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									c i v i l a n d e n v i r o n m e n t a l e n g i n e e r i n g d e pa r t m e n t

                                     CEE 2010       d e pa r t m e n t n e w s
Civil and Environmental Engineering

                                                 message From the chair
                                                 Hello again from the CEE Department. This newsletter is the second one
                                                 since I became Chair, and we have a bit more than a year of news to report.
                                                 As most of you probably know, we lost Dr. Richard Honrath last Spring in
                                                 a kayaking accident on the Silver River. His memorial is described in the
                                                 newsletter. Mr. Ed Haltenhoff was recently posthumously inducted into the
                                                 Construction Hall of Fame.
                                                 Our Concrete Canoe team, which many of you helped sponsor, was first,
                                                 by a significant margin, in the regional competition and came in fourth in
                                                 the national competition at San Luis Obispo, CA. Congratulations to all
                                                 involved, and thanks to all of you who helped fund the team.
                                                 Each year we give out a number of student awards and scholarships, some of
                                                 which we describe here. We also profile faculty who have received awards.
                                                 Last summer we inducted six new members into the Academy of Civil and
  department chair dr. william Bulleit           Environmental Engineers, bringing the total membership in the Academy
                                                 to 99 alumni. We will have the next induction ceremony in August of 2011.
                                                 A few members of our Academy are profiled: Burd Hikes for a posthumous
  table of contents                              donation to the Department, Helm Wilden for the PCI Medal of Honor, and
                                                 Tom Healy for a fish, a big fish.
   04      new Faculty
           strategic Hiring initiative           We also thank all our donors since the last newsletter. The Department funds
                                                 important activities with the use of alumni donations. Among the activities
   06      Faculty awards                        that are funded in part by donations are student competitions, undergraduate
                                                 scholarships, graduate fellowships, the Student Success Center (a place
   07      student awards                        for students to gather to help each other study and learn about civil and
                                                 environmental engineering), International Senior Design, and some of our
                                                 maintenance and repair of teaching and research equipment. So, enjoy this
   08      student competitions                  newsletter, and I will report back to you in the next newsletter sooner than
                                                 a year from now. Thanks for your interest and support of the Department of
                                                 Civil and Environmental Engineering at Michigan Tech.
   10      academy of civil and
           environmental engineers

   13      cee donor recognition

   15      department information                William M. Bulleit
                                                 Department Chair
   On the Cover
   spanning the straits of mackinac
   between lake michigan and lake Huron,         Haltenhoff Inducted to Michigan Construction Hall of Fame
   “the mighty mac” suspension bridge
   has connected the lower and Upper                                     The late Charles Edwin “Ed” Haltenhoff was
   peninsulas of michigan since november                                 inducted to the Michigan Construction Hall of Fame
   1, 1957. in 2010, asce has designated                                 in July 2009. Ed was a faculty member in the Civil
   the bridge a national Historic civil                                  and Environmental Engineering Department from
   engineering landmark. the ceremony for                                1980-1996. Prior to joining the Michigan Tech
   this historic designation was august 12,                              faculty he had a long career in the construction
   2010 at the bridge view park in st. ignace.                           industry with Elzinga & Volkers. He made major
   photo by robert de Jonge                                              contributions to the construction of the Mackinac                                                 Bridge and later was a Midwest leader for the
                                                                         development of the CM project delivery system.
dr. richard e. Honrath memorial, 1961—2009
                             Dr. Richard Honrath, a member of the Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty
                             since 1992, died in April 2009 in a tragic kayak accident. Richard came to Michigan
                             Tech after completing his Ph.D. at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. In the
                             seventeen years that he spent at Michigan Tech, he built an Atmospheric Sciences
                             program that received international recognition. He did ground breaking work in
                             his field on the understanding of intercontinental pollutant transport by establishing
                             an Atmospheric Sciences observatory on the remote Pico Mountain in the Azores.
                             He also did important work on understanding the photochemical production of
                             atmospheric nitrogen oxides at a research site in Greenland. His work in the Azores
                             and Greenland earned him the Michigan Tech Research Award in 2006. Richard also
                             dedicated his time to the education and mentoring of students and worked to establish
                             Michigan Tech’s atmospheric sciences doctoral program.
Outside his professional life, Richard was an avid outdoorsman spending time hiking, Nordic skiing, biking, and
whitewater kayaking. His death is a tragedy for his family, students, friends, and colleagues. He is survived by
his wife, Lori, son Ramey, and daughter Prabha.
To honor Richard and to support his vision of scholarship, a memorial fund has been established. This fund will
be used to support the annual Richard E. Honrath Memorial Lecture. Lecturers will be internationally recognized
scholars in the arena of Atmospheric Sciences who will interact substantially with graduate students during their
visit. Donations may be made to the Richard E. Honrath Memorial Fund through the Michigan Tech Fund website:

Civil and Environmental Engineering

       new Faculty
                                         Jennifer Becker
                                         Dr. Jennifer Becker joined the Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty
                                         as an Associate Professor in January, 2010. Her area of research and teaching
                                         interests focus on biological treatment processes in environmental engineering.
                                         Specifically, her research interests include: the biodegradation, microbial ecology,
                                         and bioremediation of chlorinated organic groundwater contaminants; bioenergy
                                         production using microbial processes; and the recovery and reuse of agricultural,
                                         municipal, and industrial waste products. Dr. Becker will teach classes in the
                                         area of environmental engineering including water and wastewater treatment and
                                         biological treatment processes.
                                          Dr. Becker has a Ph.D. in environmental engineering from Northwestern University
                                          and environmental engineering degrees from Michigan Tech and the University of
                                          Illinois at Urbana. She was previously an Associate Professor at the University of
       Maryland and is the recipient of several national awards including: the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists
       and Engineers (PECASE); National Science Foundation CAREER Award; Water Environment Federation (WEF)
       Robert A. Canham Award; and the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP)/
       Montgomery Watson Harza Master’s Thesis Award (both as an advisor and as a student). Dr. Becker has been
       the Principal Investigator on nearly $1 Million of sponsored research, and her peer-reviewed papers have been
       published in Environmental Science & Technology, Applied and Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology and
       Bioengineering, and other scientific and engineering journals. Dr. Becker is a member of the American Society for
       Engineering Education, American Society for Microbiology, Association of Environmental Engineering and Science
       Professors, and WEF. Currently she serves as the Chair of the Awards Committee for AEESP.

                                         Eric Seagren
                                         Dr. Eric Seagren joined the Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty as an
                                         Associate Professor in January, 2010. His area of expertise is environmental
                                         biotechnology, with specific research interests including; in situ bioremediation
                                         of contaminated subsurface environments, monitoring and evaluation of the
                                         performance of biological treatment processes, development of in situ biological
                                         treatment systems for urban storm water runoff, innovative reuse of waste
                                         materials, and in situ improvement of soils properties via microbially-mediated
                                         processes. He will teach classes in the area of environmental engineering, water
                                         and wastewater treatment, and biological treatment processes.
                                         Dr. Seagren was previously an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland.
                                         He has a baccalaureate degree in civil engineering from the University of
                                         Nebraska-Lincoln, an MS degree in Sanitary Engineering from Iowa State
       University, and a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr.
       Seagren has been involved as a principal or co-principal investigator in environmental engineering projects funded
       by over $1.1M, including a National Science Foundation CAREER Award in 2001, and has authored or co-authored
       one book, 5 book chapters, 20 peer reviewed journal articles, and 33 presentations at professional meetings. He is
       a member of five professional societies (American Society of Civil Engineers, American Society for Engineering
       Education, American Society for Microbiology, Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors,
       and the Water Environment Federation), and was previously an Associate Editor for the Journal of Environmental
       Engineering (2000-2004).

