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									Study Guide
 English 9
Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper using complete sentences. Be sure to
support your answers with details from the story.

Chapter 1 – An Unexpected Party

   1. Identify each of the following places: The Hill, The Water, and The Mountain.
   2. Describe the general appearance of hobbits.
   3. Why are the Bagginses considered to be respectable hobbits?
   4. What does the term “Tookish” mean when used to describe a hobbit?
   5. Describe Gandalf.
   6. Gandalf scratches a sign above Bilbo’s door. What does it mean?
   7. Name the thirteen dwarves that arrive at Bilbo’s house.
   8. What is the significance of Thorin’s key and his map?
   9. What are some general characteristics of dragons according to The Hobbit?
   10. Who is Smaug?

Chapter 2 – Roast Mutton

   1. What two items does Bilbo forget in his rush to meet the dwarves at the Green Dragon?
   2. What does Bilbo’s haste tell the reader about his willingness to go on the adventure?
   3. When does the group begin their journey?
   4. What makes it possible for Bilbo to sneak up on the trolls?
   5. Why does Bilbo try to pick the trolls’ pockets?
   6. What did the trolls think Bilbo called himself?
   7. How did the trolls capture the dwarves?
   8. Explain how the dwarves escape from the trolls.
   9. What did the trolls turn into at sunup?
   10. Name the items the group takes from the troll’s cave?

Chapter 3 – A Short Rest

   1. Identify each of the following places: The Last Homely House, Rivendell, and the Misty
   2. Why does Bilbo want to hear the elves’ opinions about the journey?
   3. Explain the feelings the dwarves and elves have toward each other.
   4. Do you think Bilbo came on the journey of his own free will?
   5. Name the swords captured from the trolls. What do the names mean?
   6.   When is Durin’s Day?
   7. What is the legend about moon letters?
   8. Explain the riddle Elrond discovers through the moon letters.
   9. Describe the weather conditions when the group left Rivendell.
   10. Where does the road the group takes lead?
Chapter 4 – Over Hill and Under Hill

   1. As the party travels through the Misty Mountains, what creature is attacking them?
   2. What member of the party discovers the cave?
   3. Describe goblins.
   4. What do the goblins steal from the party?
   5. Who wakes up and alerts the party about the goblins?
   6. What are Biter and Beater?
   7. Explain why the Great Goblin becomes angry when he discovers Thorin’s sword.
   8. Describe how Gandalf escapes from the goblins.
   9. Who rescues Bilbo from the goblins?
   10. What happens to Bilbo at the end of the chapter?

Chapter 5 – Riddles in the Dark

   1. What does Bilbo find when he is alone in the tunnel?
   2. How does Bilbo discover his sword has magical power?
   3. What information can Bilbo get from his sword?
   4. Describe the creature that lives in the lake.
   5. Identify the rules Gollum and Bilbo agree to for the riddle contest.
   6. What magical power does the ring have?
   7. When can the wearer of the ring be seen?
   8. Explain how Bilbo escapes.

Chapter 6 – Out of the Frying-pan into the Fire

   1. What reasons do the dwarves have for not returning to the caves for Bilbo?
   2. Why doesn’t Bilbo mention the ring when telling his story to the dwarves and Gandalf?
   3. Describe wargs.
   4. Why are the wargs gathering in the clearing?
   5. Explain how Gandalf tries to fight off the wargs.
   6. How do the Eagles and the goblins feel about each other?
   7. Who was almost left behind by the rescuers? Why?

Chapter 7 – Queer Lodgings

   1. What is a skin-changer?
   2. Describe Beorn.
   3. What two pieces of information does Beorn discover when he goes out at night as a bear?
   4. What two things does Beorn warn the party about while they are in Mirkwood?
   5. Why does Gandalf leave the party at the edge of Mirkwood?
   6. According to Gandalf, what is necessary in order for the party to succeed in their mission?
Chapter 8 – Flies and Spiders

   1. Why do the dwarves send Bilbo up the trees to find the way out of the forest?
   2. How do the dwarves react to Bilbo’s report?
   3. Explain Bilbo’s reason for naming his sword Sting.
   4. Why does Bilbo sing to the spiders?
   5. What happened to the travelers as they searched for the path?
   6. Give evidence to prove that the Wood-elves are good.

