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					                          Job Description

Job Title:                Senior Project Officer (Operational Delivery)

Salary and Pay Band:      E1 - £26,696 - £30,759 (tbc)
Hours:                    Full time (35 hours per week)
Job Holder:               vacant
Team (Directorate/        Operational Delivery (Operations department)
Location:                 MSNC

Manager:                  Stewart Long, Head of Operational Delivery

Direct Reports:           Project Officer (Branch Resources)

                        Part 1: JOB PROFILE

     To provide project management and administrative support to the
     Area Management function, enabling them to deliver operational
     project work in England.

     The post holder will work closely with the Head of Operational
     Delivery, Area Managers team and PA/Admin Officer to Head of
     Operational Delivery. In addition:

               People affected by MS, including local volunteers in
                branches, regions and local support groups;
               Local area staff;
               All staff throughout the MS National Centre and
                relevant colleagues based elsewhere across the UK;
               Relevant staff and contacts in a range of voluntary and
                community organisations.

                                Job Description

                            Head of                                          Admin
                           Operational                                      Manager

Area Managers            Senior Project          National Support            PA/Admin
 x 4 (England)              Officer               Groups Officer          Officer to Head
                                                                          of Ops Delivery

                         Project Officer

  3       SCOPE OF JOB:
         Project Management
         Administration of Area Managers team function
         Maintaining and updating information
         Management of Project Officer (Branch Resources)


          Able to make decisions to progress project work within boundaries
          agreed with the Area Manager team.

          Authority to sign-off relevant invoices to the value of £500.

                           Job Description

5    QUALIFICATIONS & SKILLS LEVEL: Person Specification

      A Levels or equivalent

     Experience of project management including managing
       concurrent projects, progressing, reporting and completing
       within agreed timescales.
     Experience of organising and providing administrative
        assistance in an office environment, including supporting staff
        who work in different locations. This should include drafting
        letters, writing minutes, organising meetings etc.)
     Experience of working as a PA, including managing inboxes,
        diaries and requests for information (desirable).
     Experience of using Microsoft Office packages, particularly
        Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook.
     Experience as a volunteer or working with volunteers.
     Experience of providing effective line management support.

Knowledge and Skills
     Ability to manage a heavy workload and prioritise conflicting
      priorities, as well as tracking progress on a wide range of tasks
      and delivering within deadlines.
     Ability to work on own initiative with minimal supervision, being
      both pro-active and self-motivated.
     Ability to negotiate and process work with numerous stake-
      holders, including senior staff across different locations,
      (Volunteer) Council Members and local volunteers.
     Ability to edit and write content for different audiences including
      websites and associated new media.
     Ability to communicate with, engage and form good working
       relationships with a diverse range of groups and individuals,
       internally and externally.
     An understanding of the necessity of confidentiality.
     Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to persuade and
      motivate others.

                            Job Description

General Attributes
     Ability to develop ideas and solutions to difficult situations.
     An organised and thorough approach to work with attention to
     A commitment to team working, flexibility and a willingness to
       undertake varied responsibilities as part of a close-knit team.
     A sensitive and flexible approach to working with people
       affected by MS.


1.     Project Management (40%)

     o Provide project management support for operational delivery work
       including pilots, new processes and activities in England to ensure
       progress within deadlines.
     o Pro-actively identify and instigate where project work within Area
       Managers ongoing and development work would assist progress
     o Scope potential work, including opportunities to influence and
       support cross-organisational work. Where appropriate, draft project
     o Manage and oversee smaller projects and / or sections of larger
       scale work, as directed. For example, Development toolkit, Branch
       Business Planning project, ICT developments such as branch
     o Undertake desk based research, coordinating and collating
       information, creating case studies etc.
     o Creation of, or advice on, presentation content and design as
       required for internal and external presenters.
     o Collation of project information and data for use internally and
       externally e.g. CAB/ Advocacy partnership information
     o Coordinate the Area staff development days (currently twice a
       year). To include, all meeting room arrangements,
       accommodation, travel, confirmation with internal and external
     o Identify and agree good practice within ops delivery work and
       identify opportunities to share around organisation
     o Identify links between area team work and other projects across
       the Society to help align work and minimise duplication.

                            Job Description

2.     Administration of Area Managers team function (30%)

     o Identify or design and implement processes and tools that improve
       the area team management function.
     o Update, maintain and share the Area Managers work-planner.
     o Manage Area Managers’ emails during periods of holiday,
       sickness etc.
     o Progress and support tasks as identified by Area Managers.
     o Provide administration support to Area Managers as required. For
       example arranging individual area team meetings, typing-up
       supervision notes, taking notes at meetings.
     o Coordinate individual area team meeting content and dates to
       ensure consistency across England.
     o Organise meetings and events relating to project work involving
       staff across the Society and, on occasion, externally.

3.     Maintaining and updating information (20%)

     o Represent the Area Manager team and/or work of area staff in
       internal meetings and working groups where appropriate.
     o Manage the Area Managers intranet section, to enable documents
       to be easily shared and accessed.
     o Ensure that the function and purpose of the area teams is clearly
       presented to other intranet users.
     o Ensure area team function and activities are collated and reported
       throughout the organisation as appropriate e.g. Keep In Touch
       (KIT) briefings.
     o Facilitate information requests from colleagues, including following
       up, collating information and presenting responses on behalf of the
       Area Manager team.
     o Compile information to underpin the area team management
       function (e.g. snap shot of branch profiles).