                                  R. Andrew Swartz
                                  Dr. R. Andrew Swartz joined the Civil and Environmental faculty as an Assistant
                                  Professor in January, 2010. His area of teaching interest is structural engineering
                                  including: undergraduate-level structural analysis and design courses, as well as
                                  graduate-level structural dynamics courses.
                                  His research is focused in the area of smart structural technologies for wireless
                                  monitoring of civil infrastructure systems. He has developed a wireless monitoring
                                  system for data collection, embedded data interrogation, active sensing, and control.
                                  The result of these efforts is the Narada wireless sensing system which is a wireless
                                  sensing system developed specifically for dense installation in civil structures.
                                  To date, Narada has been field validated for data collection, embedded system
                                  identification, and structural health monitoring on bridges in the U.S., Taiwan, and
                                  Korea, in addition to wind turbines in Germany.
Dr. Swartz recently completed his Ph.D. in civil engineering from the University of Michigan. He has a baccalaureate
degree in civil engineering from the Michigan Tech, and MS degrees in electrical and civil engineering from the
University of Michigan. He has received numerous awards including: Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute
(GESI) Fellow (2008), Best student paper award: SPIE 11th International Symposium on Nondestructive Evaluation
for Health Monitoring and Diagnostics (2006), and Dare-to-Dream Entrepreneurship Opportunity Grant (2006). He
has published a book chapter, eight technical and peer reviewed papers, and numerous conference proceedings in his
academic career.

strategic Faculty Hiring initiative
SFHI faculty hires are intended to cut across academic disciplines to focus on a research theme. The search for faculty
specializing in sustainability was conducted during the 2008-09 Academic year. One of those new hires has a partial ap-
pointment with the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.

                                  Shiliang Wu
                                  Shiliang Wu, joined Michigan Tech in 2009 as an Assistant Professor with a joint
                                  appointment in the Departments of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences
                                  and Civil and Environmental Engineering. Dr. Wu completed his Ph.D. at Harvard
                                  University in Atmospheric Chemistry and was one of the first faculty members hired
                                  in the cross disciplinary sustainability initiative. His research focuses on atmospheric
                                  chemistry, air quality and global environmental change. Since joining Michigan
                                  Tech, he has been awarded a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Early
                                  Career Award, receiving $299,596 from the EPA to investigate the effects of changing
                                  land use and land cover on atmospheric chemistry and air quality. He is also co-
                                  investigator with a team of Michigan Tech researchers who received $452,000 last fall
                                  to study the impact of climate change on wildfires and the resulting impact on human
                                  health. He has recently been named a winner of the 2010 Ralph E. Powe Junior
                                  Faculty Enhancement Award given annually by Oak Ridge Associated Universities
                                  (ORAU) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

       Faculty awards
                                   Rudolph Hering Medal
                                   The Rudolph Hering Medal was instituted in 1924 by the American Society of Civil
                                   Engineers, in honor of Rudolph Hering, past Vice President of the Society. The award
                                   is made annually by ASCE to the author or authors of the paper which contains the most
                                   valuable contribution to the increase in knowledge in, and to the advancement of, the
                                   environmental branch of the engineering profession.
                                   Dr. David Hand and Dr. Alex Mayer received the 2009 Rudolph Hering Medal for their
                                   paper, “Equilibrium versus Nonequilibrium Treatment Modeling in the Optimal Design
                                   of Pump-and-Treat Groundwater Remediation Systems”, Journal of Environmental
              dr. david Hand       Engineering, August 2007.

                                   Mayer Receives Distinguished Service Award
                                   Professor Alex Mayer received the Michigan Tech 2009            Howard E. Hill
                                   Distinguished Service Award. Mayer was cited for                Outstanding Faculty
                                   forging collaborations that cross disciplinary boundaries,      of the Year Award
                                   particularly in his quest to enhance teaching and research
                                   and to expand awareness of water-related issues.
                                  His projects range from a study of the local Huron Creek
                                  watershed to a $1 million National Science Foundation
                                  study of water as a material in the Great Lakes region.
            professor alex mayer  His international outreach has extended to Mexico, Cuba
       and Vietnam, and he has brought more Latino, Native American and female students
       to campus by appealing to their interest in water resources. One of his graduate
       students was chosen by the US State Department to meet with then-President George
       W. Bush because of his and Mayer’s extraordinary efforts to solve water problems in
                                                                                                          dr. devin Harris
       northern Mexico.
       “He is truly dedicated to raising awareness about problems of water quality and             Dr. Devin Harris was
       quantity in several regions throughout the world,” wrote Agustin Robles Morua, a PhD        awarded the 2009
       student who came to Michigan Tech after graduating from the University of Sonora in         Howard E. Hill award
       Mexico. He credited Mayer for securing funding that allowed him to pursue a graduate        for Outstanding Faculty
       degree here.                                                                                of the Year by the
                                                                                                   students of the Civil
       As the founding Director for the Center for Water and Society, Mayer has brought
                                                                                                   and Environmental
       together students and faculty from several diverse units to address complex water
                                                                                                   Engineering Department.
       resources problems. Mayer said it’s essential to involve people from other fields in
                                                                                                   Dr. Harris teaches classes
       water-quality work. “I learned in Mexico that the technical part is easy,” he said. More
                                                                                                   in the area of structural
       than developing an engineering solution to a problem, it’s important to understand what
       people want and what laws and rules govern what they do. “You can build a wonderful
       sewage treatment plant,” he said, “but if the community’s priorities are elsewhere, it
       won’t be maintained.” Building those interdisciplinary coalitions can be challenging.
       “Pushing disciplines together is really hard,” Mayer said. “You have to work to
       encourage people to respect each other.”

student awards
                               2009 Graduate Excellence Award
                               Melanie Kueber, a doctoral candidate in the Civil and Environmental Engineering
                               Department, was recognized for her graduate excellence as the University Transportation
                               Center Student of the Year. This award is presented at the annual Transportation Research
                               Board meeting in Washington, D.C. in January. Ms. Kueber was also awarded the Danielle
                               F. Ladwig award for graduate excellence. This award is made annually to a graduate level
                               civil or environmental engineering student in recognition of outstanding achievement
                               in academics, research, and service, in memory of our friend and colleague, Danielle F.
                               Ladwig. This award is accompanied by the Pati Damoder and Soumitri Reddy $1500
       melanie Kueber          Graduate Fellowship.

