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									Stage plan - product description
The Stage Plan is the basis for project management control throughout a Stage. It shows how
and when a Stage`s objectives are to be achieved, by showing the deliverables, activities and
resources required. It provides a baseline against which stage progress will be measured.
The Stage Plan outline is also used for Exception PIans and for Team Plans.

[Table of Contents]

Plan Description
How the Stage will be planned and what is in the plan.

Quality Plan
The Quality Control methods to be used for each major product: who, what, when, how, where ...
The resources to be used in each quality check.

Plan Prerequisites
Anything which must be in place at the start of the Stage, and which must remain in place for the
plan to succeed, e.g. key people who must be available for a specific number of days during the

External Dependencies
Anything outside the project that could affect how the Stage is run, e.g. a supplier must provide
specified equipment by a certain date. External dependencies are a common source of risk and
contingency planning may be needed.

What limits have been set on how far time and budget can go above or below what is agreed in
the plan? What will happen if these limits are exceeded?

Monitoring and control
How will progress be checked and how will lssues be identified, assessed and addressed? E.g.
how often must Team Managers produce a Checkpoint Report during the Stage? Who has
responsibility for dealing with issues?

Who will complete what types of report and for whom?

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Planning Assumptions
Explain what assumptions have been made for the Stage, the reason the assumption has been
made, the degree of confidence in the assumption. Explain why the information was not available
and hence why the assumption had to be made.
GraphicaI Plan, covering Diagram showing identified resources, activities, start and end dates
(usually a Gantt or Bar Chart)

Product Breakdown Structure
     Product Flow Diagram
     Activity Network
     Financial budget
     Table of resource requirements
     Risk assessment
     Product Descriptions for the major Products in the Stage.
     Sources of information for producing a Stage Plan
There will be an outline of each Stage Plan in the Project Plan. This is refined during Planning a
Stage (SB1). Information gathered from all relevant sources on previous Stages of the project.
The stage plan is updated during Assessing Progress (CS2), may be modified during Reviewing
Stage Status (CS5) and Taking Corrective Action (CS7).

Quality criteria
       Is the Stage Plan achievable?
       Do the Team Managers involved in the stage believe that their tasks are achievable?
       Does it support the Project Plan?
       Does it take into account any constraints of time, resources and budget? I.e. is the plan
       Does it show the level of detail necessary to ensure that any deviations will be
        recognised in time to react appropriately? .E.g. within the Stage tolerances, and within
        the activity 'floats'?
       Has it been developed according to the planning standard?
       Does the Stage PIan contain activities and allow time for reviewing the lssue Log?

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