The End Of The World May Be Upon Us - is the world really going to end in 2012?

					If you've gathered sufficient information relating to the predicted end
of the world in 2012, you almost certainly got into the subject of the
Mayan Society. To understand the significance and the essence of the
Mayan Calendar which is actually the object which supposedly
discloses the date of the end of the entire world, you need to first
understand how the Mayans lived.

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      The Mayan Civilization was around within the Pre-Classic Era.
Nearly all of their influence has been related to their art work,
authored language, architecture, and most important is definitely
astronomy and also math. Considered as the astronomers within the
Pre-Classic Period, Mayans seem to have acquired an excellent
technological know-how when compared to other civilizations of the
Pre-Classic time period. They have demonstrated just how good they
are with regards to the stars by presenting their skill in astrology.
This is the way Mayans developed their personal calendar based on
their knowledge of astronomy and helped these individuals come up
with the Mayan Calendar.

     Believed to be one of the most refined calendars in history, it
forecasted that the end of the earth will fall in the winter solstice at
the end the Long period which unfortunately will be Dec 21, 2012.
Since they determined upcoming events by simply looking at the
heavens, they built an observatory structure referred to as, The
Pyramid of Kukulkan. The Mayans actually are the ones who are
responsible for measuring Venus cycles and forecasting future
clashes and battles. Mayan astronomers calculated the Venus cycle
correctly by simply doing a very careful observation of the
phenomena over the years. Known as the Morning and Evening Star,
the position of the planet Venus was visible throughout both
occasions which in turn helped the Mayans plan when to be able to
begin a conflict.

     Is society genuinely going to end in 2012? The reply is possibly
and maybe not. However the real question behind this is, will you
prepare for your success once the end of the world occurs on
December 21, 2012? Are you going to look for emergency manuals
that will prepare you and also your loved ones? I hope so, otherwise
you may be in for a rough trip.

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