2012 end of the world predictions by MartyKravitz83


									     2012 predictions aren't mentioned in the media very much.
unlike the year 200 scare, the state keep mum regarding it. Having
said that, the governments of foreign countries world wide are
working out methods to face the realization that 2012 end of the
world could be upon us.

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     The government is using Vigilant Shield to be prepared for a
massive disaster larger than what FEMA is capable of holding.
Political figures via Norway are building a vault meant for
"doomsday". This is created on the far island of Svalbard in
expectations that plants might still be available in the event the
planet is destroyed. Russia is developing a large task around the
Yamantau Mountains. This, supposedly, has the capacity to store a
group of 66,000 human beings.

    Everyone seems to be tempted to ask - is the globe gonna end in
twenty twelve? These are merely the claims that are unverified.
Rumours have it that in Yucca Mountain, a place in Nevada, that the
U.S government is working below ground. In lieu of all of this, The
Government or any other government, for that matter, can not do
almost anything to survive 2012.

     The past decade's natural disasters have destroyed many human
beings and left the survivors homeless. You have the tsunami that
struck many continents. Hurricane Katrina, China and Afghanistan
snow storms, Myanmar's Cyclone, Iceland volcano eruptions,
Philippine typhoons, in addition to the deadly tsunami that struck
Japan a short while ago. Government could not prevent these natural
disasters from occuring and they can't prevent a 2012 doomsday
catastrophe from happening either.

      2012 predictions usually are scary. many are convinced that the
2012 end of the world theory may happen. Comets will hit the globe.
The galaxies will line up, and flares from the sun's rays will shut off
all the lights. This is just one of the many popular theories. The Holy
bible itself had given its forewarning, though symbolically. The
Book of Revelation, as the actual title signifies, states that judgments
will undoubtedly be launched on the earth. these particular
judgments have been intrepeted as drought's, extreme temperatures,
and other natural disasters.. Nevertheless the main question still
continues to be - is the world going to end in 2012? No one can
genuinely know that for sure, so the ideal thing to do is just simply
sit back and take pleasure in what time you do have left.

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