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									A year after Hosni Mubarak left office, protesters are still calling for
an end to military rule [Reuters]
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8 hours 51 min ago - Egypt
Reporting from Cairo, Al Jazeera's Mike Hanna said the Egyptian
government has now officialy denied that an al-Qaida leader was detained
in Egypt today.

"The Egyptian Interior Ministry has just confirmed that it was in fact a
case of mistaken identity," Hanna said. "They say that the man who was
arrested at Cairo airport is not Seif al-Adl, a wanted al-Qaida leader.

Hanna continued that the name of the man arrested is Mohamed Ibrahim
Makkawi, which is one of "the aliases allegedly being used by Saif al-

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10 hours 21 min ago - Egypt
Senior Al Qaeda operative Seif al-Adl, who was reported to have briefly
taken over the group's network's leadership after
Osama bin Laden's death, was arrested in Cairo airport on Wednesday,
security officials said.

The officials did not say why the Egyptian fighter, who is on the FBI's
most wanted list with up to $5 million dollar reward for his capture,
flew to Cairo airport.

An airport official said he arrived on an Emirates Airline flight from
Pakistan with a stop over in Dubai.

He is also known as Mohammad Ibrahim Mekawi.

He was arrested when he arrived from Pakistan via the United Arab

He is wanted in connection with the August 7, 1998, bombings of the US
embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya.

He is a former army officer who joined the Egyptian Al Jihad organisation
who waged a terror campaign in Egypt in the 1980s and 1990s.

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1 day 1 hour ago - Egypt
The AFP is reporting the following:

The Egyptian judges trying dozens of democracy activists, including
Americans, in a case that has strained ties with Washington recused
themselves from the trial Tuesday, judicial sources said.
They gave no reason for refusing to carry on with the trial, which opened
on Sunday.

In such instances, the case is normally referred to the court of appeals,
which appoints a new panel of judges.

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1 day 10 hours ago - Cairo
Egypt's newly elected upper house of parliament is holding its inaugural
session, with Islamists dominating the 270-seat chamber.

Tuesday's session of the Shura Council was only attended by the 180
members elected in the popular vote, which was the final stage in Egypt's
staggered parliamentary elections.

The ruling military council, which took power after Hosni Mubarak was
ousted by a popular uprising a year ago, has yet to appoint the remaining
90 members.

The Shura Council is a largely toothless body and there have been calls
for it to be abolished.

Islamists also dominate the lower house of parliament, known as the
People's Assembly.

The two chambers will jointly meet later this week to select a panel to
draft a new constitution. [AP]

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1 day 15 hours ago - Washington
Egypt opens trial of pro-democracy group workers despite deep rift with
US over case. [AFP]

The Obama administration had hoped the row over Egypt's raids on US-
funded groups and its travel bans on a handful of US citizens would
conclude this month with a face-saving deal that would release the
Americans and put US ties with Cairo back on track.

But an Egyptian court's decision on Sunday to adjourn the case until late
April opened a risky new chapter in the dispute - leaving the door open
to a solution, but also sharply raising the danger of permanent political
damage on both sides. [Reuters]

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2 days 5 hours ago - Cairo
Running south from Tahrir Square toward Egypt's interior ministry in
central Cairo, Mohamed Mahmoud street has become one of the revolution's
most violent battlegrounds. Twelve people died in the area during
February street battles between protesters and police stemming from a
deadly football riot in Port Said.
With the neighbourhood calm, at least for the moment, Mohamed Mahmoud now
serves as a canvas for some of Egypt's most creative revolutionary street

Murals portraying the revolution's dead as martyrs and the military as a
predatory monster spread along walls next to figurative paintings that
draw inspiration from millenia-old pharaonic art. Nearby, the artists
debate with anxious business owners, and the revolution continues.

Al Jazeera's Rawya Rageh reports from Cairo.

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3 days 7 hours ago - Egypt
The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces haas called for both houses of
parliament to convene on March 3 to form a panel to draft a new
constitution, state television has reported.

The constitution will replace the one suspended when SCAF took over from
former President Hosni Mubarak last year.

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3 days 8 hours ago - Egypt
"Of course this trial is politicised. We proved during the investigation
that we didn't do anything," one of the defendants, Islam Shafiq, told
AFP after the hearing. Shafiq works as a financial manager with the US-
based International Centre
for Journalists,

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3 days 9 hours ago - Egypt
The first court hearing for 43 pro-democracy political trainers has
adjourned in Cairo, with prosecutors calling for maximum penalties and
defence lawyers asking for more time, in part to review evidence they say
they have not yet received.

Only 14 defendants - all of the Egyptians accused in the case - attended
the hearing. Sixteen Americans have been charged, but only seven remain
in Egypt, and they did not attend.

The defendants, who work for four US-funded NGOs and one German group,
are accused of working without license and illegally receiving foreign
funds. They argue that their groups worked openly with the government's
knowledge and applied for approval many times.

The Egyptians denied the charges against them.

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3 days 10 hours ago - Egypt
Private satellite channels and state television networks have been
broadcasting the trial of 43 pro-democracy political trainers in Egypt -
the worst crackdown on civil society in recent memory, according to
analysts. Only 14 of the defendants, all Egyptians, arrived in court, and
all pled not guilty. Here's an image from the ONtv network showing one
behind bars:

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