Sheet1 Canara Robeco (Excel) by dandanhuanghuang


									To,                                                                     Date:- 24th May 2011
Canara robeco,
4th floor construction house,

          Sub: Quotation for the interior renovation work to be done at canara robeco.

No.                             Description                                Qty       Units     Rate   Cost

 A Dismantling

  1   Dismantling old partition and clearing site.                         220        sqft

  2   Dismantling existing workstation and clearing of site.                8        Nos

  3   Removing doors to cabin properly so that it can be                    3        Nos

      Dismantling glass partition property to reuse the glass.             120        sqft


  1   Providing 2'0"x2'0" Marbonite flooring of approved                   550       Sqft
      sample ( basic rate 80/-)


  1   Providing & fixing glass partition with T.W frame as                 130        sqft
      per existing complete with matching veneer with
      melamine polish, glass should be 8mm thk clear.

  2   Shifting old work station in cabins by 1'0" & extending storage       3        Nos
      to cover gap in between side table & extending table top by 6"
      all complete with matching veneer and melamine polish.

  3   Fixing existing door to cabin with new lock and existi                3        Nos
      ng handle .
      Changing floorspring is optinal as per requirement

  4   Making provision to make glass partition above                        84        sqft
      existing low height solid partition.
5   Making semi solid glass partition with clear 10mm thk        360     sqft
    toughend glass with machine polish edge. All complete with
    laminate finish on one side, one side finish with
    veneer to match existing veneer. 3" x 3" t.w vertical
    members are provided to hold the glass
    All should be finished with melamine polish

6   P/F low height solid partition 4'6" ht with veneer            50     sqft
    finish on both sides. All complete with edge moulding
    with melamine polish.

7   Providing work counter 2'0" deep with pencil drawer           24      rft
    & keyboard drawer finished with1mm thk laminate
    from outside and inside with 0.8 mm.

8   Providing work counter 2'0" deep with pencil drawer          12'4"    r.ft.
    & keyboard drawer finished withmatching veneer
    with melamine polish from outside and inside
    with 1mm thk white lam .

9   Making stortage 2'0" deep finished with 0.8 lam               18     sqft
    from inside and out side with 1mm thk laminate
     all complete with lock and handle.

10 Providing drawer unit 1'3"x1'9", 2'0" ht with 3                6      Nos
   drawers. All finished with approved laminate from
   outside & inside with 0.8 mm thk white laminate.

11 Providing drawer unit 1'3"x1'9", 2'0" ht with 3                3      Nos
   drawers. All finished with approvedveneer from
   outside with melamine polish & inside with 0.8 mm
   thk white laminate.

12 Polishing & repairs to existing partition & storages.                 L.S

13 Frosted film on glass as per design of approved               150     sqft

14 Folding shelf 1'3" deep with brackets                          3       r.ft.

15 Providing softboard                                            54     sq.ft.

16 Providing 2'.0" dia round meeting table                        2      nos
   with Glass top 12 mm and S.S base

17 Providing toughend glass 12 mm thk partitions in               6      nos
   between two workstations glass fixed on d brackets
    size 1'9" x 2'0" in curved shape

D Electrical work
1   Dismatling and removing existing electrical connections              L.S.

2   Providing new electrical connections in roma anchor switches
a   row power point                                                10    nos
b   ups points                                                     20    nos
c   tel point                                                      10    nos
d   data point                                                     10    nos

3   Providing & fixing light points                                 6    nos

4   Supply 7 fixing 2X36 tublight fitting (Philips)                 6    nos

E False ceiling
1   Providing & fixing false ceiling including material / labour   150   sqft

F Painting
1   3 coats of Royal touch paint (Asian) to wall & partition       550   sqft
    whereever necessary & 3 coats of Royal touch emulsion at the
    specified location (3 Nos cabin)

2   Providing & applying metalic (Dico) colour on 2 nos. pillars   80    sqft
    including material / labour

    Total cost of work
    Grand total

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