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Alternative Scoliosis Treatment


Have you heard of “Alternative Scoliosis Treatment”? It does exist even though your orthopedic never mentioned it.

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									                                 Alternative Scoliosis Treatment

Have you heard of “Alternative Scoliosis Treatment”? It does exist even though your
orthopedic never mentioned it.

Alternative scoliosis treatment has been around for many years. In fact, it was around before
scoliosis surgery and scoliosis braces came into existence. In the olden day alternative scoliosis
treatment entailed various apparatuses pushing and pulling your spine straighter. Today,
alternative scoliosis treatment is more evolved and has gained wider acceptance by patients
and garnered the attention of the scientific community. Alternative scoliosis treatment enjoys
a greater following today in part due to failed or mixed results attained through scoliosis
surgery and scoliosis bracing and satisfying results obtained from conventional options in
alternative scoliosis treatment.

Neuro-muscular re-education, an alternative scoliosis treatment of choice, changing the way
we think about Scoliosis...

A growing body of evidence supports the efficacy of specialized scoliosis treatment
programs of Neuro-muscular rehabilitation. Scoliosis Boot Camp is one of those highly
sought out alternative scoliosis treatment that has at its root Neuro-muscular
rehabilitation. Scoliosis Boot Camp places a significant emphasis on the brains
communication with the muscles. In essence Scoliosis Boot Camp's emphasis on neuro-
muscular rehabilitation, 're-maps' the way the brain communicates with the muscles.
This re-mapping corrects the signals the brain sends to the muscles resulting in
permanent reduction in the scoliotic curve.

A closer look at Scoliosis BootCamp...

Scoliosis BootCamp is a 10-day alternative scoliosis treatment designed for curves greater than
25. It aims to reposition your spine by first, loosening and lengthening your spinal tissue, then
re-mapping your neurological system (i.e., changes the signals - "straighter spine", the brain
sends to the muscles) and finally retaining this re-mapping.

Aside from Scoliosis Boot Camp, other forms of alternative scoliosis treatment include yoga,
spinal manipulation, and APOS. Each of these enjoy a greater following from patients with
smaller scoliotic curves. The benefits from these forms of Alternative Scoliosis Treatment range
from pain reduction to scoliosis stabilization.
Yoga has been widely used by adults largely for its effectiveness in pain management. As Yoga
helps to strengthen postural muscles, it could also help to slow the progression of scoliosis
while mitigating pain.

Spinal manipulation is another popular form of alternative scoliosis treatment. It is mainly
sought out by adults for its pain management efficacy.

Another alternative scoliosis treatment that is gaining a following today is the APOS system.
Known for its effectiveness in treating knee pain, APOS system is most recently being sought
out for scoliosis. While research is pending, APOS practitioners claim it changes your gait
which helps to stabilize your scoliosis but, it does not correct the curve. It is also claimed to
help with pain.

 Alternative Scoliosis treatment has been around even before scoliosis surgery or scoliosis
bracing came into existence and it is safe to say that it will play an even larger role in the
treatment of scoliosis in the future. The alternative scoliosis treatment option you choose
depends on your goals, age, nature and size of your scoliotic curve among other factors. What
is important to note is that you have options - GOOD alternative scoliosis treatment options...
BETTER than Bracing...SAFER than surgery... and, that is GREAT NEWS!

About the Author:

Treating offers alternatives to scoliosis surgery when treating scoliosis of the
spine in adults and children. To learn more about scoliosis exercise please visit

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