Scheduled System Maintenance for February 18 th _ 2012 Outage by dandanhuanghuang


									 Scheduled System Maintenance for February 18th, 2012                          Outage Hours: 0700 to 1700 (7 am to 5 pm)

      Outage Plan                         Task Description                                   Services Impacted                      Outage
 CWL Database            1.   CWL/IAM Database server will be migrated from      1.   CWL - UI apps and authentication       Outage = 30 minutes
 Virtualization               HP BL460c blade to new dedicated VMs               2.   LDAP & SSD interfaces (ETLs between
                              including Primary and Secondary DB VMs, i.e.            source data and IAM)
                              the change is not an in-place upgrade.             3.   FIM (ETL between IAM and EAD) and      Reason: to redirect new
 0830 to 1600            2.   CWL/IAM database will be upgraded from                  EAD                                    CWL/IAM Database to
                              Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g. Currently CWL/IAM        4.   Student E-mail                         the new Virtualized
                              database only supports US7 ASCII character set.    5.   IAM-Atlassian (software management     CWL/IAM environment
                              The target CWL/IAM database will be configured          tool used by UBC IT app developers)
                              to Microsoft Western                               6.   Grouper
                              European(WE8MSWIN1252) character set.              7.   IAM integration partner apps.

 CISCO Call Manager           Minor release update                               -    Angus and Life Sciences internal and   No Impact
 version 8.5 to 8.6                                                                   external Call Managers.

 0700 to 12 Noon
 WebCT and Blackboard         Applying updates on WebCT Vista and                -    WebCT Vista                            No Impact
                              Blackboard Learning VMs.                           -    Pilot LMS (ie. Blackboard Learn)
 0700 – 12 noon                                                                  -    CTConnect2
Assign VLANs 2603 and   Reconfiguration and re direction to assign VLAN 2603     -    UBC – IT Internal Management of the    No Impact
2604 to VRF ITSV-       to VRF ITSV-SYSUSG to virtual network ITSV05.                 USG devices by Systems group
SYSUSG of virtual                                                                -    ITSV05 FWSM context will need to be
network ITSV05                                                                        updated with appropriate firewall
                                                                                      ACLs similar to the router ACLs
                                                                                      currently in place.

 Updates on our progress during System Maintenance will be available on our Service Bulletins site at or by contacting
 IT Service Centre at 604-822-6141 or via email at

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