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					Is 2012 truly the end of the world? This is a question that a great many folks are
asking. Most people are cynical, but you will still find a lot of people that believe
in this. There are many that feel that it is unusual there many of the end of the
world 2012 theories that all coincide in 2012, numerous folks simply think that
these things are just a strong reason to believe all these prophecies and theories

       What are some of the most popular end of the world in 2012 theories? The
Mayan calendars, Nostradamus prophecies and Mother Shipton?s prophecies are
just some of these prophecies that have coincided the with 2012 end of the world

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      The Mayan calendars talk of the Great Cycle that ends in December 21,
2012 and the interest in this prophecy may be assigned to the simple fact that a
motion picture is based upon it.Nostradamus was well known for his exact
prophecies, yet he was mocked for all his incorrect ones. It might be not related,
however he once made a prediction that the Pacific Ocean would dry up in 1991.
Having said that, he might have also predicted the 9/11 disaster that shook the
entire world.
Mother Shipton is likewise one interesting character. Born Ursula Sontheil,
Mother Shipton was born inside a cave, and was offered up for adoption whenever
her mom found out that she was a child of the devil himself. The woman predicted
that half of the modern world would die in the current times, nevertheless no
person knows precisely how or the reason why she is connected with the end of
the world 2012 theories.

Whether it was only the scholars making or if perhaps these individuals actually
intended for the world to find out the world is ending in 2012, one can't truly
know. These prophecies were made for some purpose, but you cannot be sure if
they were designed to tell us of the planet's impending doom or even were put here
as a red herring.

        So, is 2012 truly the end of the world? A few say that the modern world will
end in fire, a few say it will end in ice. This straightforward paradox demonstrates
no one is truly sure in regards to what will occur around the globe and exactly how
it'll end. One might always make a prediction of a time and date about the world's
end, but what good is it to find out that it is ending? How you save your body or
your spirit is the thing that matters considerably more, and it is something which a
lot of people neglect to see.

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