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					               T & L Industry Round Table Meeting

                Level 27, conference room, DIIRD
                121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

                      4.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Last year the Department of Education offered the
opportunity for 20 careers teachers across Victoria to
participate in an Industry Placement Program for 3 weeks.
We were given a choice of Industry, so I chose the
industry that I knew the least about, Transport & Logistics.

I would like to thank Hermione and Linny for organising
such an interesting and exciting placement for me. I
would like to mention the organisations that were involved:
    Agilistics
    GS1
    Murphys Transport
    The Toll Practice Firm
    Women in Supply Chain PRG
    Victorian Transport Association
    CRT Group
    And the Australian Shipowners Association

Thank you to all of these organisations.

What have I discovered in my three weeks in the
Transport and Logistics Industry? I have learnt to
decipher, LINC, TALC, BAHS and of course DIIRD.

However what I have really discovered is an Industry that
has been welcoming and passionate about what it does,
and I have gained a real insight into the diversity of
careers in the Industry. Everyone has willingly let me
into their organisations to interview staff, attend meetings,
participate in site tours, but above all they have taken the
time to explain to me aspects of the Industry that I had
little or no knowledge of. After the first week of my
placement, I started to notice a change in my behaviour; I
was now looking at trucks on the road and feeling excited
about them.

There have been two important outcomes from this
experience for me.

The first is that I now have the capacity to confidently
promote the Transport and Logistics Industry to my school
community, particularly students and parents. And as
well as this I plan to be involved in promoting the Industry
to Careers Counsellors in the Bayside Careers Group, the
CEAV at the Biennial Conference in December this year,
and Freight Week 2007.

The second outcome I would like to see really needs to
come more from the industry and that is the task of
continuing to inform and educate a much greater
audience, all secondary school students across Victoria.

As a Careers Counsellor in a secondary school my main
focus is individual counselling of students as well as trying
to broaden their knowledge about further education and
training, as well as job opportunities. Careers is generally
not a timetabled subject, so the implementation of careers
activities is limited.

As Careers Counsellors we organise for students to attend
Careers Expos, we also hold our own Careers Expos
within our schools, and another effective tool we use are
guest speakers.
So from my perspective as a Careers Counsellor, I would
like to be able to access the following services from the

   A “supermarket style exhibit” or booth promoting the
    industry which is available for Careers Expos (at
    secondary schools), and at the major Careers Expos
    across Melbourne and in regional areas.
   An engaging speaker with the ability to be able to
    adapt to their audience, taking into consideration the
    school, the region, and the year level – a speaker
    has a great opportunity to create a spark of interest.
   And of course, work experience placements in the
    Industry that are meaningful.
   These three services, if they were offered, would
    ideally be ongoing, and easy for Careers Counsellors
    to access.

A “supermarket style exhibit” or booth at Careers Expos
would offer students and parents the opportunity to take
brochures, ask questions, and generally learn more about
the industry.

A speaker addressing students can be a powerful tool,
because it offers a personal connection and can make the
Industry come alive, and as I have already mentioned can
definitely create a spark of interest.

Meaningful work experience is a well known strategy that
can offer students an insight into an Industry.

Well I personally have had a terrific experience in my
three week placement in your Industry and it is the people
that I have met and the career opportunities I have seen,
that have sparked my interest. So I would like to
encourage this Industry to take the opportunity to dedicate
even more of its resources to create ongoing programs
aimed directly at secondary school students, parents, and
Careers Counsellors, so that ultimately some of the best
students chose to work in your Transport and Logistics

In the meantime I look forward to promoting T&L wherever
and whenever I have the opportunity. Thank you.

Janet Incledon