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                 Covent Garden Community Association
             Planning Committee meeting held on Tuesday 22nd March 2011
                        at 17.30 hrs in 21, Macklin Street WC2

1.    a. Apologies received: DB, DK, PC
      b. Present at tonight’s meeting: RW, JW, RB, EB, MW
      c. In attendance:

2.    Presentation:

3.    Planning Applications & Appeals – comments required

      Date        Address              Proposal                        Notes, comments
                                                                       & decisions
3.1   28-02-11    76 Neal Street      Replacement of existing                              K
                                       shopfront and installation of   Objection.
(8)               2011/0826/P          new doors at ground floor       CGCA strongly
                                       level of existing commercial    objects to the
                                       retail unit (Class A1).         frontage, particularly
                                                                       the removal of the
                                                                       glazing bars on the
                                                                       windows, which
                                                                       makes the shopfront
                                                                       unsymmetrical and
                                                                       out of keeping in this
                                                                       conservation area.
3.2   03-03-11    233 Shaftesbury     Details pursuant to                                  D
                  Avenue               condition 4 (noise              No objection.
                                       assessment) of planning         Mindful of the fact
                  2011/1014/P          permission granted              that work has been
                                       02/12/2010 (Ref:                done to improve the
                                       2010/4826/P) for external       noise situation and
                                       alterations including the       provided this meets
                                       replacement of plant at roof    with the stated noise-
                                       level and new handrail,         level requirements,
                                       replacement of the glass        CGCA does not
                                       wall to the north rear          object.
                                       elevation and new
                                       balustrade to terrace of
                                       existing building.
3.3   04-03-11    16-20 Shorts         Internal alteration to                               D
                  Gardens              commercial properties           No objection.
                                       (Class B1) including the
                  2011/1059/L          formation of a new door
                                       opening approximately

                             Covent Garden Community Association
                                    Planning Sub-committee
                                        1200mm (width) x 2200mm
                                        (height) wide as a means of
                                        linking both buildings at first
                                        floor level.
3.4    08-03-11   9 Denmark Street     Change of use of first floor                             D
                                        rear mezzanine from               No objection.
(14)              2011/0610/P           recording studio (Class B1)       CGCA believes there
                                        to restaurant (Class A3)          should be a
                                        including internal                restriction on the
                                        reconfiguration of rear           hours of operation in
                                        extension, external               order to prevent the
                                        alterations to rear extension     restaurant from
                                        roof, installation of external    harming residential
                                        extraction plant and rear         amenity. We prefer
                                        basement extension in             the hours to be 8am-
                                        association with existing         midnight Monday-
                                        restaurant.                       Saturday and 10am-
                                                                          23:00 on Sunday.
                                                                          Otherwise, we have
                                                                          no objection.
3.5    08-03-11   65 Endell Street      Installation (works                                      K
                                        underway) of 1x air               CGCA requests
(11)              2011/0995/P           conditioning unit and             confirmation that
                                        acoustic enclosure to rear        these works will not
                                        roof at ground floor of           have a cumulative
                                        health clinic (Class D1).         noise effect on
3.6    08-03-11   65 Endell Street      Internal and external                                    K
                                        alterations to basement and       CGCA requests
                  2011/0997/L           ground floor retail unit          confirmation that
                                        including installation of air     these works will not
                                        conditioning units to roof at     have a cumulative
                                        rear court yard.                  noise effect on
3.7    11-03-11   14-16 Betterton      Alterations including                                    D
                  Street and 62-70      change of use from office         No objection.
(21)              Shorts Gardens        (Class B1) to sport and           Although CGCA is
                                        leisure (Class D2) at             not objecting to this
                  2011/1031/P           basement, ground floor and        application, we are
                                        first floor mezzanine level,      concerned about the
                                        erection of an extension at       hours of operation
                                        first floor mezzanine floor       and noise breakout
                                        level for use as a studio         resulting from music
                                        (Class D2) and installation       emanating from the
                                        of replacement doors on           gym that is disruptive
                                        front elevation at ground         to nearby residents.
                                        floor level.                      We want to be
                                                                          assured that no noise
                              Covent Garden Community Association
                                     Planning Sub-committee
                                                                         will be emanating
                                                                         from within the gym.

