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									                   VIENNA COLLEGE, NAMUGONGO
                    P.O. Box 27588, Kampala-Uganda - Tel: 0772 221 557 - Fax +256 414 288 674
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        Beginning of Term 1 Newsletter - August 2011
Dear Parents and Guardians,
We welcome all the new and old parents to Vienna College Namugongo. We thank you so much
for entrusting us with this noble cause of educating our children. Vienna College Namugongo has
moved a long way to this day. We understand the family expectations and we shall do everything
possible to nurture our learners to their fullest. In spite of the financial hardships that our families
go through, we are only delighted by the fact that our well knitted partnership shall bear fruits to
bring joy to our children and humanity.

Excellent Cambridge Results June 2011: We recorded excellent IGCSE results this year with
Mukuru Michael, Kakuba Cornelius, Kamikazi Natasha scoring distinctions, the highest
possible awards, followed by very respectable passes by other candidates. (See results on the
home page). The Board of Governors has granted partial scholarships to our gallant
achievers to pursue their A-level studies in Vienna College. These are; Mukuru, Kakuba,
Kamikazi, Namwawu, Chilongani, Asiimwe and Nganzi.

The A-levels continued with the strong display in key Science and Humanity principal subjects.
This has culminated into a mind boggling admission of our Cambridge A-levels into Ugandan
Public Universities in respectable disciplines. Four of our candidates, that is Anywar Joshua,
Nambi Treasure, Tolly Maria Sonia and Ashvin Kananathan have been admitted for
Medicine at Makerere University on government sponsorship on top of Kayanja Lawrence,
Obore Nathan and Aine Sheba in prestigious medical schools overseas, plus Akello Diana,
Tushemerirwe Sarah, Kakiika Kawothar for Medicine and Milvat Birungi for Pharmacy at
Mbarara University. Four other students have scooped Engineering Courses at Makerere
University and two at Kyambogo University. There are many others who have been admitted into
various disciplines including the Law Faculty, Software Engineering, Aeronautics
Engineering, Financial Accounting and Property Valuations both in International and Local
Universities. These include Byanjeru Yvonne, Winnifred Angom, James Odongo, Serunjogi
Mahad, Mukuru Sarah and Tugume Ivan respectively.

What a pleasure it has been to notice that our Cambridge Pioneer graduates have come back to
serve their nations Eng. Ibrahim Muwanga Kibirige Jnr, Bsc (Hons) Civil Engineering
(Nottingham University), Eng. Hussein Lubega, Bsc (Hons) Engineering Electrical and
Electronics and Rwatooro Davis, Telecommunications Engineering.

When we share this joy with you our continuing parents, it is a reassurance that the school you
entrust your children with is committed to getting the best out of your child. Please continue with
the cooperation in this noble cause.
The key aspect of Vienna’s rolling out this glory has been majorly your support, the prudent
guidance from the Board of Governors and the selfless effort of Management and staff which we
fully commit ourselves to. We are hopeful that God will guide us through.

Management shall continue with the tested winning strategies. The aspect of Term X Instruction
has always been key into our November AS results. This is our candidates’ greater advantage
when carrying forward stronger grades in A2. Similarly the IGCSE June 2012 class is given extra
attention on the road to the realization of their expectations.

To the year 08 (S.1) and year 10 (S.3) who have just embarked onto the IGCSE programme, the
resolve by the school to turn you into respectable citizens started well last term. There is no
turning back the clock. We urge parents to always interact with Management and individual
teachers to assess the progress of our children. Success will never come on a silver plate it has to
be worked for.

Discipline is a key ingredient in academic pursuit and thus we shall continue putting greater
emphasis on discipline and well grooming.

We thank the previous student leaders led by Mugabi Clive, Kasirye Karl, Neema Ngimbwa
and their team for a job well done. The current team led by Nkatha Stephanie and Rwakatare
Danford has started on a good pace and we urge you to continue.

The recent trip by year 12 showed us that youngsters can be trusted as they behaved well outside
school and we wish the year 08 and 10 a successful trip to Eastern Uganda; Sipi Falls. Parents
please sign the consent forms if you want your child to take part in that activity.

For your diary, please note: -

   28th August 2011: Reporting date for Year 08, 09 and Year 10 IGCSE
   29th August 2011: Cambridge Standard Assessment Mocks
   3rd September 2011: Year 08 and 10 trip to Eastern Uganda; Sipi Falls
   20th September 2011: Submission of Cambridge Project work. Computing, Art & Design
    and French oral examinations.
   22nd September 2011: Mid-term break for Year 11 and Year 13 CIE
   25th September 2011: Return of Candidates from the Break/Visitation Sunday
   11th October 2011: Start of CIE Written Examinations.
   23rd October 2011: Visitation Sunday
   9th November 2011: End of Term Examinations for non Candidates start
   18th November 2011: End of Term for non candidate classes
   24th November 2011: End of Cambridge International Examinations


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