2009 Graduate Teaching                         Asphalt Paving Association             Dan’s Excavating
Assistant of the Year                          of Michigan (APAM)                     Scholarship Awarded
                        This award is voted    Awarded three departmental             Amanda Malburg was awarded
                        on by the students     students $2000 scholarships. The       a $2500 scholarship by Dan’s
                        of the Civil and       awards were presented at the           Excavating of Shelby Township.
                        Environmental          December 10 meeting in Lansing.
                                               • Stephanie Pepin
                        Department and
                                               • Tristram Hokenson
                        presented at the end
                                               • Baron Colbert
                        of Spring semester.
    drew walter

Student Scholarships
Through the generous gifts of alumni and friends to various annual and endowed scholarships a number of departmental
students are able to be supported for part of their tuition expense. The scholarships for 2009-10 are listed below:
Katherine M Bosch Memorial                                    Charles J. Mathy Sr. Endowed Scholarship
Katherine R. Waring                                           Evan C. Johnson
David Froster                                                 Frank Monasa Endowed Scholarship
Carolyn J. Lahti                                              Sean M. Palo
Eryk J. Anderson
                                                              Moore & Bruggink Endowed Scholarship
Martin and Evon Easling Engineering                           Michael J. Urena
Seth D. Woolcott                                              Ernest Orchard Endowed Scholarship
                                                              Hans P. Haapala
Charles Geoffrey Kellogg Endowed Scholarship
Mark J. Koivisto                                              Joseph and Joellen Post Endowed Scholarship
                                                              Adam M. Wenneman
Frank Larson Endowed Scholarship
Hampton B. Waring                                             Pati Damoder & Soumitri Reddy Scholarship
                                                              David Keleher
A A Mathews Endowed Scholarship
Damian G. Wallner                                             Timothy E. Sandene Endowed Memorial
Amie L. Mathy Endowed Scholarship                             Cory J. Niemela
Tyler W. Fincher
Troy J. Mackey                                                UP Road Builders Endowed Memorial
Timothy B. Nygard                                             Michael A. Carpenter
Joshua J. Steffeck                                            Ryan L. Patrick
Steve B. Moilanen                                             Megan R. Smith
Anthony R. Oxley                                              Kevin A. Roell
Brian S. Fabbri                                               Basil Vagin Endowed Scholarship
Bryan A. Swanson                                              Eric B. Kisly                                                7
Civil and Environmental Engineering

      student competitions
      Heavy Construction Competition – Great Lakes Region
      A team of six Michigan Tech students placed second in the Associated Schools of
      Construction Great Lakes Region Student Competition, Heavy/Civil Division held
      in Downers Grove, IL. The team, comprised of members of the Pavement Design
      Construction and Materials Enterprise, were required to complete a construction
      proposal in 16 hours using only their knowledge and what they brought with them.
      The project proposal was for the construction of a highway intersection in Texas
      that was constructed by Kiewit Construction, Texas District. Members of the actual
      project and administration team were the judges. Dr. Kris Mattila was the team
      advisor and traveled to the competition with them. Team members included Derek
      Weichlein (Team Captain), Whitney Schoep, Nathan Comstock, Ryan Patrick,
      Steffanie Pepin and Ben Kohler.

      Building a Better Latrine
      USEPA’s P3: People, Prosperity,
      and the Planet Sustainability Design
      Dr. David Watkins, Associate
      Professor of Civil and Environmental
      Engineering, led a team of
      undergraduates as part of a two-
      semester senior design project on
      a study to improve ventilated pit
      toilets. With the help of funding
      from the USEPA, the six-member
      team constructed a full-size ‘mock’
      pit toilet and installed high-
      tech meteorological and airflow
      measurement equipment to better
      understand the factors affecting         michigan tech p3 team at their campus test site
      ventilation. The team will use this
      data to validate a fluid dynamics        may provide secondary benefits in                 co-advisors are Kurt Paterson, Civil
      simulation model of the toilet,          places like the U.P., by making the               and Environmental Engineering,
      which will allow them to quickly         ‘latrine experience’ less offensive.              and Donna Michalek, Mechanical
      analyze various design alternatives.     The work will have immediate                      Engineering and Engineering
      In addition, with the help of Peace      applications with Michigan Tech’s                 Mechanics.
      Corps Master’s International             continuing international outreach                 P3 Student Team Members:
      students overseas, survey data is        through Engineers Without Borders
                                                                                                 • Craig Gossen (Mechanical)
      being collected to better understand     and the Peace Corps Master’s
                                                                                                 • Krissy Guzak (Environmental)
      reasons why people prefer one type       International program.
                                                                                                 • Cara Hanson (Environmental)
      of sanitation technology over another.   The team received an honorable
                                                                                                 • Kim Landick (Environmental)
      The goal of the project is to improve    mention at the USEPA’s P3:
      health in low-income communities         People, Prosperity, and the Planet                • Stefan Marek (Mechanical)
      by increasing access and use of basic    Sustainability Design Competition in              • Ashley Thode (Civil)
      sanitation technology. The project       Washington, D.C. in April. Project
Concrete Canoe Sweeps Regional—
and takes 4th at the National Competition
                                                                                     plastic mold. The team began to line
                                                                                     the mold with three thin layers of
                                                                                     custom-made concrete sandwiched
                                                                                     together with two layers of carbon
                                                                                     fiber. This year the aggregate was
                                                                                     composed of 100% recycled glass
                                                                                     and ceramic spheres (the rules
                                                                                     only required that 50 percent of the
                                                                                     aggregate be recycled). After curing
                                                                                     the three-eighths-inch-thick hull for
                                                                                     a month, they spent 200 man hours
                                                                                     sanding it smooth. The 20-foot
                                                                                     canoe is 31 inches wide and weighs
                                                                                     160 pounds.
                                                                                     The team was advised by department
                                                                                     alumnus, Bill Baxandall. “They
The 2010 American Society of Civil         and coed sprint. The women’s team         are outstanding,” Baxandall
Engineers North-Central Regional           not only beat all of the other female     commented. “They represented the
Competition was held March 26-28           entries in all races, they beat all the   University with first-class style at the
at Western Michigan University, in         male teams in the endurance race          competition. They are all a credit to
Kalamazoo. The CEE Department              (except Tech’s) as well.                  Michigan Tech.”
had both a Steel Bridge and a                                                        Team leaders and directors are Ryan
                                           The team co-captain, Jon Zalud
Concrete Canoe team participating                                                    Hoensheid, senior co-captain; Jon
                                           credited practice for their
in the competition. Unfortunately,                                                   Zalud, junior co-captain; Amanda
                                           performance. “In the fall, we were
the Steel Bridge team was                                                            Malburg, safety director; Lars
                                           out on the Portage three times a
disqualified. However, the Concrete                                                  Leemkuil, mix design; and Katie
                                           week, and once the ice comes in,
Canoe team paddled their way to a                                                    Zimmerman, aesthetics.
                                           around Thanksgiving, we paddle
resounding victory.
                                           around the pool in the SDC,” he said.     The regional victory qualified the
The team took first place in three         All told, the team logged about 1,500     team to attend the ASCE National
of the competitions four categories,       hours practicing in regular canoes        Concrete Canoe Competition, held
paper, display and racing, and             before they put their concrete model      June 17-19 at California Polytechnic
finished second in the presentation.       in the water.                             University, in San Luis Obispo. They
In particular, the team shined in the                                                pulled off a 4th place overall and
                                           The team redesigned the hull to
racing – placing first in all the races,                                             though they didn’t win, the team
                                           comply with the new ASCE rules
men’s sprint, women’s sprint, men’s                                                  agrees that “it has been a great ride”.
                                           requiring a standardized hull then
endurance, women’s endurance
                                           had a manufacturer create a foam

