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Is it A 2012 Conspiracy Theory? - What WIll Happen In 2012? by MartyKravitz83


									      Really, what is going to take place in the year 2012? Will it be
the conclusion of the whole world as huge amounts of its human
inhabitants know it? A lot of individuals are mindful or have read
about the Mayan calendar that finishes on the longest night of the
year (winter solstice) which happens to be December 21, 2012,
however, not too many people genuinely understand what it means
or just how it'll happen. Some believe in the 2012 conspiracy theory
that claims that it's all buzz designed to create business. You can not
really blame them. After all, you can see plenty of marketing people
trying to make some quick money from the end of the world scare
whether on or off-line. Despite the fact that no one can tell without a
doubt what's going to take place in the year Twenty-twelve, it always
really helps to be equipped for just about any eventuality.

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     So, what on earth is the world ending in 2012 theory exactly
about? With respect to the Mayans, 2012 pertains to the last year in
the Long Count Mayan calendar, which unfortunately a number of
people believe to really imply the end of the modern world as the
year could bring about shifts the world population has not witnessed
in the past. These changes will bring about the total devastation of
the planet earth. Numerous views nonetheless, vary. The dissenters
claim that even though huge transformations will usher in a new age,
our society will not automatically disappear. What will happen in the
year 2012 will probably just be similar to the period when the ruling
dinosaurs were wiped out from the face of the world. The actual
survivors will start off a brand new world order just like those who
lived through the dinosaur age did thousands of years ago. For the
Mayans, 2012 is in fact the end of a Great Period which is actually a
day of big celebration for them. If the ancient Mayans had been
actually planning to celebrate on that day, then just how can
individuals claim that they are predicting the planet's demise? This
in some way adds credence to the theory that it is all part of a
conspiracy theory.

      Although there have been a great number of ebooks written
about the world ending in 2012 theory, almost nothing much is
alleged on how it'll really happen. Many references are made to the
Mayan calendar, Nostradamus's claims, world's mass devastation,
changing of the earth's poles, and also the reversal of its magnetic
fields although not many details is available on what specifically
these kinds of phenomena mean and what adverse effects they can
possibly bring about. This is probably because nobody can tell what
will take place in the year 2012.

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