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                    Updated: March 2009

                 BY – LAWS


A nomination form shall be sent to each club to be in the hands of the Club
Administration Officer at least fourteen (14) days before the appointed date of the last
Delegate Meeting before the AGM to be circulated to all clubs with
affiliation/nomination forms. All nomination forms must be received by TNA at/by
the last delegate’s meeting prior to AGM.

Such forms shall provide for the nomination of members who seek election at the
AGM and the nominee’s signature if unable to attend the AGM.

Also, provision shall be made on the club’s recommendations to the Executive of
members to be appointed to various positions as required herein.

The Executive shall not be bound to make appointment only from those members
recommended by the clubs.


Each Club affiliated with the TNA the previous winter season shall receive an
Affiliation form at least fourteen (14) day before the AGM.

For new clubs applying to affiliate with the TNA, affiliation forms shall be available
at the AGM or upon request from the Administration Officer.

Information required on the Affiliation Form shall include:-

   a.      Club name
   b.      Uniform colours (to be approved by the Executive).
   c.      Bib colours
   d.      Uniform style (to comply with the rules herein).
   e.      Names of officials.
   f.      Address and phone number of Secretary or contact person.


Application for membership of the TNA shall be on the appropriate form supplied by
the TNA, and handed to the Administration Officer with the set membership fee.

Information required on the membership form shall include:-

   a.      Name, address and phone number of applicant
   b.      Class of membership (Ordinary or Independent)
   c.      Club association (if any)

Players registering with the TNA shall be deemed to be members of the Association.


Clubs shall register all players on the team forms supplied by the TNA. Once
registered in a team, a club cannot have that player’s registration transferred to a
lower division. The club may approach the Executive to have a player’s registration
transferred to a lower division in exceptional circumstances. The club shall be bound
by the Executive decision. This rule does not cancel clause (7) under fixtures.

Teams shall be graded into divisions by the Grading Committee.

Information required on the Player Registration form shall include:-

   a.      Team name
   b.      Player’s name
   c.      Signature of player
   d.      Players 14 years and up prepared to umpire. (A minimum of 1 umpire of a
           suitable standard must be named on the form and given to the Umpires’
           Convenor. Younger players may indicate their willingness to umpire.)


Clubs shall apply for affiliation on the appropriate Club Registration form and, unless
notified otherwise, such application shall have been accepted.

Applications for affiliation will be accepted up to seven (7) days before the
commencement of fixtures. Later applications must go to the Executive for approval.

Clubs affiliated with the Association shall be bound by the Constitution and By-Laws
of the TNA and subject to its jurisdiction.

On affiliation, clubs must be represented at Delegate Meetings.


All membership, affiliation and registration fees for the year, and ground fees for the
winter fixture season shall be fixed at the next meeting upon notification from Netball
Queensland of their fees for the season. Any compulsory Insurance Levy to be
included in the Registration Fee.

Fees, other than prescribed herein, shall be fixed by the Executive.


           1.     Representative players shall wear the approved uniform supplied
                  by the Association.
           2.     Club uniform shall be netball skirt, sports tee shirt, sports briefs(no
                  bike pants lower than the skirt allowed). sports sandshoes and
                  above ankle socks.
           3.     School teams may wear the school sports uniform ( excluding
                  shorts and bike pants.)
           4.     Club colours are to be submitted on the registration form for
           5.     Representative player’s uniforms shall conform with the rules of
                  the QNA.

Every team member must be in club uniform as described on the affiliation form
handed in by each club at the AGM.
Each club has nominated their colour of Bib to be worn. Clubs who have newer
uniforms have been allowed to have similar colours play under the proviso that
when playing an established club who has had that colour for many years that a
different colour be worn for that game.
Skirts – Every player MUST wear the club skirt as stated on the club affiliation form
Shirts – Club shirts nominated on the affiliation form are to be worn by all players.
Socks – All players must wear socks. They must be above the ankle and be the colour
nominated on the affiliation form.
No boxer shorts are to be worn and bike pants must not be lower than the length of the
Clubs have the grading round to get all their members into uniform.
Any new player has 3 games to be outfitted