Civil and Environmental Engineering

       ACADEMY of Civil and Environmental
       Engineers Membership                         academy of civil and
       richard o. anderson, p.e. ‘71
       F. william Baxandall, p.e. ‘59
                                                    environmental engineers
       ned w. Bechthold, Honorary member            The twelfth Civil and Environmental Engineering ACADEMY induction was
       philip r. Belisle, p.e. ‘60
                                                    held on August 5, 2009. The ACADEMY was established in 1993 to recognize
                                                    excellence and leadership in engineering and civic affairs of outstanding
       lee e. Bernson, p.e. ‘65
                                                    graduates and friends of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.
       william J. Bier, p.e. ‘50
                                                    Six alumni were honored bringing the ACADEMY membership to 98. For a
       James r. Buck, ph.d. ‘52, deceased           complete list of members and biographies please visit our department web site:
       debra a. campbell, p.e. ‘76        
       gerald J. caspary ‘43, deceased
       cletus l. courchaine, p.e. ‘52
       richard H. crannell, p.e. ‘65
       dale K. deibel ‘73
       paul J. deKeyser ‘78
       george r. ehlert. p.e. ‘77
       James t. emerson ‘60
       John a. Fortier, p.e. ‘78
       Herbert l. Fluharty ‘65
       paul B. Friar ‘50
       phillip v. Frederickson, p.e. ‘60
       peter J. grant ‘68
       william J. grenney, ph.d. ‘59
       russell a. gronevelt, p.e. ‘68
       Herman gundlach, Honorary member, deceased
       david p. gustafson, ph.d., p.e. ‘61
       thomas m. Healy, p.e. ‘65                    pictured left to right: r. vriesman, F.w. Baxandall, c. t. maki, J. Fortier, d. sundberg, r. pasquinelli
       george H. Hermanson ‘73
       Burd Hikes ‘49, deceased                     F. William Baxandall, P.E. ‘59
       robert d. Hitch, p.e. ‘54, deceased                               Bill Baxandall completed his baccalaureate degree in civil
       donald l. Holley, pe. ‘53                                         engineering in 1959 and completed a master of science in
       thomas r. irwin, p.e. ‘63                                         civil engineering in May of 2010. His academic career was
       James m. Jabara ‘50                                               interrupted in 1955 by two years of service in the U.S. Army,
       Harold s. Jensen, d.e. ‘52                                        Mountain and Cold Weather Training Command. Upon
       christopher Kaempfer, p.e. ‘71                                    returning to Michigan Tech, he transferred from electrical
       raymond c. Kestner ‘55                                            engineering to his destiny in civil engineering. He worked
       charles g. Kellogg ‘66                                            for the US Forest Service as an engineer and spent the next
       John p, Klus, p.e., ph.d. ‘57                25 years in various positions. During the last 11 years of his time with the Forest
       James l. Krause ‘51, deceased                Service, he was based in Juneau, Alaska serving as the Assistant Director of
       Kristine m. Krause ‘76                       Engineering. Following his retirement in 1983, he started Baxandall Associates,
       ronald m. Krump ‘57                          a consulting engineering company in Juneau. Baxandall Associates, and later
       william H. leder, p.e. ‘68                   BRD Consultants, LLC, specialized in the design of small water and wastewater
       paul r. liimatta, p.e. ‘61
                                                    treatment systems and structural analysis and design.
       roger w. liska, ed.d., p.e. ‘65
       robert J. luther ‘61
                                                    John A. Fortier, P.E. ‘78
       richard H. lyon ‘76                                                    John Fortier completed his baccalaureate degree in
       c. thomas maki, p.e. ‘71                                               civil engineering in 1978. He is the President of Bacco
       roland a. mariucci ‘58                                                 Construction of Iron Mountain. Bacco Construction is a
       John F. marshall ‘68
                                                                              private company offering highway construction, concrete and
       william F. marshall ‘69
                                                                              asphalt paving, excavating, and site development services.
       richard l. masica, p.e. ‘58
                                                                              Mr. Fortier joined Bacco following his graduation in 1978
                                                                              and has served in his current role as President since 1997.
C. Thomas Maki, P.E. ‘71                                                             ACADEMY of Civil and Environmental
                                                                                     Engineers Membership continued
                     Tom Maki completed his baccalaureate degree in civil
                                                                                     david i. matson ‘69
                     engineering in 1971. Following graduation, he joined the
                     Michigan Department of Transportation and over the next 30      gerald J. mccarthy, p.e. ‘48
                     years advanced through the Resident Construction Engineer       Franklin d. meyers, p.e. ‘57, deceased
                     and District Engineer positions to the executive level as       edward s. neumann, ph.d., p.e. ‘64
                     the Chief Operations Officer. In his role as COO, he was        Kenneth e. noll, ph.d., p.e. ‘59
                     responsible for the Department’s annual $1.5 Billion Capital    melvin e. orchard, p.e. ‘49
                     Improvement Program and for executing the Department’s          John e. paas, Jr., p.e. ‘41, deceased
scheduling and budgetary goals through the 2500 employees in the Bureau of           ronald J. pasquinelli, p.e. ‘59
Highway Operations, Bureau of Highway Technical Services, and the Bureau of
                                                                                     peter g. perla, p.e., r.l.s. ‘38
Planning. Mr. Maki has been using his program and project management expertise
                                                                                     warren B. peterson ‘52
in the consulting engineering arena since his retirement from MDOT in 2002.
Currently he is serving as Vice President of Aztec Engineering Group, Inc. of        rob l. petroelje, p.e. ‘74
Phoenix, Arizona.                                                                    linda d. phillips, p.e., pmp ‘77
                                                                                     david p. post ‘56
Ronald J. Pasquinelli, P.E. ‘59                                                      Joseph m. post ‘50
                     Ronald Pasquinelli completed his baccalaureate degree in        damoder pati reddy, ph.d., p.e. ‘62
                     civil engineering at Michigan Tech in 1959 and later earned a   delmar r. rediger ‘58
                     Master of Business Administration degree from Golden Gate       thomas J. rentenbach, d.e., p.e. ‘32, deceased
                     University. In 1960 Mr. Pasquinelli was commissioned as         Brian c. rheault, p.e. ‘82
                     an officer in the U.S. Navy Civil Engineering Corp. During      david t. rowe, p.e. ‘51
                     his military service he was a project manager and company
                                                                                     william e. saul, ph.d., p.e. ‘55
                     commander with U.S. Naval Construction Forces in the
                                                                                     Kenneth d. seaton ‘51
                     western Pacific. Ron has continued to be an active supporter
of Michigan Tech over the years. In 1995 the Ronald J. and Marie B. Pasquinelli      robert F. seaton ‘52
Educational Opportunity endowed scholarship fund was established; the                marvin l. sorvala, p.e. ‘72
scholarship will be funded through a planned gift in excess of $1 million. In 1999   todd i. stewart, ph.d. ‘68
he was awarded the Michigan Tech Board of Control Silver Medal in recognition        mark r. stumpf, ed.d., p.e. ‘65
of personal accomplishment.                                                          darryll l. sundberg, p.e. ‘74
                                                                                     richard g. timmons, p.e. ‘69
Darryll L. Sundberg, P.E. ‘74                                                        robert m. thompson, Honorary member
                     Darryll Sundberg earned two baccalaureate degrees at            donald F. tomasini ‘54, deceased
                     Michigan Tech, electrical engineering in 1971 and civil         James d. townley, p.e. ‘71
                     engineering in 1974. Following graduation, he joined
                                                                                     Frank c. townsend, ph.d., p.e. ‘62
                     Brumm Construction of Marquette as a Superintendent/
                                                                                     clarence p. Ulstad, p.e. ‘50
                     Engineer. In 1979 he started his own engineering consulting
                     business, Sundberg Engineering. The founding firm was           paul d. Uttormark, ph.d. ‘62
                     soon incorporated as Sundberg, Carlson and Associates           Jerold B. van Faasen, p.e. ‘34, deceased
                     offering a wide variety of engineering, surveying, and          thomas valent, p.e. ‘73
architectural services. The company grew to have five offices in Michigan with       John o. vartan, p.e., r.l.s. ‘70, deceased
over 120 employees. Sundberg, Carlson and Associates was sold in 2001 to STS         louis c. verrette ‘34, deceased
Consultants, LTD, which is now AECOM. Mr. Sundberg is currently the President        william c. verrette ‘61
of Sundberg and Associates, Inc. of Marquette.                                       ronald r. vriesman, p.e. ‘78
                                                                                     douglas m. watson, p.e. ‘73
Ronald R. Vriesman, P.E. ‘78
                                                                                     Helmuth wilden, p.e. ‘65
                     Ron Vriesman completed his baccalaureate degree in civil
                                                                                     daniel white ‘69
                     engineering at Michigan Tech in 1978 and his master’s degree
                                                                                     richard d. wilcox, p.e., p.s. ‘82
                     in environmental engineering at the University of Illinois
                     (Urbana-Champaign) in 1980. Mr. Vriesman is currently           george H. williams, p.e. ‘52
                     a Partner in Environmental Resources Management, Inc.           steven e. williams, p.e. ‘73
                     (ERM), a global environmental, health and safety consultancy    theodore c. williams, p.e., d.e.e., Honorary member
                     headquartered in London, England. Mr. Vriesman has worked       william J. winiarski, p.e., p.s. ‘73
                     for ERM in Holland, Michigan for the past 26 years (prior to    norman d. witteveen, p.e. ‘61, deceased
1999 the company conducted business as Dell Engineering, Inc.) Prior to ERM, he      robert c. wylie, p.e., r.l.s. ‘47
spent 3 years as a research engineer with NCASI (a paper & pulp industry related     philip c. Youngs, p.e. ‘57, deceased
environmental research and advocacy group) in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Civil and Environmental Engineering

