Geometry in Architecture - DOC by RrSO76wF


									Today during class we are going to explore geometry in architecture from around
the world. Follow the internet sites below to learn how geometry helps in the
designs of buildings.

Intro to lesson:

Using the site below, look at the architecture designs and see what figures you
see in each of the pictures.

Astors' Beechwood

Bank of China Tower


The Nathan G. Moore House

The Marika-Alderton House

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Frank Lloyd Wright House

Netherlands Dance Theatre

Tavrichesky Palace

Winslow House

The US Supreme Court Building
Now it is your turn to find and explore famous architecture from around the
world. By using the link below, find two pictures that contain 5 or more
geometric shapes you can identify. When you find your pictures, just click
and drag over to the page below. Tell where you found each shape.

Example: Window is in the shape of a triangle.

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