Chapter 27 Reading Focus Questions NAME Define imperialism

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					Chapter 27 Reading Focus Questions                   NAME _________________________________

1. Define imperialism. Why did the United States turn away from isolationism and toward
   imperialism in the late nineteenth century?

2. According to Alfred Thayer Mahan, ___________________________ was the key to the United
   States’ world power and domination.

3. What did the Secretary of State use to justify American intervention in the Venezuela boundary
   dispute of 1895-1896?

4. What was the reaction of Latin American nations toward United States intervention in the
   Venezuela boundary dispute?

5. What did Cubans do in order to persuade Spain to leave their country OR to encourage the United
   States to help them with their revolution?

6. List the causes of/reasons for American involvement in the Spanish-American War. (NOT
   McKinley’s war message… look for WHY McKinley decided to issue the war message)

7. The __________________ Amendment guaranteed the independence of Cuba once peace was

8. When the United States captured the Philippines from Spain, _____________ was annexed.

9. What was the most controversial event associated with the Spanish-American War and the Treaty
   of Paris in 1898?

10. What was the Supreme Court’s decision in the insular cases?

11. The ____________ Amendment gave the United States the right to intervene in Cuba.

12. List the results/consequences of the Spanish-American War.
Chapter 28 Reading Focus Questions                     NAME _________________________________

1. Why was there an insurrection in the Philippines in 1899?

2. Define “Open Door policy.” What was the purpose of this policy?

3. How did America react to the Boxer Rebellion in China?

4. What was the purpose for building the Panama Canal?

5. Roosevelt acquired the land needed to build the Panama Canal by…

6. List the difficulties encountered during the building of the Panama Canal.

7. The _____________________________________ to the Monroe Doctrine declared that the United
   States would intervene in Latin American affairs when necessary.

8. Why did President Roosevelt organize a conference in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1905?

9. What was Roosevelt’s purpose for sending the “Great White Fleet” on a world tour from 1907-

10. Compare and contrast Roosevelt’s outlook on foreign policy with that of Presidents Taft and
    Wilson. What was the name of each president’s foreign policy?