       academy of civil and environmental engineers
       Wilden Receives 2010                    Wilden founded H. Wilden and              he also served on the Department of
       PCI Medal of Honor                      Associates, Inc. in 1978 as a one-        Civil and Environmental Engineering
                                               person precast/prestressed concrete       Professional Advisory Committee
                            Helm Wilden
                                               engineering and drafting operation.       and was elected to the Academy in
                            ‘65, a Michigan
                                               The company grew steadily to              1993. The memorial funds will be
                            Tech Academy
                                               become one of the leading specialty       used for student and departmental
                            member, was
                                               engineering consultants in the            projects and initiatives.
                            awarded the 2010
                                               industry. In 2005, Wilden founded
                            PCI Medal of
                                               his current company, Wilden
                            Honor on May
                                               Enterprises Inc. in Hilton Head,
       30, 2010 at the Precast/Prestressed
       Concrete Institute’s 56th Awards        South Carolina.
       Breakfast. The Medal of Honor is
       PCI’s highest award, recognizing        Burd Hikes Memorial
       a member’s outstanding service to       Fund Established
       the institute or contributions to the                       The Burd Hikes
       industry over a long period of time.                        CEE Memorial
       Wilden has also been honored by                             Fund was
       PCI as a founding fellow (1994),                            established in July   Catch of a Lifetime
       Titan of the Industry (2004), and                           of 2009 through       Tom Healy, Academy member and
       in 2007 won the Robert J. Lyman                             a generous gift of    retired President of Grand Rapids
       Award, recognizing the PCI Journal                          $50,000 from the      based Owen-Ames-Kimball Co., is
       paper that offers the greatest          Hikes estate. Burd Hikes ’49, retired     pictured holding a 41 pound brown
       contribution in the area of plant       as president of Lakeside Equipment        trout which broke the state record
       production, site erection, or general   Corporation in 1991. Hikes had been       by a wide margin and is a potential
       construction using precast and          recognized for his active support of      world record. Tom made his once-
       prestressed concrete.                   Michigan Tech with the Board of           in-a-lifetime catch on September 9,
                                               Control Silver Medal Award (1975)         2009 on the Manistee River.

                                               2009 academy induction—portage lake cruise
                                               A beautiful morning and gourmet breakfast was enjoyed by Academy members
                                               and guests aboard the Keweenaw Star on a Portage Lake cruise. The boat trip has
                                               become a regular event on the morning following the Academy induction.