           1.     The names of at least five (5) players per team must be registered
                  with the Association before the first fixture game.
           2.     After 28 days following registration of a team a minimum of seven
                  (7) players must be registered per team.
           3.     Teams may register new players up to and including three fixture
                  games prior to semi-finals in any one year.
           4.     There is a maximum of twelve (12) registered players per team. (If
                  the team has twelve registered players, one player must be de-
                  registered before another can be registered in that team).
           5.     New players must be registered before the first game played.
                  Failure to comply with this ruling will result in a forfeit of the
                  match to the opposing team.
           6.     Clubs shall pay player registration fees within 28 days following
                  the first fixture game. Players registering after this date must pay
                  fees with registration.
                   i. Clubs not complying with this rule will be deemed to be
                      playing unregistered players

                  ii. Irrespective of (a) a club may approach the Executive for an
                      extension of time to pay. The club shall then be bound by the
                      decision of the Executive.
           7.     Player registration shall be on the appropriate form supplied by the
           8.     In the event of a club disbanding during the season, it’s members
                  shall be at liberty to join another club of their choice, without
                  paying further registration fees. The player’s new club must notify
                  the Association.
           9.     A clearance in written form must be obtained to transfer from one
                  club to another during or between a season, endorsed by the
                  Secretary of her previous club. One (1) transfer only will be
                  granted during any one season, unless in unforseen circumstances,
                  when the Executive may decide otherwise.
           10.    To receive a clearance, a player must be financial with her previous
                  club. A club cannot refuse to give a player a clearance if she is
                  fully financial.
           11.    A player’s age on the 31st December in the current year shall
                  determine the age group in which she may play.


The Executive shall have the power to appoint Sub-Committees, other than prescribed
herein, and may confer upon them such authority as deemed necessary.

All Sub-Committees shall be answerable to the Executive and shall submit a verbal
report to Delegate and Executive meetings when requested, or as required herein. Sub
Committee must inform Executive of times and date of any meeting and that there
must be a member of the executive at any sub committee meeting.

The President, Administration Officer or another member of the Executive will attend
any/all Sub-Committee meetings (other than those of which they are a member) on
behalf of the Executive and in an advisory capacity only.

Sub-Committees shall convene and otherwise conduct their meetings, when and
where necessary for the proper management of their particular Sub-Committee and
shall advise the Administration Officer of any such meeting.

Sub-Committees shall, as soon as practicable after formation, elect or appoint a
convenor/chairman, except where otherwise provided by the Executive or the rules of
the Association, or if the President is a member of the Committee, in which case they
shall be Chairman.

A copy of all inward and outward sub-committee correspondence shall be given to the
Association Administration Officer within 14 days of such correspondence having
been sent or received. All correspondence must be handled through the Association
address. The TNA Administration Officer shall distribute all inward sub-committee
correspondence to the appropriate Sub-Committee’s Convenor.


The Umpires’ Committee shall consist of at least three (3) members, which will
include the Umpires’ Convenor (elected at the AGM and a member of the Executive)
and a minimum of two (2) other members appointed by the Executive.

The Executive may appoint additional members for such length of time and to carry
out such duties as from time to time may become necessary.

The appointed members shall assist the Convenor with all the duties as prescribed
under Umpires’ Convenor.

The Umpires’ Committee shall set a time and date for a regular monthly umpires’
meeting during the winter fixture season. The dates of such meetings must have the
approval of the Executive.

The Umpires’ Convenor shall keep all members of the Association informed of any
relevant information as may be supplied by Queensland.

The Umpires’ Committee shall check that umpires appointed to games are carrying
out their duties.

The Umpires’ Committee shall appoint qualified umpires to train and be responsible
for Association Umpires. The appointees shall be selected from umpires who have a
acquired a “B” grade Toowoomba umpire’s badge or higher, or a QLD Umpires’
badge. Other persons may be considered for appointment but firstly must be
recommended by the Umpires’ Committee and approved by the Executive.

The TNA shall make available (at cost) any literature considered necessary in the
training and upgrading of umpires.

