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									                                Kellam Sports Hall of Fame
                         Nomination Form for August 2010 Induction
                            (Nominations due by May, 1, 2010)
To nominate someone for the Hall of Fame, please complete the information below and
return to:

Mail: Kellam Sports Hall of Fame                       Fax: (757)427-6265
      Kellam High School                                      or
      2323 Holland Road                                E-mail:
      Virginia Beach, Va. 23453

Criteria for Consideration – Nominees will be considered for induction five years after they have
graduated from high school. Criteria 1 & 2 below must be met by all potential inductees. At least one of
criteria 3 – 6 should also be met.

    1.       The individual must have been a member of a sports team at Kellam.
    2.       The individual must represent themselves and this institution in a positive manner.
    3.       A State or National Champion in an individual sport.
    4.       A First team All-American at the high school or collegiate level.
    5.       Participation at the highest level of a sport.
    6.       An Olympian.

Nomination Form
Complete name of the nominee including a maiden name if applicable.


Phone # ____________________________ e-mail ______________________________

Dates attended Kellam ____________________________

High School Graduation : Year ___________              School _______________________

Member of what Sport(s) teams at Kellam?


Explanation of criteria above that is met. (Please use the back of form or additional paper if more space is

Form submitted by: _______________________________              Phone #: ________________

Address: _______________________________________________

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