                                               Above: Phil ’60 and Sylvia
                                               Left: Dan ’69 and Mary Beth White
                                               Right: Linda Phillips ’77 with
                                               Leonor Dominguez Ortiz, a guest
  12                                           visiting from Bolivia
cee donors (december 2008 - december 2009)
ALUMNI                               Jennifer S. Byle               Glen R. Etelamaki P.E.           David L. Hollingsworth         Bruce G. Kuffer P.E.
Robert J. Abar P.E.                  Robert F. Cambensy             Timothy S. Etelamaki             Phillip J. Holmblade Sr P.E.   Susan L. Kuieck
Bradley J. Abar                      Rebecca J. Campbell            Capt. John W. Falke (Ret)        L. Joseph Holmes               Edward W. Kulschinsky, Jr.
Maan S. Abdul-Baki                   David B. Carter                Charles R. Farrar                David R. Holmgren              Craig S. Kuske PE
Reino E. Alanen                      Gregory A. Carter              Jason A. Fate                    Steve M. Holmi                 Kenneth D. Kytta
David M. Althouse P.E.               Victor M. Castro               Duane G. Fayas                   David A. Hoot P.E.             Scott D. LaBonte
Roger H. Anderson                    Dennis J. Cerney               Steven M. Fehniger               Raymond A. Hornbostel          Thomas D. LaCross
Keith A. Anderson                    Robert L Chase                 Timothy M. Ferguson              Barrie L. Hudson Jr            Richard D. LaLone
Carl F. Anderson                     Peter E. Chenard P.E.          Daniel J. Filipski               Robert J. Hufnagel PE          George R. Landis P.E.
John E. Anderson                     David J. Chislea               Allan J. Firak                   Douglas L. Hula                Michael S. Lane
Mark W. Anderson                     Rudolph J. Chmelar P.E.        Roger A. Fitterling              Michael W. Hull                Larry L. LaPoint
Tracey I. Anderson                   Michelle-Anne I. Christensen   Patrick D. Flannery              Craig A. Hupy                  Bertil K. Larm
Tor J. Anderzen                      Derek M. Christianson          William L. Ford Jr               James L. Huyser                Michael C. Larrabee
Brian D. Angerman                    Mark R. Cicero                 Richard A. Forsythe              Fredline Ilorme                William J. Laurain
David J. Antonetti                   John D. Cima                   Ray H. Fowler P.E.               Thomas H. Ingold, Jr           Henry N. Law
Alp T. Apul                          Daniel C. Cinader              Stephanie M. Fowler              Vern W. Ingraham               Charles J. Lawson
Robert W. Arendsen                   Max V. Coburn P.E.             Guenther E. Frankenstein         Charles L. Jack                John J. Lebenick
Michael J. Bailey                    Brian T. Coburn                Bartlett E. Franklin             William J. Janeczko            William H. Leder
Michelle M. Bakkila                  Thomas A. Coleman              Phillip V. Frederickson          David J. Jeltes                Michael E. Lederle PE
James S. Bakos                       Michael P. Connelly            David E. Freeman                 Charles L. Jennett P.E.        Walter D. Lehman
Greg W. Banner P.E.                  Bruce A. Conradson             Donald L. French P.E.            Lyman M. Jensen P.E.           Charles J. Lemont Jr
Leslie R. Bant                       Stephen B. Conradson P.E.      Selena R. Friend                 Brian J. Jesse                 Kurt A. Leuthold
Jessica E. Barber                    Jean L. Constantine            Donald S. Fulton                 Tom A. Joelson                 John R. Lindberg
Malcolm E. Barclay                   David J. Cook                  Erik R. Gabele                   Gregory P. Johnson             Nils W. Lindwall
W. Christopher Barnes P.E.           Scott D. Cooney                Peter A. Gaines P.E.             Howard B. Johnson              Richard E. Liptak Jr
Mark S. Bartolameolli                Kyle R. Cooper                 Gerald A. Gancarz                James A. Johnson P.E.          Dr. Roger W. Liska
James C. Bates, P.E.                 Susanne A. Cordery-Cotter      Marvin K. Gayfield, II           Robert H. Johnson Jr           Leroy B. Liston III
Richard A. Baumgartner               Joshua Cotter                  James R. Gerth                   Laurel M. Johnson              Alan C. Lobdell
F. William Baxandall                 Jeffrey D. Cottrell            Dr. John S. Gierke               Ned A. Johnson                 Anthony P. Locatelli
Harry J. Beamish                     Harland D. Couillard           Gary L. Gifford                  Alexander M. Johnson           Peter J. Lombardi
Lt. Col. James W. Beattie USAF Ret   Cletus L. Courchaine PE        James C. Gilbo                   Justin L. Johnson              Steven G. Loosemore
Bruce J. Beaudoin                    Michael T. Cousino P.E.        William J. Gilmour, III          Ryan J. Johnston               Bruce A. Lowing
Brett E. Beaumier                    Kimberly R. Crame              Dr. William M. Glazier           Thomas E. Joiner               Philip A. Luedtke
Donald L. Beck                       Jacob D. Creisher              William J. Gobert P.E.           Gregory P. Jonas               Paul A. Lundborg
James I. Becking                     Christopher J. Cruickshank     Ronald O. Goetze P.E.            Rollin A. Jones                Dennis S. Luoto
Anissa L. Bell, P.E.                 Gary L. Cudney                 Richard J. Goodney               Darrell T. Joque P.E.          Gail L. Luttinen
Carol L. Bemis                       James R. Dalrymple             Stephen G. Goranson              Duane B. Jorgensen             Richard H. Lyon P.E.
Robert B. Bennett                    Martha F. Darnton              Michelle M. Gouin                Timothy F. Judge               James E. Maatta
Thomas R. Bennett P.E.               Edward E. Davids               David L. Goulette P.E.           Richard L. Juetten Jr          John F. MacDonald
Michael J. Bennett                   Morgan E. Davis                Lt. Col. James E. Grandy,II      Melvin R. Juhola               Donald J. MacDougall
James G. Bennetts                    Robert J. Deatrick             Gordon P. Grant P.E.             Timothy J. Juidici             Orville E. Macomber
Rudy J. Beres, P.E.                  Myron D. DeBolt                Nate W. Grayson                  John A. Kaiser                 Christopher J. Maier
Lee E. Bernson P.E.                  Peter K. DeGabriele            Maj. Douglas J. Greening (Ret)   Josephine T. Kaiser            C. Thomas Maki
Richard M. Berry                     Thomas A. Deja                 Donald J. Greiner P.E.           Peter R. Kamarainen            Dr. Robert E. Maki P.E.
William J. Bier P.E.                 Jeffrey S. Demek P.E.          Gordon J. Grice                  Amy D. Kapuga                  Stephen R. Makowski
Thomas C. Bihlmeyer                  Daniel M. DenBraber            Timothy J. Grocholski            Richard D. Kathrens Jr         Lowell K. Mallett
Eric C. Black                        Robert J. Denzer               Cmdr. M. Alan Groff              Brian C. Kaub                  Michael A. Maloney
Jimmy D. Bluse                       Robert F. DeRoeck              Russell A. Gronevelt, PE         Francis G. Keelty              Jeffrey D. Malyszek
Thomas G. Blust                      Joseph M. DeRosier             Stephen J. Grooters              Salvadora Keith                Michael G. Mansfield
Brian M. Boals                       Tara M. DeVaugh                Scott A. Grossbauer              Robert J. Kenyon, Jr., P.E.    Jeffrey B. Marchetti
James A. Bodi                        Michael R. DeVries             Jeffery K. Grossklaus            Paul F. Keranen                Kristen A. Mariuzza
Robert M. Bomier                     Theodore E. Diamond            Matthew J. Gundry                Peter M. Kero                  Paul H. Marshall
William J. Bosze P.E.                Jeffrey H. Dillon              James E. Hagley                  Stephen E. Kicinski Jr         William F. Marshall P.E.
Matthew P. Boudreau                  Matthew D. Dina                Gary H. Hagstrom P.E.            Kevin S. Kieft                 Irwin R. Martin, Jr. P.E.
Gregory C. Bovid P.E.                James L. D’Lamater             Terrence A. Hakkola              Katherine R. King P.E.         Zeno A. Martin
Michael R. Bowman                    Jennifer R. Dluzak             Chad D. Halverson                Herman K. Kinnie               Richard L. Masica
Jessica L. Brakora                   Dan W. Dorrell                 Kenneth R. Hamilton              Jeffery L. Kishpaugh           Daniel R. Mason P.E.
C. Andrew Brandt                     Kurt A. Dowden                 James F. Hancock                 Thomas J. Kispert              Justin P. Massie
Pippin C. Brehler                    Jon H. Dowling                 Dr. David W. Hand                Ross B. Kittleman P.E.         Esteban J. Mata
Dale E. Brisboe                      Barry R. Doyle                 Michael D. Harrington            Alvin J. Klein                 Bruce D. Mattern P.E. T.E.
Robert B. Brobst P.E.                Nancy T. Drapalski             Michael A. Hartel P.E.           Ryan A. Klug                   John D. Mattonen P.E.
R. Christian Brockway                Matthew W. Drewek              David C. Harvey P.E.             Robert L. Knake                James A. Mattson
Donna M. Brooks                      Donald G. Eagling              Thomas M. Healy                  James J. Knight                John P. McCallum
Richard E. Brooks Jr                 Kent J. Early                  Donald J. Hebert                 Bruce D. Kniivila              Gerald J. McCarthy
James A. Brosio                      Martin M. Easling              Daniel J. Hefferan               Robert L. Knutilla             William T. McCarthy
Glenn R. Brown                       Richard E. Eckroad             Adam M. Heidfeld                 Richard A. Koch P.E.           Nancy M. McClain
Thomas F. Brown P.E.                 Frederick M. Eddy Jr P.E.      Denise M. Heikinen               Vernon T. Kokko                Andrew J. McCune
Karla D. Brudi                       Michael R. Edger               Fred N. Heltenen                 Dean K. Korri, P.E.            Heidi L. McKenzie
Jason J. Brynick                     Rosemary D. Edwards            Douglas M. Hemenway              James A. Koski                 Angela M. McKinstry, PE
Brian J. Bueche P.E.                 Charles D. Edwards             Larry N. Hendrickson             James R. Koskiniemi            Peter A. McKirdy
Michelle M. Buller                   Shaundel R. Elowski            Gerald W. Heppler                Michael P. Kovach P.E.         Wilson D. McQueen
Ray K. Burgess                       Dennis C. Elsholz P.E.         Scott P. Hewitt                  John P. Kozal                  Fred H. Meintz P.E.
Melissa A. Burgh                     Peter C. Elzinga, P.E.         Thomas P. Hilberg P.E.           James M. Kramer                Clare R. Mendelsohn
Brent J. Burns                       Ronald L. Enger                Kimberly S. Hill                 Randall C. Kriscunas           Bruce E. Menerey
Charles W. Burr, Jr                  Douglas D. Enos                Donald A. Hinckfoot              Larry C. Kristapovich          Eric G. Meyer
John M. Burt                         Blaise Erickson P.E.           Stephen D. Hitch                 Daniel J. Krueger              Stanley R. Michaelson
Paul S. Bussone                      Andrew J. Erickson             Dr. Ralph J. Hodek               Leonard A. Krumm P.E.          John J. Michels
Thomas J. Byle P.E.                  Glen A. Eriksson P.E.          Jack E. Hoffman                  Dr. Hiroshi Kubo               Mark J. Miller
                                     Daniel J. Esch                 Donald L. Holley                 Paul F. Kuehnlenz              Paul A. Miller

