James-Madison by dandanhuanghuang


									     James Madison
4th President of the U.S.
“Father of the Constitution”
      (1809-1817) 2 TERMS

                "If men were angels, no
                government would be
                necessary."             -
                James Madison
         James Madison
• Born in 1751 in VA (oldest of 12)
• Studied @ Princeton; never passed the
• Married Dolley Payne Todd (widow
  when she married Madison)
• For marrying Madison, a non-Quaker, Dolley was
  expelled from the Society of Friends
• They had no children – she had son
  from 1st marriage
• Lived @ Montpelier after Pres.
• Wrote most of Constitution;
  Wrote over 1/3 of Federalist
• Formed Dem-Rep party (w/Jeff.)
• Helped begin War of 1812
• 2nd Bank of the U.S., strong
  military, & high tariff
• First Pres. to wear trousers
  instead of knee breeches
The Federalist Papers –
 Collection of 85 essay
 that serve as the
 primary source for
 interpreting the
Dolley Madison
Present day Montpelier, undergoing construction
Who wants to be a millionaire?

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