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Welcome! The Allegro IFLEG game is meant to help you learn French.

The following document applies to the “Firestorm”, “Viewer2” and the 2nd generation
of Second Life clients. For the 1st generation (Phoenix), please check PJA-DOC.1

This document assumes that you handle the Second Life environment sufficiently to
proceed with simple tasks, however if you feel unsure towards moving your avatar;
you can either follow the tutorial in the "Help Island Public" area by clicking the
following link: Island
g&title=Help Island Public

                                 The Second Life Help Island Public.

You can also read the Second Life documentation at:

1 The client type/name can be determined either by the application icon in your Operating System, or the
application window title, such as Firestorm or Second Life Viewer 2.

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The right place

First of all, you should make sure you are in the right place. You can do so by
checking the Second Life information field at the top of the screen: if the words
"Allegro IFLEG" are nowhere to be seen, you should type these words into the
search field at the top right of the viewer.

A new window should then pop listing all the results relative to the name. You should
click the first entry, then click on the "teleport" button.

  Searching for the Allegro IFLEG island. Clicking on the entry, then on the teleport button,
                                      will led us there.

Let's start

In the Allegro island can be find several buildings bearing large 'start' or 'in use'
panels. You should find a building displaying the 'start' button then click it.

                             Click the button to start playing.

You will be given a Heads Up Display (HUD), an item needed for the game. You
should accept it (a window will pop at the bottom right of your screen), then open
your inventory by clicking on the wallet tab at the right of your screen, right click the
object called "Allegro - Game HUD - x.xx" and finally select "wear" in the context

You have one minute to equip the HUD. The panel will change from "Start Game" to
"busy", reserving the area for your exclusive use. If it times out, don't panic. Click the
panel again, and try wearing the HUD another time.

If you feel unsure about this, just follow the on-screen instructions. You can read
previously displayed instructions by clicking the " ^ " button at the bottom left of the
screen to get the chat historic.

You should see a large white window at the top left of your screen, providing you with
information and instructions. The game has just begun!


It displays your score, the current game status, lets you select exercises, switch to
evaluation, tells you when you successfully answer exercises, and may correct you
otherwise. You can resize it to suit your viewing preferences by clicking the + and -
symbols at the HUDs top right.

In the following example the player has 1:30 minute to complete the tutorial (status).
The elapsed time can be seen in the "time" window frame (00:09).

                                       47626b6c-63c4-4a3b-abc3-78008351a2ec.doc          3
                                     Allegro HUD

End of the game

The game ends whenever:

      The player successfully went through all the exercises in the evaluation mode.
      The player has been idle for more than 500 seconds.
      The player typed "quit" or removed the HUD
      If a technical issue arise. In such case, the HUD will self-remove with a short
       apology and/or explanation.


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