Each appointed person in charge shall:-

   a.      Be fully conversant with the rules and their interpretation (both local and
           All Australia).
   b.      Be responsible for the training of umpires allotted to them
   c.      Be available (where possible) to advise and assist the umpires under their
           control, when they are rostered on to umpire.
   d.      Attend regular monthly meetings of umpires during the winter fixture

The Umpires’ Committee shall consider all recommendations for TNA Umpire’s
Badges put forward by the appointed person in charge and shall submit their final
recommendations to the Executive for approval.

The Umpires’ Committee shall jointly with the Executive, set a date/s for the
presentation of Umpires Badges.

The Umpires’ Committee shall keep a detailed written record of all Umpire Badges
presented to TNA umpires and this is to be placed on file.


Each club shall submit, on the appropriate form, the names of umpires equivalent to
the number of teams registered by that club. Umpires not named on the form, but
known to be of a satisfactory standard, may be approached by the Umpire’s
Committee and named to umpire at the Committee’s discretion. Clubs shall be held
responsible for the availability of their umpires when rostered to umpire games. If the
person named to umpire is unable to carry out these duties, the rostered umpire’s club
must find a suitable replacement.

If this rule is not complied with, fines and/or penalties (such as loss of points) as set
by the Executive shall be implemented.

Notifying a member of the Executive or Umpire’s Committee of their unavailability
to umpire does not excuse them from the previous clause.

Umpires should wear white or club uniform. No other shall be accepted unless
authorised by Umpires Convenor/Executive.

Clubs are required to supply a suitable umpire for each round for the number of teams
they have nominated.

FINALS: The number of teams a club has in the finals is the number of umpires that
a club is required to provide. They are to be provided for the round in which they are
playing and MUST be of suitable standard. Neutral umpires to still be placed on
games at the discretion of the umpires’ convenor in conjunction with the executive. If
there is no umpire supplied then a team cannot take the court as is the rule during


The Coaching and Development Committee shall consist of a minimum of three (3)
members appointed by the Executive and shall and shall be chaired by the
Development Officer:

   a.      Implement any programs thought necessary for the training of coaches and
           players within the Association.
   b.      Answer any queries or settle any disputes (if possible) as may be directed
           to them regarding coaches or coaching.
   c.      Assist any club or team that may request advice on any coaching matter.
   d.      Become familiar with any programmes organised by the Queensland
           Coaching and Development Committee and encourage coaches and those
           interested in coaching to attend seminars, courses, etc. to improve their
           coaching abilities.
   e.      Carry out any duties associated with coaching or coaches as directed by
           the Executive.


The Executive may appoint a Fixture Committee of five (5), otherwise the Fixture
Committee shall consist of the Executive Committee.

Should the Executive appoint a Fixture Sub-Committee, the committee shall consist
of five (5) members from different clubs.

The Fixture Committee shall :-

   a.     Conduct the draw for all games under the control of the TNA.
   b.     Allocate clubs their Duty Club Day.
   c.     Cause to be printed, copies of the draw for each round and distribute to all
   d.     Allow adequate time following the draw for cubs to allocate Umpires to
          each match.

The Executive may appoint a Grading Committee of five (5), otherwise the Grading
Committee shall consist of the Executive Committee.

Should the Executive Committee appoint a Grading Committee, the Committee shall
consist of five (5) members from different clubs.

The Grading Committee shall:-

   b.     Be responsible for the grading of all teams
   c.     Have the authority to regrade any team during the season, which they
          believe to be playing in a division above or below their standard.
   d.     Obtain, from the Assistant Admin Officers , the record of games and any
          notes or information that may be required by them.


   1.     The Executive shall have the control of all fixture games within the TNA
          and may appoint member/s of the Association to assist when and where
   2.     All games shall be played according to the rules of the AANA
   3.     All fixture games shall be played on Saturdays, except where
          circumstances prevent and an alternative date has been presented and
          confirmed by the Exec of TNA The draw will as much as possible try to
          accommodate for the many school teams which are part of the
          Toowoomba Netball Assoc. However this is not always going to be the
          case with so many requests. On as many occasions as possible we will try
          to put schools against schools on holiday weekends.
           On a scheduled fixture game if a school is unable to play on that Saturday
           due to a school based activity (eg boarders weekend, fete, holidays) they
           may approach their opponent to organize a different playing time. Games
           can be played the week prior or week after. TNA needs to be advised in
           writing of the new date, time and place so insurance still covers the game.
           Scorecard will be available and then must be returned as soon as possible.
           Teams are to provide their own umpires, scorers, timekeepers and first

      If schedule game is played and then that Saturday fixtures is cancelled
      then game will receive no points as per by laws.

