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									4.1 Identifying agricultural
    four-wheeled tractor
Four wheeled tractor
o   Power : 12 HP - 80 HP
o   Type         two-wheeled drive
                  four-wheeled drive
o   Using multi cylindered diesel engine with
    cooler water
o   Equipped with         pto (power take off)
                          Three-point joint system
Equipments of tractor :
   Standard iron wheel with lasing
   Rubber wheel
   Hutch wheel
   Cultivator Plough
   Harrow
   Gelebeg
   Iron wheel with long tread
   Iron wheel with wide tread
   Parabola plough
Parts of four-wheeled tractor
   Engine
   Power transmission device
   Running device
   Steering device
   Working device
   Equipped with diesel engine, 4-stroke, with
    water cooler
   Equipped with 2-6 cylinder
   Generally equipped with :
     1. Fuel system
     2. Lubrication system
     3. Cooler system
     4. Electrical system
Energy conductor appliance
   Function : channeling energy from engine to
    wheel, axis of (power take off), oil pump
   Groove of energy channeling

                                   Differential   Axis
engine     coupling   Speed gear
                                       gear       wheel
Appliances to move
 Big size

  Function     Big ground clearance
               To make easy move on uneven
                farm land
                Improving ability of traction
 Equipped with : brake with bearing and
                  waterproof seal
Drive appliances
   Equipped with dive room      To control front
    wheels through drive wheel
   Applying power steering system

        Function : Making driving tractor easy
Appliance to work
   In the form of three-point hitch
    Function : hold mutually implement

   Equipped with        Automatic positive controlling
                         Automatic draft controlling

Automatic positive controlling appliance
     Function : to take care of implement at set height

Automatic draft controlling
     Function to keep pulling resistance stable
Things to be paid attention in
choosing tractor :
1.   Work which is wished to be done/conducted
2.   Farm land type
3.   Office hours per year
4.   Width tilled farm land
5.   Distance among check pieces of farm land
6.   Frequency of move
7.   Condition of work and move
8.   Inclination of farm land

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