3.8    14-03-11   Freemasons Hall      Removal of existing                                  D
                  60 Great Queen        speakers and installation of     No objection.
                  Street                new sound system in the          While CGCA has no
                                        Grand Temple of                  objection, we believe
                  2011/0415/L           Freemasons' Hall (Class          that the new
                                        D1).                             speakers are more
                                                                         obtrusive than the
                                                                         existing ones.
3.9    01-03-11   Site at Bedford      Extension of time for the                           D
                  Court Garage,         commencement of                  No objection.
                  Bedford Court         development granted
                                        planning permission dated
                  11/01483/FULL         27 March 2008 (extant
                                        permission: RN: 07/06928)
                                        for demolition of existing
                                        garage and erection of new
                                        eight storey building to
                                        provide six apartments with
                                        three car parking spaces at
                                        ground floor.
3.10   02-03-11   77-78 St Martin’s    Dual/ alternative use of the                        D
                  Lane                  third and fourth floors of 77-   No objection.
                                        78 St Martin's Lane to           Although CGCA has
                  11/01255/FULL         provide seven residential        no objection, we
                                        units (Class C3) or              would definitely
                                        continued office (Class B1)      prefer Class C3
                                        use. Erection of roof access     usage and not Class
                                        structure and alterations to     B1.
                                        existing roof structure to
                                        allow for access to new roof
                                        terraces and rooflight.
                                        Installation of ventilation
                                        grilles at roof level. (Break-
                                        through into 79 St Martin's
                                        Lane at fourth floor level to
                                        provide an emergency
3.11   04-03-11                    
                  33 Catherine Street   Extension of time for the                           D
                                        commencement of                  No objection
                  11/01636/FULL         development granted
                                        planning permission on 23
                                        April 2008 (extant
                                        permission RN: 08/01971);
                                        namely, installation of new
                                        shopfront and awning; and
                              Covent Garden Community Association
                                     Planning Sub-committee
                                        use of redundant corridor at
                                        ground floor level as part of
                                        the existing sandwich bar
                                        (Class A1).
3.12   04-03-11   19 New Row           Retention of a silencer to                              D
                                        the supply ductwork, two air       No objection.
                  10/09918/FULL         conditioning units, a chiller      Although CGCA is
                                        unit and enclosure and             not objecting, we are
                                        silencer for fridge chiller unit   very unhappy about
                                        and extension of supply            the size of the units,
                                        duct system to the rear first      chiller and duct
                                        floor flat roof area.              system and the
                                                                           visual impact it will
                                                                           have on nearby
3.13   10-03-11   20 Upper St          Installation of two awnings                              K
                  Martin’s Lane (The    and four heaters on the            Objection.
                  Sussex)               Long Acre frontage of the          The CGCA objects to
                                        Public House.                      this application as
                  11/00879/FULL                                            the site is on a very
                                                                           busy pedestrian
                                                                           particularly as there
                                                                           is heavy footfall
                                                                           between Covent
                                                                           Garden and
                                                                           Leicester Square.
                                                                           This will encourage
                                                                           further obstruction by
                                                                           customers sheltering
                                                                           under the awning to
                                                                           smoke, which will
                                                                           cause pedestrians
                                                                           having to walk in the

4.     Tables and Chairs
4.1    04-03-11 10 Bedford Street       Use of an area of the public                            K
                                        highway measuring 4.8m x           Objection.
                  11/01193/TCH          1.5m for the placing of 5          CGCA still feels that
                                        tables and 9 chairs in             this is a poorly
                                        connection with Caffé Nero.        placed location for
                                                                           tables and chairs, as
                                                                           there is very heavy
                                                                           footfall and the
                                                                           applicant does not
                                                                           control positioning of
                                                                           the tables and chairs

                              Covent Garden Community Association
                                     Planning Sub-committee
                                                                         within the prescribed
                                                                         1.5 metres.
4.2   08-03-11   32-34 Wellington        Use of an area of public                            D
                 Street                  highway measuring 7.0m x        No objection.
                                         0.95m for the placing of four
                 11/00535/TCH            tables and eight chairs in
                                         connection with the
                                         restaurant at No. 32-34
                                         Wellington Street.

5.    Licensing matters – comments required

6.    Miscellaneous consultations – comments required

7.    Information or up-dates received – no action required

8.   Next Meeting & future presentations
8.1 Tuesday, 5th April 2011
8.2 Tuesday, 19th April 2011

9.    Any Other Business

                               Covent Garden Community Association
                                      Planning Sub-committee

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