4.    In the event of inclement weather, the President and any other 2 members
      of the Executive shall jointly make a decision as to whether the matches
      will proceed.
5.    If a decision has been made to abandon fixtures or otherwise, due to
      inclement weather, such announcements shall be broadcast over local radio
      stations, and a message on the TNA answering machine.
6.    Rained off fixture games will not be played unless required to complete a
      round in placement of teams for finals. Each team shall be allocated two
      (2) points.
7.    A team cannot take the court with less than five (5) original registered
8.    If a club registers two or more teams with the Association, the higher
      division may borrow players from the lower division until a player has
      played in the higher division (3) times. Should the higher team not have 7
      registered players, then the game played in the higher division shall not be
      deemed to be counted as having been played in the higher division. If a
      registered player from the team has been sat off for any part of the game
      then the player from the lower division will be counted as having played
      up a game. This is to be noted on the score card.
9.    Where a club has two teams in the same division, interchanging or
      borrowing of players between these teams is not permitted.
10.   In the event of a team forfeiting two (2) consecutive matches the club shall
      be called upon to show cause for such forfeitures. Opposing teams must
      appear on court and sign the score card to claim the forfeit. A minimum of
      five (5) players of that registered team must sign the score card.
11.   Should a team forfeit prior to Saturday fixtures, the opposing team is not
      required to be present on that fixture date.
12.   A player is not permitted to play in a team below the division in which her
      team is registered. If this should occur, the team for which she is
      borrowed shall lose points for that game regardless of the result.
13.   All teams must register the players in attendance for each game on the
14.   Scorers and Umpires shall check and sign the score card at the conclusion
      of the match.
15.   To be eligible to play in the semi-finals and grand final, a team must have
      five (5) of their registered players on court at all times and all players must
      have played three (3) full games on (3) set fixtures dates throughout the
16.   The Fixture Committee has the right to re-grade any team during the
      season (but only in exceptional circumstances).
17.   The President may settle minor disputes during fixture matches, such as
      interpretation of rules, etc. Any protests or disputes of a more serious
      nature must be in writing to the Administration Officer within 30 minutes
      of completion of the match and will come before the Executive within 48
      hours of lodgement.
18.   A player cannot take the court in the finals unless she is in full club
      uniform. Positional patches form part of a player’s uniform.
19.   In cold weather, tracksuits may be worn on the court with the condition
      that the skirt and positional patch is clearly visible. The wearing of

           tracksuits on the court is not encouraged and permission must be sought by
           the players and approved by three (3) of the Executive. Tracksuits will not
           be allowed in the Finals.
   20.     If a decision is made to allow the wearing of tracksuits during fixtures an
           announcement of such decision shall be made over the Public Address
   21.     Any player found guilty of disputing an Umpire’s decision on the court, or
           otherwise misconducting herself, shall be liable to be suspended for such
           time, or otherwise dealt with, as the Executive may decide. Umpires shall
           report in writing such players to the Administration Officer.
   22.     A fixture draw shall be made available to each team.
   23.     The Coaches of U/10 teams may be required to umpire and coach the team
           during fixtures.
   24.     Games must be played on the date stated in the draw unless:-
           Should a Junior or Senior team/s have three (3) players unavailable due to
           Darling Downs Netball and/or Rep/State League commitments, the club
           concerned may make arrangements with the opposing club to have the
           match played on the Monday prior to or Monday after the fixture day, 4pm
           at Netball Association, and supply own umpires. The club requiring the
           postponement shall notify the opposing club and the TNA Administration
           Officer no less than 48 hours before the gazetted match and shall make all
           arrangements for the postponed match to be played on the alternative date
           (including independent umpires). Should the opposing team be unable to
           play at the alternative date match will be an automatic forfeit to the team
           able to play on the gazetted date. Should it rain on the gazetted Saturday
           and this fixture has already been played it will be not be counted.

