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Powerstar Service Sheet


CUSTOMER NAME                                                                                          Kms / Hrs
MODEL                                                                                                  DATE
VIN Number                                                                                             JOB CARD Number

                                                 1 st    A      B     C              Remarks                                                         1 st       A   B        C     Remarks       Additional Remarks
Drain & replace engine oil and check level                                                             Replace engine oil & filters
Check coolant level & antifreeze content                                    50% by vol.                Replace antifreeze coolant                                                12 months/90000km
Check radiator & intercooler hoses & cap                                                               Clean radiator and intercooler core
Check condition of radiator & intercooler                                                              Pressure test cooling system incl cap
Check thermostat function                                                                              Lubricate water pump
Check condition of fan blades & cowling                                                                Check cut in/out function of viscous hub
Check condition & tension V belts                                                                      Change fuel filters
Check fuel lines/hoses routing & condition                                                             Drain fuel water trap
Check accelerator function full travel/stop                                                            Replace water trap element
Check air intake restriction                                                                           Check Fuel tank mtg., filler cap & pipes
Check engine mountings                                                                                 Check function of accelerator
Adjust tappets                                                                                         Change air filters
Check exhaust brake operation                                                                          Check cyl compression
Check injector press.& spray pattern                                        calibrate 12mths or 120K   Inspect air trunking condition & for leaks
Check injector pump timing                                                  calibrate 12mths or 120K   Inspect intercooling hose condition
Check oil level                                                                                        Replace transmission oil
Check transfer box oil level                                                                           Replace transfer box oil
Check clutch master & booster for leaks                                                                Check clutch Adjustment
Check clutch fluid level                                                                               Change clutch Fluid                                                       12 months/90000km
Check propshaft/centre bearing/slip joint                                                              Lubricate propshaft "U" joints & slide
Check gear rod action & adjustment                                                                     Lubricate release bearing                                                 Where applicable
Clean range change valve filter & set pressure                              Fuller                     Replace transmission breather
Front Axle
Check front axle for damage & wear                                                                     Lubricate S cams
Check king pin wear/play                                                                               Check steering stops condition
Check wheel bearing play                                                                               Repack wheel bearings
Check wheel studs/nuts                                                                                 Torque wheel nuts
Check tyre condition/pressure
Check wheel alignment where necessary                                       Check & Adjustment is for customer account

                           Model                                     Flat Rate                                        Service Sequence                                       Service Intervals
Powerstar 6 x 4                                  1.50   5.00   6.00 12.00            PDI- 3.00                              A,A,B,A,A,C             Shorthaul/Construction                               5 000 Km
Powerstar 8 X 4                                  1.50   5.00   6.00 13.00            PDI - 3.5                              A,A,B,A,A,C             Medium Haul                                         10 000 Km
Powerstar 6 x 6                                  4.50   5.00   6.00 14.00             PDI - 4                               A,A,B,A,A,C             Long Haul                                           15 000 Km
                                                 1 st     A         B   C   Remarks                                           1 st   A   B     C      Remarks        Additional Remarks
Check power steering oil level                                                        Renew power steering oil / filter
Check steering arms/box/links                                                         Tighten steer arm / box / link arm
Check steering column joints are secure                                               Lubricate steering mechanism
Check steering system for leaks                                                       Check turning angles & press release
Differential/ Rear Axle
Check diff oil levels                                                                 Change diff oil
Check diff pinion play                                                                Repack wheel bearings
Check wheel bearing wear/play                                                         Torque wheel nuts
Check wheel studs/nuts                                                                Check trunnion oil
Check trunnion wear / play                                                            Replace differential breather filters
Check differential breathers                                                          Check hub reduction oils
Check brake condition & operation                                                     Check brake pipes
Check brake disc / drums                                                              Check brake system for leaks
Check load sensing setting                                                            Check compressor build up time
Check governor / unloader valve                                                       Check all pipes/hoses condition
Check & Torque all bolts and nuts                                                     Drain air tanks
Check chassis / cross members/bumper                                                  Renew air drier dessicant
Inspect & torque U bolts and springs                                                  Lubricate shackle bushes
Check cab tilt oil & operation                                                        Lubricate 5th wheel & mountings                              Truck Tractor
Check all lights and equipment                                                        Check spare wheel carrier mech
Service batteries                                                                     Check load body mounting system
Check operation of gauges & warning devices                                           Check operation of PTO & hydraulics
Check operation of diff lock                                                          Replace Hyd. Filters                                   1000 hrs or C Service
Road Test
Check for abnormal noise or vibration                                                 Test brake / exhaust brake operation
Check warning buzzers                                                                 Test diff lock operation
Check operation of all gauges                                                         Lubricate door locks and hinges
Check condition & operation of wipers                                                 Carry out general chassis lubrication
Check for fluid / air leaks throughout                                                ROAD TEST VEHICLE

           Service Manager / Advisor Signature          Technician Name:
                        Dealer Stamp

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