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									     Blog-Mobile app development cost is
    affordable with Indian app developers

Mobile development cost is a
variable     that      is    often
misappropriated by corporations
who want to get their own business
app built. Read as to how Indian
mobile developers can help.

Mobile apps the hottest technology stuff of the current times.
After Steve jobs created the iPhone, there was a birth of an app
driven ecosystem that triggered a whole new breed of mobile app
developers. With the entry of android which penetrated into new
and lower strata of market, competition increased leading to
higher demand for mobile app development.
Often people with a specific business purpose want to get an
iPhone app developed but due to misappropriation of the
associated mobile app development cost they often refrain from
converting their app ideas into reality. A successful mobile app
can easily find huge download numbers and can generate
significant revenues along with brand recognition.
Most of you would know that India leads in the mobile app
outsourcing services. Mobile app development cost in India is
lesser by 4-5 times than their European and American
counterparts. Generally an Indian developer can be easily hired
for $15-$20 on an hourly basis. The Indian mobile app developers
have the smarts to deliver a quality application along with all the
ancillary services such as testing the application and its
deployment without any additional amount spent. The American
and European developers on the other hand charge $50-$100 on
hourly basis for mobile app development and include additional
charges for supportive services.
Indian mobile app developers certainly have an edge when it
comes to the cost associated with mobile app development. Only
time will tell whether Indian mobile app developers could create
success stories like Infosys and Wipro in IT services outsourcing
in future.

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