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Heads by xiuliliaofz


									                                                                          University Department Heads

Name                           Last          Company                           Address1                                     Address2
Dr. Robert Brewer              Brewer        Auburn University                 Dept. Of Poultry Science
Don Henricks                   Henricks      Clemson University                Department of Animal & Veterinary Sciences   129 Poole Agricultural Center
Dr. John Hebert, Acting Head   Hebert        Louisiana State University        Dept. Poultry Science 102C                   102 Clyde Ingram Hall
Dr. Wallace Morgan             Morgan        Mississippi State University      Box 9665                                     Poultry Science Department
Dr. Gerald Havenstein          Havenstein    North Carolina State University   Poultry Science Department                   P.O. Box 7608
David Latshaw                  Latshaw       Ohio State University             Animal Sciences Department                   2027 Coffey Road
Dr. Donald Wagner              Wagner        Oklahoma State University         Dept. of Animal Science                      103 Animal Science Building
Dr. Robert Elkin               Elkin         Penn State University             Poultry Science Department
Bud Harmon                     Harmon        Purdue University                 Department of Animal Science                 1151 Lilly Hall
Dr. C. R. Cregar               Cregar        Texas A & M University            Poultry Science Department
Dr. P.K. Biswas                Biswas        Tuskegee University               Department of Poultry Science                Room 201, Milbank Hall
Dr. James Denton               Denton        University of Arkansas            Poultry Science Department                   POSC O-114
John K. Rosenberger            Rosenberger   University of Delaware            Dept. of Animal Sciences and                 Agricultural Biochemistry
Dr. Roger Natzke               Natzke        University of Florida             Dept. of Dairy and Poultry Science           2500 SW Archer Road
Dr. Mike Lacy                  Lacy          University of Georgia             Department of Poultry Science                Poultry Science Building
Dr. Jerry Exon                 Exon          University of Idaho               Department of Food Science                   Holms Research Center
Dr. Guy Kiracose               Kiracose      University of Kentucky            Department of Animal Science                 907 Agri Sciences Center, S.
Dr. James L. Heath             Heath         University of Maryland            Department of Animal Science                 Room 3115, Animal Science Ctr.
Dr. George Jesse               Jesse         University of Missouri            Dept. of Animal Science                      920 E Campus Drive
Donald Beermann                Beermann      University of Nebraska            Animal Science Department                    POB 830908
Dr. K.R. Robbins               Robbins       University of Tennessee           P.O. Box 1071                                Animal Science Department
Dr. Gary L. Minish             Minish        Virginia Tech                     Animal and Poultry Sciences
Dr. John Warren                Warren        West Virginia University          Div. of Animal & Veterinary Sci.             P.O. Box 6108

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                                      University Department Heads

City                St   Zip
Auburn              AL   36849
Clemson             SC   29634
Baton Rouge         LA   70803-4606
Mississippi State   MS   39762
Raleigh             NC   27695-7608
Columbus            OH   43210
Stillwater          OK   74078-0425
University Park     PA   16801
West Lafayette      IN   47907
College Station     TX   77843
Tuskegee            AL   36088
Fayetteville        AR   72701
Newark              DE   19717-1303
Gainesville         FL   32611
Athens              GA   30602-4356
Moscow              ID   83844-2201
Lexington           KY   40546-0215
College Park        MD   20742-2315
Columbia            MO   65211
Lincoln             NE   68583-0908
Knoxville           TN   37901-1071
Blacksburg          VA   24061-0306
Morgantown          WV   26506-6108

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