Civil and Environmental Engineering


       Robyn M. Miller                 F. Thomas Prusak, P.E.       Terry K. Spitler              Gary E. Williams                         Anthony C. Comella
       Douglas J. Mills                Paul H. Queeney P.E.         William J. Sproule            Brian M. Willoughby                      Rodgers H. Cook
       Christopher N. Mills P.E.       David E. Randall             Stephen R. St. Amour          Warren G. Wills                          Christian Copeland
       Henry G. Missel                 Jon C. Rasmussen             Richard J. St Amour           Lyle E. Winn                             Cliff I. Davidson
       Mark F. Moen P.E.               Scott W. Reay                Lynn L. Staley                Christopher L. Wojick                    Guy Dicosola
       John W. Mohney                  John A. Rechlin              John A. Stamm                 Wade D. Wood                             Harriet E. Doty
       Darrell W. Moilanen             Douglas F. Reckinger, Jr.    Daniel L. Stember             Howard R. Wood                           William A. Doub
       Susanne A. Monasa               Dr. Damoder P. Reddy P.E.    William A. Stephens           Sarah E. Woolcock, PE                    Ronald S. Drewyor
       Gail L. Monds                   Louis C. Regenmorter         MGEN. Todd I. Stewart (Ret)   Gary E. Workman                          Lynn E. Eisenhut
       Robert B. Mongrain P.E.         Christina J. Wolf Reich      William W Stille              Albert F. Wuori                          John Engels
       Darcy M. Morden                 Brian T. Rentner             Daniel A. Stock               Robert C. Wylie                          Bruce W. Enstrom
       Paula Morgan                    Marcel F. Reynolds           CPT. Teresa L. Straus         Gary L. Yaklin                           Sara M. Fink
       Samuel A. Morgan                Brian C. Rheault             David T. Strelcheck           Charles R. Yonts P.E.                    Lawanda M. Fleming
       Frederick P. Morley             David Richard                Matthew S. Sturgell           Guy R. York P.E.                         Christoph Geiger
       Patrick S. Morrow               Casey W. Ries                Timothy P. Sullivan           Ronald A. Young P.E.                     Stewart N. Gill
       Donald R. Mouchka               James E. Rintala             Lindsay S. Sundberg           David A. Zawacki                         Eileen M. Haas
       Patrick E. Mullins              Bradley S. Riutta            Lawrence L. Sutter            Kimberly D. Zehler                       Shawn M. Halverson
       William J. Murchie P.E.         Marvin D. Rivers P.E.        Bruce L. Swanson              William S. Zimmerman                     Floyd E. Henderson
       Jeffrey J. Murray               Raymond J. Roberts           Larry L. Swanson                                                       Barbara M. Hikes
       Thomas C. Neal                  William D. Roberts           Robert R. Swanson Jr                                                   Gary C. Hoensheid
                                                                                                  Stanley R. Arducant
       David K. Neil, P.E.             Chad A. Roberts              Lawrence E. Sweebe                                                     Lori M. Honrath
                                                                                                  M/Gen.Norman G. Delbridge, Jr. (Ret
       Justin S. Neils                 Christopher A. Rogers        LeRoy A. Swenson                                                       Richard E. Honrath, Sr.
                                                                                                  Charles M. Hoeffner
       William L. Nelson P.E.          David T. Rooke               Joshua M. Szymanski                                                    Petrecia D. Hovey
                                                                                                  Bruce C. Hummel
       Beth D. Neuendorf               Bryan L. Rose                Walter W. Tacke P.E.                                                   L. Rodger Huelsberg
                                                                                                  Brian C. Keinath
       Col. Nyle C. Neumann (Ret)      Carl F. Roser                Michael S. Takish                                                      Dana J. Hughes
                                                                                                  John P. Lee
       Bruce R. Newhard                Frederic R. Ross             William D. Tappy                                                       Dr. Neil J. Hutzler
                                                                                                  Rodney V. Meade
       Cassandra L. Newman             B. David Ross P.E.           Robert D. Tarbell                                                      Yvonne J. Jacobs
                                                                                                  David L. Perram
       Philip D. Niemi                 Peter T. Roth P.E.           Robert J. Tarsi                                                        Stephen P. Jaksa
                                                                                                  Michael G. Sena
       Matthew A. Niskanen             Matthew C. Roth              Wallace A. Techentien                                                  Bob Lewis
       Warren J. Noble                 Dr. Edward J. Rothwell III   John M. Tenpas                CORPORATION                              Douglas R. Loosemore
       Glenn R. Nordbeck               Daniel K. Rucinski           Roger S. Thornton             AECOM Technical Services Inc             Myrna L. Lundquist
       James T. Nordlund Sr            Steven J. Russo              Richard G. Timmons            Amtrak                                   Le Roy A. Lutz
       John P. Northrup                Amy J.D. Ryan                James D. Townley, P.E.        Barr Engineering Company                 Rosemary E. Lutz
       Brock E. Nurenberg              John Ryder P.E.              Dr. Frank C. Townsend P.E.    BNSF Railway Company                     Jean R. Marden
       John E. Nye Jr                  Gary L. Saari                Amy L. Trahey                 Canadian National Railway Co             Beverly A. Meagher
       Bruce O. Nygard                 Bruce R. Sabin               Robert L. Turnquist           Cliffs Natural Resources Inc             Philip R. Menard
       Brenda J. O’Brien               Brian G. Saintonge           Bruce W. Upton                Consumers Energy                         James M. Middaugh
       Robert T. O’Connor              Eric T. Sajtar               Dr. Paul D. Uttormark         CSX Corp                                 William A. Miller
       Gary W. Oja                     Alan V. Sandell              W Ronald Vaananen             Dan’s Excavating Inc                     Harold J. Miron
       Martin S. Oldford               Dr. Henry S. Santeford Jr    Thomas F. Valent              F & M Poured Walls Inc                   Regina M. Nagrocki
       Earl D. Ollila P.E.             David A. Saul                Roger B. Van Omen             Gerace Construction Company Inc          Dale B. Nathan
       Bruce S. Oman                   Dr. William E. Saul P.E.     Eric L. Van Orman             Great Lakes Cement Promotion             Thomas E. Olsen, Jr
       Marvin D. Oosterbaan P.E.       Heather A. Schlaeppi         Steven C. Van Voorhis, P.E.   Association Inc                          Nancy A. Peterson
       Victor E. Opincar, Jr.          Brenda L. Schluentz          Gerald A. VanAvery            Great Lakes Engineering Group            Eric Pomber
       William H. Opland               Richard H. Schmitz           Robert C. VanderMeer          Hanson Professional Services             William V. Portmann
       Melvin E. Orchard P.E.          Alan J. Schneider            Lee E. VanderMeulen           HDR Engineering Inc                      Tracey Poteat
       Robert K. Ott                   Robert E. Schnell            Louis W. VanLiere Jr          Howard R. Green Company                  Duncan M. Rabourn
       Webster J. Owen, Jr.            Wayne A. Schoonover          Daniel R. Vasher              Hubbell Roth & Clark Inc                 James T. Ransdall
       Jason J. Owens                  Todd M. Schrader             John F. Viola                 IBM Corp                                 Yolanda G. Runk
       David M. Pajula                 Daniel C. Schrauben P.E.     Gary C. Voogt P.E.            John Ruona Excavating Inc                John C. Ruona
       Thomas A. Palarz                Fred E. Schreiber, P.E.      Donald J. Voogt               Johnston Engineering LLC                 Lynn Sandberg
       Jeffrey D. Paradee              Patricia M. Schriner         Ronald R. Vriesman            Kiewit Western Company                   Eddie J. Sandene
       Mark J. Parent                  Andrew W. Schripsema         Joseph E. Waananen            Michael J. Whims Consulting LLC          William F. Savage
       Robert A. Parsons               Theodore J. Schuster         Robert P. Wachsmuth           MSA Professional Services Inc            Brian L. Schiber
       Thomas A. Partanen              Theodore Schuurmans, Jr.     Paul C. Wade                  Natgun Corp                              Carl J. Sholander
       Scott J. Paske                  Claire E. Schwartz           Andrew Wadysz                 Norfolk Southern Corp                    Patricia L. Sikkenga
       Ronald J. Pasquinelli P.E.      Joel F. Scussel              Curt C. Wagner                Northern Engineering & Design Inc        John J. Smith
       Brian G. Patalon                Robert F. Seaton             Thomas M. Wahtola             Patrick Engineering Inc                  Tom E. Smith
       Dr. James J. Pauer              Wayne E. Seger               Robert H. Ward P.E.           R.H. Fowler & Associates                 Emery J. Stickan
       L/Col. Harold R. Pawley (Ret)   Robert E. Sevo P.E.          John K. Warner                Ruby + Associates                        William C. Stover
       Anthony R. Pawloski             Sharad R. Shah               Carl A. Warner                Spicer Group Inc                         Dionisia G. Tebbe
       John A. Pearson                 Daniel L Shamblin P.E.       Christopher J. Warren         Superior Mgmt LLC                        David W. Watkins, Jr
       John H. Peck                    William E. Shepherd          Bruce J. Washburn             Union Pacific Railroad                   James F. Wiggett
       Mark A. Pellerito               Kevin P. Shortell            Radley Z. Watkins             Vasquez Concrete & Masonry Service       Warren D. Wilt
       Benjamin D. Penhale             Stephen J. Shultz            Douglas M. Watson P.E.                                                 Michael C. Winston
       Onni J. Perala P.E.             Arthur B. Shurtleff          Donald P. Weaver Jr                                                    Phillis J. Witteveen
                                                                                                  Phillip & Sylvia Frederickson Foundation
       Donald R. Perander              Peter J. Siglow              Scott D. Webster                                                       Patricia Woolcock
                                                                                                  Raji Pati Foundation
       Robert P. Pertile               Alison E. Skwarski           Roy D. Wedge Jr                                                        James E. Woolcock
                                                                                                  Tomasini Family Foundation
       Eric G. Peterson                Denise A. Slattery PE        John H. Wegmeyer                                                       John B. Woolcock
       Warren B. Peterson              Peter A. Slominski           Laura M. Wehneman             FRIENDS
       Erron J. Peuse                  Joseph H. Slonecki           Christine M. Wetzel           Nancy L. Abramson
                                                                                                                                           37th Road Commission
       Chris D. Peyerk                 Delbert M. Smith P.E.        Phillip A. Whaley             Michael D. Aho
       John C. Picha P.E.              Roger D. Smith               Tedd P. Wheeler               Craig Anderson
                                                                                                                                           Clio Area Schools
       Amanda M. Pike                  Richard E. Smith             Michael J. Whims              Thomas N. Andresen
                                                                                                                                           County Road Association of
       Gary L. Plum P.E.               Quentin P. Smith             Janice L. White               Jeane Arducant
       Timothy W. Porritt P.E.         Robert J. Sniegowski         Nicholas J. White             Kenneth J. Argall
                                                                                                                                           Fidelity Investments Charitable
       Joseph M. Post                  John H. Snyder, Jr.          Christopher M. White          Steve Bertman
       Barry S. Powell                 Maxwell J. Sobolewski        Trent R. Wickman              Barry D. Briggs
                                                                                                                                           Menominee Cty Road
       Jeffrey C. Price                Daniel J. Sorek              Darryl K. Wickman             Donald J. Bussiere
       Troy C. Proctor                 Marvin L. Sorvala            Steven J. Wiegand             Donald A. Calkins
                                                                                                                                           Timber Ridge Condominium
       Paul P. Prozinski               Kurt T. Spieles              John A. Willemin              Margaret F. Carmody