           Boarding Schools not available to play on gazetted date must notify both
           opposing Club and TNA in writing 2 weeks prior to fixture so a court can
           be allocated for double header if agreed to by both teams. Double header
           to be played on the Saturday one week prior to the gazetted date.

All spectators must be situated 1.5m back from the sideline area. No spectator should
be positioned across the baseline area. If this is not adhered to, the game will cease
and not continue until all spectators are correctly positioned.
If at the completion of the game there is a tied score, then teams will have a 2 minute
break where there will be a toss for the centre pass for extra time.
Teams will then take the court and 5 minutes each way will be played with 1minute
break for any changes and drink.
If there is still a tied score at the completion of this play, it is the first team to be 2
goals ahead. Executive discretion will come into place at this stage – taking into
consideration the age of the players, the level, the weather conditions – the length of
time this continues.
 It may be that the 2 teams be given a drawn result except for Div 1.
This information was handed down by Netball Queensland to TNA upon phone
conversation 2005.

Recording of players and fixtures will be done by the Assistant Admin Officer.

Details of all players and officials to be forwarded to Netball Queensland promptly at
beginning of season. This will be completed by the Assistant Admin Officer.


The Association or Executive shall approve and set dates for any Carnival. The
Executive may appoint a Carnival Committee to conduct any or all Carnivals,
otherwise the Carnival Committee shall consist of the Executive Committee and

   a.      Have printed and distributed (by post or otherwise) nomination forms
           and/or circulars which may be necessary in connection with the
           arrangement of any Carnival
   b.      Inform the Canteen Committee of the expected number of team attending
           each Carnival.
   c.      Conduct the draw, in conjunction with the Umpire Co-ordinatorr, and
           allocate the Umpires for each Carnival.
   d.      Appoint a dispute Committee for each Carnival
   e.      Write up score cards arrange in folders with the draw and a list of rules
           under which the teams will compete (one folder per team)
   f.      Draw up a recorder’s book and appoint a minimum of two recorders
   g.      In conjunction with the Canteen Committee, allocate Toowoomba teams
           and/or members to assist in the canteen.
   h.      Appoint additional Association members to assist in the organisation
           and/or running of each Carnival, when and where necessary.


The Canteen Committee shall consist of a member of the Executive (preferably the
Financial Admin) plus the Canteen convenor.

The Canteen Committee shall be responsible for the running of the canteen. This
includes the purchasing and payment of all saleable goods. Any equipment to be
bought must be passed at any Association Meeting.

The Association Assistant Admin assistant shall be assist the Financial Admin of the
Canteen Committee.

The Canteen Convenor shall be the purchasing officer who shall, at the direction of
the Committee, be responsible for the purchasing of all goods to be sold in the canteen
and the hire of any stalls or vans required for any carnival.

The Committee shall have a floating account of $500.00 which shall be:-

   a.      Banked in the name “Toowoomba Netball Association (Inc) Canteen
           Fund” at a bank agreed upon by the TNA Executive.
   b.      Administered by the Executive’s Financial Administrator and TNA
               President and both whom to sign cheques.
   c.      Increased on the recommendation of the Convenor and at the discretion of
               the Executive for an amount and such length of times as the Executive
               deems necessary.
   d.      All monies over and above $500.00 shall be handed to the Association
               Financial Administrator at the end of each winter season and banked
               into an established fund. Utilisation of these funds shall be determined
               by the Executive Committee.

Clubs shall supply a minimum of three (3) helpers in the canteen on their duty club
day with extra available if requested by the Committee. Helpers must be aged 15
years and over.

The Convenor shall give a verbal report when called upon by the Executive.

The Purchasing Officer shall keep a “Canteen Purchases Book” in which shall be
entered all dates, purchases and prices.

The Committee Financial Admin shall:-

   b.        Keep records which show financial position of the canteen fund.
   c.        Issue all receipts for all monies from Canteen Sub Committee
   d.        Be responsible for the banking and recording of all funds that may be
             established by the Canteen Committee
   e.        Have books available for inspection at all Delegate and Executive
   f.        Present balance sheets and books in sufficient time prior to the AGM for
             said accounts to be audited with those of the Association Treasurer.