Chapter 9 – Barrels out of Bond

   1. Why isn’t Bilbo captured by the elves?
   2. How long does Bilbo remain invisible and wander around the caves?
   3. Explain how Bilbo discovers Thorin is also a prisoner.
   4. Describe Bilbo’s plan to escape the elves.
   5. Why don’t the dwarves like Bilbo’s plan?
   6. What does Bilbo tell the dwarves about the plan?

Chapter 10 – A Warm Welcome

   1. Why didn’t the guards of Lake-town keep a very good watch?
   2. Which members of the party first went to Lake-town?
   3. How do the people of Lake-town react to Thorin’s party?
   4. Why did the Master of the town help the dwarves prepare for their trip to the mountain?
   5. How did the Elevenking respond to the news that the dwarves plan to slay the dragon and
       capture his treasure?

Chapter 11 – On the Doorstep

   1. Explain why the men of Lake-town refuse to stay the night with the dwarves.
   2. How does Bilbo unlock the riddle and the secret door?
   3. In what way does Bilbo show more spirit of adventure than the dwarves?

Chapter 12 – Inside Information

   1. What response does Bilbo receive when he asks for volunteers to go with him?
   2. Describe Smaug.
   3. Give the three important characteristics about dragons that Bilbo discovers.
   4. What does Bilbo take from the dragon’s treasure?
   5. Describe the Arkenstone of Thrain.
   6. What weakness does Bilbo trick Smaug into revealing?
   7. How does the party become trapped inside the mountain?
Chapter 13 – Not at Home

   1. Why do the dwarves finally decide to go down the tunnel into Smaug’s lair?
   2. Describe the response of the dwarves upon seeing the treasure.
   3. What does Bilbo take from the mound of treasure? Why?
   4. What does Thorin offer to Bilbo for his assistance on the journey?
   5. What do the dwarves take from the treasure room in addition to the gold and jewels?
   6. Explain why Bilbo and Balin want to leave the main gate of the mountain.

Chapter 14 – Fire and Water

   1. How do the townspeople react to Bard’s first warnings?
   2. Why do the men of Esgaroth destroy the bridges?
   3. Explain how Bard is able to understand the thrush.
   4. How does Bard finally slay Smaug?
   5. Why does the Elvenking leave his halls and march toward Esgaroth?
   6. Describe how the townspeople survive the winter.
   7. Besides the Elvenking, who else learns of Smaug’s death and might want the treasure?

Chapter 15 – The Gathering of the Clouds

   1. Who is Roac?
   2. What piece of advice does Roac give Thorin?
   3. When does Thorin name himself King of the Mountain?
   4. List the reasons Bard believes his people deserve part of the treasure.
   5. Describe Thorin’s reaction to Bard’s claims to the treasure.
   6. What conditions does Thorin insist on before he will negotiate with Bard?

Chapter 16 – A Thief in the Night

   1. What does Thorin vow to do to anyone who keeps the Arkenston?
   2. In what way is Bilbo trying to help everyone by giving Bard the Arkenstone?
   3. How is Bilbo able to escape the mountain?
   4. What old friend does Bilbo meet in the camp? What does he tell Bilbo?
   5. Why does Thorin reject Roac’s advice?

Chapter 17 – The Clouds Burst

   1. How does Bilbo defend himself against Thorin’s charge of stealing the Arkenstone?
   2. What terms to Thorin and Bard come to?
   3. Name the armies in the Battle of Five Armies.
   4. Why did the dwarf attack end so quickly?
   5. Where does Bilbo take his final stand? Why?
   6. What happens to Bilbo at the end of the chapter?
Chapter 18 – The Return Journey

   1. Why isn’t Bilbo found until the day after the battle?
   2. Who turned the tide in the battle? How?
   3. Name the character who is mortally wounded in the battle.
   4. What gifts does Dain give?
   5. Describe Thorin’s final resting place.
   6. In the end, what is Bilbo’s reward?

Chapter 19 – The Last Stage

   1. Explain why Gandalf left the party near Mirkwood.
   2. What did Gandalf and Bilbo do with the troll’s gold?
   3. Describe the scene when Bilbo returns home.
   4. How does Bilbo still use the magic ring?
   5. Why is Bilbo pleased that he is “only quite a little fellow in a wide world after all”?

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