calm down! - the world will not end in 2012 by MartyKravitz83


									      There have been quite a lot of men and women predict that the world
ends in 2012. Is there any kind of basis for these kinds of predictions and
should they be taken seriously? A number of people point out the Mayan
calendar which predicts the end will be on December 21, Twenty-twelve. On
the other hand, other people refer to the prediction that Nostradamus made as
the basis for the doomsday scare. Certainly, there are additional claims; some
are linked, and some are completely independent and have nothing at all to
do with others.But those that do not believe in any of these predictions claim
that just like other end of the world predictions before, the world will not end
in 2012. Men and women, as a result, should not be unnecessarily concerned.

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      All things considered, it's very safe to say that regardless of the basis,
all previous end of society predictions have failed, such as the May 21, 2011
Harold Camping forecast. So why must the 2012 scare be any different? But
come to think of it, merely because all end of the world conjectures have
been verified incorrect in the past, it does not prove that the entire world will
not end in 2012 either, and that our world will remain. While there is no
concrete end of world 2012 evidence yet, history has sufficient shining
examples of near-extinction experiences the earth has gone through. If a
whole population of huge and strong dinosaurs could possibly be erased
millions of years back, what can prevent the same happening from
eliminating the remainder of the planet in the future? As our planet is a very
vulnerable planet, all hazards to its existence for that reason ought not to be
taken for granted.

      The environmentalists at present possess excellent arguments about the
weak spots of the earth's environment. And even though it is definitely
difficult to believe that our society ends in 2012, the amount of important
catastrophes, both natural and man made which have occurred recently pretty
much all suggest the fact that the earth is only able to take so much pounding;
and also that eventually, it will not be in a position to absorb the results of
these punishments. For starters, the world has plenty of atomic weapons that
with one incorrect move, can guarantee that the earth ends in 2012. It is
sensible to anticipate that the end will come anytime and no one can turn
back results as soon as it is done. Just what exactly is essential is to be able to
be aware of it and to help prevent it from happening. Whether or not the
world ends in 2012 is dependent upon the people who inhabit it.

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