The Canteen Committee shall:-

   a.      Keep, from week to week, a set amount of change as shall be decided by
           the Committee. At the conclusion of the season all such change shall be
   b.      At the conclusion of trading each day, count all monies received and hand
           all money to be banked to the Committee Treasurer and receive receipt.

The Canteen Convenor shall keep a ledger in which shall be recorded the weekly
Income and Expenditure of the Canteen Committee.

At the conclusion of each financial year, all books, records, etc. shall be handed to the
Executive in mid-October.


The Complex Improvement and Development Committee shall consist of the
Executive Committee and shall:-

   a.      Negotiate with Council on any ground improvements or development that
           may be approved by the Association.
   b.      Appoint any member/s of the Association to acquire any quotes that may
           be necessary
   c.      Purchase any equipment that may be approved by the Association.
   d.      Have any equipment repaired when necessary.

The Committee may appoint a Groundsman carry out any general repairs when
Court Marking needs to be done as required throughout the season.


Premier League Coaches are to be named by and at an Executive meeting prior to
Trials in October.
Nomination forms for State Age, Challenge and 12yrs Development to be give out at
the AGM and to be in hands of the Administration Officer by January Executive
Meeting. Coaches and managers are to be named at the first executive meeting in


Selection panel shall consist firstly of the Coach of that particular team, an
independent arbitrator appointed by TNA Executive and one other coach involved in
that area of selection (eg State Age/Challenge/12yr Development/Premier League).


The Selectors shall conduct trials to select the required number of players, stated by
the Executive, for each Representative team. The Executive will set the dates for the
trials. The Selectors may replace, at any time, any selected player who fails to fulfil
their obligations, or any player who becomes unfit for the contest, first choice being
shadow player. The Manager/ess and/or Coach may report any such player or players
to the Executive.
Nine (9) players are to be selected at selections. This is in line with NQ regulations.
At the time of selections 3 shadow players are to be named if possible (preferably on
– 1 from each court area). These players are to be part of the training of that team and
if for any reason a player withdraws from the original team a shadow player will be
able to take that place.
Shadow players for State Age are able to trial for Challenge Teams.
Same process for Challenge Teams - that three shadow players are to be named.
Premier League Trials – 9 players are to be named in October and then teams are to
have a minimum of 10 players named for the beginning of the season.and if the
standard is suitable – 3 shadow players to be named.
If at any stage a Premier League Team requires a player it will be a coach’s discretion
to find a player of standard for this elite team.

Where at all possible and where the options allow, parents are not to be the coach or
manager of the Rep team of which their daughter is part of.


Representative Team Coaches shall arrange, with the players, mutually acceptable
days and times for training. Monday night will be set aside for representative

Training shall be at least once a week leading up to the State Championships. The
Coach shall then decide the amount of training necessary depending on the
Representative Carnivals the Executive may decide the teams will attend.

The Coach may report players to the Executive for non-attendance at training without
a reasonable excuse.

At any Representative Carnival the Coach has the power to change the position of
players for the benefit of the team.


When Managers has been appointed by the Executive, all players in the
Representative team concerned shall be under the jurisdiction of the Managers and
Coaches for the duration of each carnival.

Duties of the Managers shall be:-

   a.      Responsible for the health and well- being of all members of eh team
           during each carnival.
   b.      To have the team at the designated courts a reasonable time before each
   c.      To be responsible for the collection ad return of score cards.
   d.      To be the scorer for the team where possible.
   e.      To be responsible for the collection and return, in a clean condition, of the
           Association uniforms.
   f.      Manager/ess, Coaches are to be appointed at the first meeting of the year,
           and a meeting shall be called to detail what is expected of them for the
           entire season. One duty would include attending a meeting of the
           Manager/ess, Coaches and team captains of each of the representative
           carnival, to discuss the developments of the day and any problems which
           may have arisen. This meeting would arbitrated by the Rep coordinator.
   g.      Be responsible for the safe return of the balls and positional patches at the
           end of each carnival.

