Dont ask why will the world end in 2012 - ya dont wanna know by MartyKravitz83


									     The idea of the world ending is definitely frightening enough to
be able to give you nightmares through the night. You could ask,
why is the whole world ending in 2012? According to the Mayan
calendar, the earth will finish on December 21, 2012.

Exactly why does the Mayan calendar end in 2012? The Mayans
were people interested in astronomy and so they created their
calendar in line with the cycle of events occurring in the solar
system. These people utilized this particular calendar to prepare for
whatever was to come by coordinating solar and lunar events, and
also alignment of planets together with the stars. It so happenes that
Dec 21, 2012, will be the end day of the Mayan calendar. In
addition, in this Winter Solstice, an extremely uncommon
occurrence can happen. Will 2012 be the end of the world?

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Really, if folks think about the complete destruction of the entire
world as the conclusion of the world, then your answer is simply no.
the answer to the question of why does the Mayan calendar end in
2012, is because the patterns they've made while following the
location of the planets and also other heavenly bodies. This doesn't
imply though that whenever that calendar ends, the modern world is
going to additionally end. If you are still asking exactly why is the
earth ending in 2012, then you better understand the meaning of
"end". End is just not certain obliteration or comprehensive
devastation for that matter. It could actually mean the final outcome
of a particular stage along with the beginning of some other age. It is
the arrival of the New World Order.

Exactly what the world is encountering will be the organic reaction
of the world to the destruction man is mainly responsible for to the
atmosphere. They say the end could come as a wicked cold event,
others say intense high temperatures from the sun. Considering the
fact that you do not know what's most likely to happen, plan for the
very worst case predicament. With a 2012 Survival Guide, you will
find the very best tips to survive the worst temperature that might hit
the world. It'll show you the best method to outlast the freezing cold
and the scorching high temperatures from the sun's rays. Moreover, a
great 2012 Tactical Manual has the most realistic tricks to generate
your own water, crank out your own personal power, protect your
family, and lists of the common items in your home to enable you to
make it.

     So stop asking exactly why is the world ending in 2012 or why
does the Mayan calendar stop in 2012. Ask what to do in order to

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