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Spain is a wonderful destination for a holiday and there
are a number of places in the country that tourists can
visit, from big cities to quiet seaside resorts. This article
provides a list of the five best places in Spain that you
should visit if you are planning a trip to this region.
1. Barcelona - Whether you want a big city holiday or a
quiet holiday on the beach, Barcelona is a must-visit
destination. This city is based on the Catalonian coast,
which is one of the most beautiful coasts in the world. In
addition to this, Barcelona offers visitors all the comforts of
a big city and is considered to be one of the most
cosmopolitan cities in the country. Make sure to take a
walk down Las Ramblas and enjoy the street entertainers
and relax on the long sandy beach for free.
2. Madrid - If you would like a holiday that combines a true
Spanish experience with a cosmopolitan flavour, then
Madrid is the place to visit. This city is famous for its
cuisine, bullfights and rich culture. Whether you would like
to enjoy a bout of shopping or visit a nightclub, or tour the
historic attractions in the region, Madrid has something for
everyone. Steeped in culture and great as the capital this
is a lively location.
3. Cordoba - This region is a UNESCO heritage site and
has a unique old-world charm about it. Tourists looking to
understand Spain's history will enjoy visiting the Mezquita,
an old mosque, the Alcazar de los Reyes Christianos and
the Tower Fortress Calahora. Not always a tourist first
choice but an insight into the real Spain for those of you
who really lover to explore.
boat charter spain
4. Valencia - This city overlooks the gulf of Valencia and is
located on the Mediterranean coast. It is the capital of the
third largest district in Spain and has plenty of attractive
places that architecture enthusiasts will enjoy visiting. The
marina area and the beach tend to be popular but there
are many great areas to explore throughout this city.
5. The Costa Blanca - This area is one of the most
important holiday destinations in Spain and boasts a
number of scenic cities and towns. It is the perfect
destination in Spain if you are looking to enjoy a holiday by
the sea.
The North Sound: Virgin Gorda's North Sound lies astride
the Anegada Passage and the Sir Francis Drake Channel.
This is the area where Sir Frances Drake assembled his
ships before attacking Puerto Rico. It also is the site for
two former pirate escape routes. Pirate escape routes
were used to lure pursuers onto intervening reef shallows.
One was the Eustatia Sound located at the front of the
North Sound. Today, only local knowledge affords escape
exits through gaps in the treacherous reefs that make
even the most experienced BVI boat charterers quake with
fear in their bare feet! An alternate but little used
entrance/exit to the North Sound is behind Saba Rock's
reef in an s-shaped transit through an opening between
the islands around the back of Eustatia Island and out a
little used gap in Eustatia Reef at Prickley Pear's Opuntia
Point. Although a charterer on a BVI boat should never
attempt it, today, this is a fun, adventurous dinghy route
for those wishing to snorkel or beach comb around the
The great era of pirates in the Caribbean extends from
around 1560 up until the end of the Golden Age of Piracy
in 1725. The BVI played an important part in the history of
the real pirates of the Caribbean. Book your BVI boat and
live the legend yourself, matey!

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