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Dr. Bill Bulleit            L. Bogue Sandberg *                   Transportation Institute                         Professional Advisory Committee
                            Eric Seagren                          Larry Sutter - Professor and Director
                            William J. Sproule                                                                     Richard Anderson, P.E.
Faculty                                                                                                            SOMAT Engineering, Inc.
Theresa M. Ahlborn          R. Andrew Swartz
                                                                  University Transportation
                            Noel Urban                                                                             Thomas Blust, P.E.
Bernie D. Alkire                                                  Center (MiSTI)
                            Stanley J. Vitton                                                                      Oakland County Road Commission
Martin T. Auer              David Watkins
                                                                  Lawrence Sutter - Director
C. Robert Baillod *                                               Elizabeth Hoy - Assistant Director               Rhett Gronevelt, P.E.
                            Wu, Shiliang
Brian D. Barkdoll                                                                                                  Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment, Inc.
                            Zhanping You
Jennifer Becker
                                                                  Center for Structural Durability
                            *emeritus                             Tess Ahlborn - Director                          Mark O. Lentz, P.E.
William M. Bulleit                                                                                                 City of Fond du Lac
Qingli Dai                  Department & Research                 Transportation Materials                         Jim Morrison
George R. Dewey             Staff/Faculty                                                                          Kiewit Engineering Co.
                                                                  Research Group
Paul V. Doskey              Kimberly Besonen, Secretary
                                                                  Stanley Vitton - Director                        Kim Nowack
Mike Drewyor                Amanda Cadwell - Office and           Karl Peterson - Research Assistant               Mackinac Bridge Authority
                            Account Assist.                       Professor
Veronica Griffis
                            Rob Fritz - Technical Lab             James Vivian III - Program Manager               Michael Penn
David Hand                                                                                                         University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Devin Harris
                            Thomas Gemignani - Comp.              Tribal Technical Assistance                      Max Schmiege, P.E.
Jacob Hiller                Support Spec. II
                                                                  Program (TTAP)                                   CH2M Hill
Ralph J. Hodek              Jeff Hilss, Computer User             Bernard Alkire - Director                        Steve Tomaszewski
Neil Hutzler                Support Specialist                    Amanda Abramson - Secretary
Pasi Lautala                David L. Perram - Rsrch Engr./
                                                                                                                   General Motors
                                                                  Scott Bershing - Editor
William Leder               Scientist II                          John Velat - Manager                             Amy Trahey, P.E.
Yue Li                      Julie Z. Ross - Undergrad                                                              Great Lakes Engineering Group, LLC
                            Academic Advisor                      Center for Science
Kris G. Mattila                                                                                                    Paul Wade, P.E.
                            Shelle Sandell - Tech. Com./          and Environmental Outreach                       Spalding DeDecker Associates, Inc.
Alex S. Mayer
                            Budget Coord.
Amlan Mukherjee                                                   Neil Hutzler - Director                          Rick Wilcox, P.E.
                            Christopher Wojick - Senior
Kurt Paterson               Rsrch Engineer
                                                                  Joan Schumaker-Chadde - Ed Prog. Coord           Wilcox Associates, Inc.
                                                                  Lloyd Wescoat - Ed. Prog. Assistant
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