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          Life, The word is so simple but if we go deeper in it, it becomes a lot more
What is the meaning of life? The answer to this question is Whatever you want it to be. It up to
you what meaning you have to give to life.
          Life is one of the biggest gift given to us by God and we must make the best out of it.
We always curse our life when we are in trouble or something bad happens to us, but afterall
these obstacles only makes a better life. There is a good saying in hindi "Ye waqt guzar jayega"
which means nothing is going to be permanent. Some or the other time, it has to change. So we
must just wait for the right time and face the problems. These problems then give us experience
in life and makes it a better one.
              We human beings always raise our expectations towards life and never get satisfied
with what we have. We always expect higher. It is good though but sometimes we fail to cherish
the things we have in search of more happiness. We must follow only some basic rules in life.
The first one is "BE POSITIVE". This helps a lot to keep our confidence and to move on. Then
the second one is " HAVE PATIENCE". This helps us to wait for the right moment to happen.
The life has become so busy in achieving the luxuries and we miss the small small happiness
which comes to us. Life is never so easy, if we find happiness in all things. The below are the
few lines which are very suitable and apt to believe in :
        Someday everything will make perfect sense..
        so,for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears..
        coz everything happens for a reason..

We must live the life as a small kid, which is so innocent that it forgets the regrets,hurts,injuries
and laughs again. Life is a journey, in which sometimes there may be damaged roads or tough
weather, but we must still move on so that we an get away and again find the good road and
pleasant weather. Each and every moment should be enjoyed, as the time once gone can never
returns. The only thing that remains is the memories and experience. When I was 5 years old,
my mom always told me that happiness is the key to life. When I went to school,they asked me
what I wanted to be when I grow up. I wrote "Happy". They told me I didn'he assignment and I
told them that they didn't understand life.
        We must not forget that we are given the precious gems whom we call our
family,friends,well wishers who are always with us in our good and bad times and support us.
We must be thankfull to them and live our life for them and give them their feedback.

I would like to conclude by a famous words-
Enjoy the life, before it melts..........

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