The manger must inform the executive at any carnival if any player shows cause for
suspension or if any player is guilty of unbecoming conduct prejudicial to the interests
of the Association.


To be eligible for selection in Representative teams, players must be financial with the

All players nominating for selection shall attend selection trials. The Selectors may
invite a new player to the Association not previously nominated to attend a trial.

Any players who, whether nominated or invited, fail to attend a trial without
reasonable excuse shall be deemed to be unavailable.

The Executive shall have the right of veto on any nomination on grounds other than

A nomination fee may be required to accompany each nomination for selection. The
Executive shall set any such nomination fee.

Selected players shall hold themselves at the disposal of the Executive and shall
attend the State Championships and any other Representative Carnivals that the
Executive may decide upon.

Selected players shall continue to participate in fixture competition in their respective
club teams.

Players selected in Representative teams must be prepared to travel and be
accommodated as a team, under the supervision of Manager/ess.

All representative players from 14 years up are expected to sit for their Umpires
Theory Examination.


The Captains and Vice-Captain shall be appointed by the Coach after the team has
been in training.

The Captain shall:-
   a.     Assist the Manager and Coach in enforcing the observance of simple rules
          of training and conduct of the team
   b.     Assist the Manager wherever possible in the execution of their duties at the
   c.     Assist the Manager after each Carnival in the collection of the Association


The Uniform Manager shall be appointed by the Executive and shall be responsible
for the safe custody of the Representative Uniform and shall keep a detailed record of
who receives a uniform and its subsequent return.

The Uniform Manager may appoint a member of the Association to assist in the
distribution and recording of the uniform to representative players.

The Uniform Manager shall report any player to the Executive who fails to return the
uniform within a reasonable time.

The Executive shall make provision for the safe storage of the uniforms.

The Uniform Manager shall have control of any positional patches that may be
supplied by the Association.


All clubs will periodically be assigned to be Duty Club and shall carry out such duties
as required under Duty Clubs herein.

Clubs shall be appointed to be on duty periodically during the season and their duties
shall be:-
    a.     Appoint a minimum of three (3) of their members to work in the canteen at
           all sessions of the day. (more if requested by the Canteen Convenor)
    b.     Put out wheelie bins – place bin liners in each bin and empty all rubbish
           into industrial bin at end of play
    c.     On fine days, place tables and chairs out. These must all be returned at the
           end of play.
    d.     Sweep the bitumen courts when necessary
    e.     Pick up the rubbish on the grounds after the games and leave the grounds
           in a clean and tidy condition.
    f.     Have a responsible person to keep time in the tower for each round. There
           is to be no more than 2 people at a time in this room.


There are situations which unfortunately occur within Netball and need to be reported
to the Toowoomba Netball Association as soon as possible. There is no use
complaining to other people and then stating that nothing is done when correct
procedures are not followed.
The form should be completed as soon as possible aft the event.
Depending on the complaint, the form may be returned to a club as it should b dealt
with within a club environment.

   1. If complaint is about something happening through a game, an executive
      member must be informed and asked to come to the court. Do not leave it until
      after the game to notify anyone of e incident
   2. Complete complaints form as soon as possible after the event
   3. Executive or Sub Committee will investigate the complaint to the best of its
      ability. (Members must also keep in mind that often complaints are usually
      one person’s word against another)
   4. A letter will then be sent to both the person who has submitted the complaint
      and also to the person/team/spectator/official that the complaint was about.
   5. Both recipients have the right of reply if unhappy at this stage.
   6. If required further Executive meeting will be held.
   7. If further investigation a Complaints Tribunal will be set up to continue the


There is now a complete document outlining the Code of Conduct within Toowoomba
Netball. This document is available from the Website and ach club will have a hard

Once the temperature is above 30 degrees games will be reduced to 10 minute
quarters with 3 min quarter time breaks and half time to ensure every player has time
to fill water bottles and keep up levels of water.
If over 35 degrees games will be cancelled for the day.

Once temperature drops below **** games will be cancelled.

At least three members of the executive need to meet at 9 o’clock for a decision to be
made as to whether games will continue – taking into account the conditions of the
court for both players and officials.


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