A Future Where Twitter Marketing could be King? - Tweet Adder by henryjohn34


									A Future Where Twitter Marketing could be King? - Tweet Adder
Now we all know how fast Twitter is growing. With over 200million Tweets today, it is hard to ignore both from a social media and internet marketing perspective. As
reported last week, two large market research companies have acquired data for past public Tweets. DataSift have data ranging back 2 years while Gnip have access
to data going back 30 days. They have been given permission by Twitter to sell the information off to marketers for a fee, and like Tweet Adder, this could have big
ramifications for marketing in general.

At the moment, it must be said such data is only available to larger sized companies, so small start-up businesses cannot really afford to access the data. The range of
data available will be quite astonishing though as every public tweet will be available to the marketers to sift through.

This does, of course, have consequences for Twitter users. All your public utterances on Twitter will be available to the marketers so they can profile you and sort you
by geographical location. If you are alarmed by this prospect, there are 2 things you can do. Firstly you can delete all of your public tweets and you won’t be left on
Datasift’s system as they have to continually update the info they are allowed to use.

Secondly, you could make your account private and Twitter will not share your details with these two third party research companies. In any case, for both the general
public and for marketers, this has some far reaching effects.

Marketers will be able to find Twitter users, targeted by geographical locations and interests, and market particular products based on their public tweets. This is
another step up from something like Tweet Adder, and could certainly make Twitter an internet marketer’s dream in the future when prices for such information come

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