROPE (Spring 2011) and a new solo piece in 2011.
Ted Crittenden     (Set Design) This is Ted's second outing at Diversionary Theatre, the last being
Diversionary's production of SPEECH AND DEBATE. Ted recently designed Scripps Ranch
                                                                                                      Tiffany Fontaine (Stage Manager) Tiffany is a graduate of UCSD where she completed her BA in
Theatre's SOCIAL SECURITY, which is now playing. Ted thanks his parents for watching his
three sons while he worked on this show.                                                              Theatre with a focus in Stage Management. Credits include: K\J: ,kin Theatre in Stamlonl CT:
                                                                                                      BABES IN ARMS, BIG THE MUSICAL, RUN FOR YOUR WIFE. UCSD: THE LARAMIE
                                                                                                      PROJECT, 1001, OBSCURA. Playwrights Project: RE-DROWNING OPHELIA. MOXIE: DOG
Ashley Jenks (Lighting Design) Ashley recently designed EXPECTING ISABEL and BUTCHER                  ACT, EURYDICE. Tiffany is pleased to ha\'e worked with the wonderful cast and crew of this
OF BARABOO for Moxie Theatre; DRIVING MISS DAISY for Moonlight Stage Productions;                     production.
LUGHNASA, PRELUDE TO A KISS (co-design), FOOL FOR LOVE, New Village Arts. Ashley
received her BA in Visual and Performing Arts at California State University, San Marcos. Her
next design is SEXTET for Diversionary Theatre.
                                                                                                                   Special Thanks                                  MA lOR SPONSORS
                                                                                                             Beverly Haney, UniGraphics                                Deedy Oberman
Jeannie Galioto (Costume Design) Jeannie has an MFA in Costume Design and won the Patte
award last year for her design of TWIST at Diversionary. Her credits include productions for the                     Eric Doran
                                                                                                                                                                   FRIENDS OF MOZU
San Diego Repertory, Mo'olelo, Ion Theatre, The Asian American Repertory, The Guthrie Lab,                          Mitsuaki Iwago
                                                                                                                                                                Bob Beard         Janice Ephron
Mixed Blood Theatre, Shakespeare in the Park, etc. In addition to freelance deSigning, she has                       Paul Taylor
                                                                                                                                                                Eric Doran       Barabara Harpell
taught at SDSU, Palomar College, and FIDM. She is currently working as the costume shop man-                       Larry Jorgensen
                                                                                                                                                               Maria Garrisi     Carol Jungerhelcl
ager and assistant professor at USD and is a craft artisan at La Jolla Playhouse. Please visit her                 City of Carlsbad                            Jackie Loesch         Doris Teich
website at
                                                                                                               North   County   Graphics

BIOS-The Musicians

Alia Jyawook (Guitar) Alia graduated fi-om Elmhurst college in IL with a BA in music, and a
certificate of performance in classical guitar. She is a multi instrumentalist playing guitar, cello,
piano, and bass. Alia teaches private and group lessons, and performs for wedding ceremonies and
parties. She has toured nationally in several bands, and currently performs with an all girl rock
band Bitter Sober.

Emily Heck (FIlIte) Emily recently graduated from SDSU with a Bachelor's in Music Education.
She wi]] be attending SDSU to get her teaching credential starting this fall. Emily has been playing
the flute for 13 years.

Daniel Pate (Percussion) Daniel performs newly commissioned works and standard repertiore in
concerts throughout the United States. In 2002 he was the winner of the San Dicgo Symphony's
"Hot Shots" Competition where he was featured as a soloist with the symphony. In 2007, Mr.
Pate received his Masters Degree in Percussion Performance from the University of Massachusetts
in Amherst where he studied with Eduardo Leandro and DCI Ha]] of Fame member Thom Han-
num. Currently Mr. Pate is a member of the San Diego Wind Symphony under the direction of
Gregg Hanson and is the Ii-ont ensemble arranger for Gold Drum Corps (DCI open class) as well as
an instructor for the San Diego State University Winter Drumline and instructor for several San
Diego High Schools. Mr. Pate is a faculty member for the Blue Lake Fine Arts Festival which is
located in Western Michigan where his performances are broadcast on NPR. Mr. Pate endorses
Vie Firth drumsticks and mallets.

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