4.     Management of Project Officer (Branch Resources) (10%)

     o Use positive performance management to line manage and
       develop a staff member with a UK remit. This will include
       facilitating appropriate professional development, undertaking
       supervisions and performance development reviews and handling
       poor performance issues.

                                Job Description

Other Duties
  The post holder should be prepared to attend MS Society meetings
     in different parts of the country. Some meetings may be during
     evenings or weekends.

     The post holder will be working in a developing environment and
      he/she will therefore be expected to undertake other appropriate
      duties as required for the effective operation of the MS Society.

Health and Safety
  Responsibility for health and safety in the area under his/her
     control and ensure that he/she is familiar with the Society’s policy
     statement on health and safety at work.

Equality and Diversity
  Respect the unique contribution of every individual and work
    positively in an equal opportunity and diverse environment

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Additional Information for job applicants

MS Society – Senior Projects Officer (Operational Delivery)

This document gives you additional information on the role available and should be read
in conjunction with the job description and person specification.

MS Society and the Operations Department

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the most common disabling neurological condition affecting
young adults. Around 100,000 people in the UK have MS. The MS Society is the UK’s
largest charity dedicated to supporting everyone whose life is touched by MS.

                                 Job Description

The Society consists of 6 Departments: Chief Executive’s; Corporate Services; Policy &
Research; Fundraising; Information, Education & Communications and finally
Operations. The Operations Department contains the main service delivery and service
development elements of the Society:

Working to ensure that our information and support services reach out and are relevant
to every part of the MS community, including carers. Working with the network of
branches and other support groups to consistently deliver a core set of services and to
assist those volunteers seeking to do more. Developing a new vision for support based
on the individual and they’re own identified needs and goals.

Offering Grants that support the grant-making service provided by branches that totals
over £1 million annually. A centralised grant service to complement and support branch
grant-making. In addition a Short Breaks and Activities Fund (SB&AF) for people
affected by MS planning a break or seeking respite care.

Service Change & Development
Working in partnership with volunteers and professionals to protect existing, increase
and/or improve statutory services e.g. specialist nurse, physiotherapist and occupational
therapy services; social care services and respite care services. To provide expertise
and support to Branches and volunteers to ensure that national programmes are
delivered effectively at a local level.

Operational Delivery
Much of the work of the Operations Department and colleagues across other
Departments is delivered through the UK Area staff structure. In England the Area teams
are based within Operations and managed via four Area Managers. The roles of Area
team members cover:
   1. Local Support Development Officers – Leading on the relationships with the local
      branches and other support groups (e.g. young male carers group)
   2. Service Development Officers – Leading the service change and development
      work with health and social care providers, often in partnership with Parkinson’s
      UK and MNDA.
   3. Volunteer Development Officers – Leading the volunteer recruitment approaches
      locally and seeking to increase the volume and diversity of the Society’s
   4. Area Fundraisers – Leading local fundraising efforts both through the branch
      network and via local individuals who chose to run marathons etc for the Society.

Providing the tools, guidance, policies and training to enable roughly 9,000 volunteers to
effectively and safely run branches, engage in research through the Research Network,
join our fundraising effort locally.

                                  Job Description

Senior Project Officer (Operational Delivery ) Role

Working to the Head of Operational Delivery you will provide direct support to four home
based Area Managers in England. Based within the National Centre you will build strong
supportive relationships with colleagues across all departments and particularly those
that have high volume interaction with area staff e.g. conferences, information, web,
finance etc. Through attendance at Area Managers meetings you will develop a clear
understanding of the work, the challenges and what is needed to progress work
effectively. You will use your initiative to help make internal connection to help progress
work and volunteer to move areas work forward on behalf of the management function.
You will provide consistent administrative support to individual Managers.

A Typical Day?

Whilst there isn’t a typical day for our staff, any combination of the following activities
may take place

   Drafting the agenda for the next Area Managers (plan & progress) meeting

   Type up the latest supervision notes for Area Manager (North)

   Organise a meeting with colleagues in the conference team to help progress agree work-
    plans between the Conference team and Area Team West

   Progress your project creating a new intranet site for locating ‘regional plans 2012’
    inclusding how you plan to communicate the plans within the Society. Updating your own
    monitoring and action sheets for this project that you took as an action from a previous
    Area Managers meeting

   Dealing with an initial telephone complaint from a branch member regarding the
    treatment they feel they have received from their local branch committee. Calm the
    situation, take notes and pass to the relevant Area Manager

   Attending an organisation wide planning meeting for the next Carers Week (later in the
    year), contributing and taking own notes to then send out a brief bullet point update email
    to Area Managers asking for specific information that has been required of area teams

   Preparing a draft power-point presentation on developments within the London Area
    based on information from members of the London Area Team, highlighting gaps in
    information and variation in pitch and tone that the Area Manager London may wish to

   Monitor the Area Manager East’s email in box whilst she is on annual leave. Responding
    to any items that can be dealt with immediately

The successful candidate…

We hope you find this additional information useful in considering whether to apply for
this post. If you do apply, it is important that you look closely at the job description and
the person specification and to make sure that you address the criteria we are looking
for. Throughout the recruitment process we will be looking for examples and evidence
of your skills, knowledge and experience.

Job Description


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