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									James A. Garfield
    Joshua Bizily

      1831 - 1881
                James A. Garfield
                      Personal Facts

   James A. Garfield was born on
    November 19, 1831 in Orange
    Township, Ohio.
   His father, Abram Garfield, lived
   His mother, Eliza Ballou Garfield,
    lived 1801-1888.
   He had one brother and two
               James A. Garfield
                    Personal Facts

   In 1858 James married
    Lucretia Rudolph.
   They had five sons and
    two daughters.
                 James A. Garfield
   James A. Garfield went to
    many schools. He went to
    Geauga Academy, Western
    Reserve Eclectic Institute, and
    Williams College.
   He worked at odd jobs to earn
    money to stay in school. He
    taught grade school during his
    school breaks.
   He was elected president of
    the Philogian Society, a literary
   On August 7, 1856, he
    graduated with honors.
                 James A. Garfield

   In 1862, James Garfield was
    elected to the U.S. House of
   He took over Abraham Lincoln’s
    spot in the Senate in 1880.
   He was elected twentieth
    president of the United States
    and was president from March
    – September of 1881.
                 James A. Garfield
   James A. Garfield made excellent
    speeches for the new Republican
   He helped Abraham Lincoln get
    elected in 1860.
   He had a successful military
    career and became a major
   He recruited many people for the
    Civil War.
   He and his men won the battle that
    made the South retreat.
   He fought to end slavery in the
    South, like Martin Luther King.
                 James A. Garfield
              Other Interesting Facts

   James A. Garfield was
    assassinated after only 4
    months as president.
   He had the second shortest
    term as president in the
    history of the United States.
   He was the first left handed
   He could write in Greek with
    the right hand and in Latin
    with the left hand at the
    same time.
                   James A. Garfield
               Other Interesting Facts

   James A. Garfield was only
    2 years old when his
    father died.
   He was the last president
    born in a log cabin.
   The James A. Garfield
    National Historic Site is
    located in Mentor, Ohio.
    James A. Garfield
1831 - Born November 19

1833 – Father dies

1856 - Graduates from college

1858 – Gets married & elected to Ohio Senate

1862 – Elected to U.S. House of Representatives

1880 – Elected to U.S. Senate; wins nomination for
1881 – Shot by assassin and dies
      James A. Garfield
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Garfield by Robin S. Doak

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