2012 Mayan Prophecies - Will We Die In 2012? by MartyKravitz83


									The big question which worries many people nowadays is, Will we die in
2012?? Well, if you believe the 2012 Mayan prophecy that the modern world
will end on the winter solstice of 2012, or December 21, Twenty-twelve to be
precise, every person will perish on that fateful occasion. There is a lot of
hoopla in regards to the doomsday scare these days. Even major networks,
magazines and various internet websites have come in to the mix, profiting
from the problem to the stage that actually fanning the arguments about the
Mayan calendar to obtain more marketing mileage.

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      The Mayan 2012 forecast, according to believers, is not without basis,
however. As the Mayan individuals are known for their fairly precise
astrological equipment, these people were able to uncover some information
in regards to the world that people of the world in those times accepted as
facts. Numerous of them even grew to become the basis of present-day
information about our planet, as well as the universe in general; the
measurement of the lunar cycle currently being most notable.

      Apart from the 2012 Mayan prophecy, there are other hypotheses about
what may happen in 2012. Some people declare that there will be a pleasant
change within human consciousness that will usher in a Modern Age.
Proponents say that the New Age will bring to an end a major section in the
history of the human race, and with it, all of the assumptions and values
associated with the Old Age. This will mark the start of a brand new period of
human development. Other folks refer to the writings of Nostradamus,
archaic oriental predictions, and also books of the Scripture as reason for
doomsday scare.

      So just what does the Word of god say about 2012? Does the bible go
along with the 2012 Mayan prophecy? Christ gave prophecies whenever
asked about the end of days as well as the indicators regarding his second
coming in the book of Matthew, chapter 24. He asserted that a great deal of
strange events may occur immediately before His returning. There is going to
be starvation, battles and rumors of wars, religious deception, plagues,
famine, and natural catastrophes like earthquakes all bringing about the time
of Great Tribulation. If it won't be stopped, individuals will end up being on
the verge of annihilating just about every living thing on this planet. Then he
spoke of the heavenly signs and his marvelous and amazing return.

      So, will we die in 2012? Christ told his disciples that no one knows the
precise day that the end will come except his father. Not even the so and the
angels in paradise know the exact hour and day, contradicting the Mayan
2012 prediction.

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