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					                                   Jonathan on Stage
Jonathan C. Lewis is a public speaker on economic development issues, social
entrepreneurship, global poverty and social change.

       “I am delighted to introduce our next speaker, Jonathan C. Lewis -- a pundit, a
       pontificator, a Huffington Post contributor, a founder, a leader, an ethicist and a friend.
       The founder of MicroCredit Enterprises and the man behind the Opportunity
       Collaboration, Jonathan’s contributions to the field span the practical (moving social
       investment dollars) to the philosophical and increasingly vital role of serving as a moral
       compass.” -- Eric Weaver, CEO, Opportunity Fund, introduced at the Microfinance USA
       opening plenary, April, 2011, New York.

Selected copies of Jonathan’s talks, audio recordings and video tapes are available in
the Lewis Library at

Frequently Asked Questions

Format. Jonathan is most effective as a plenary or session solo speaker and/or as a
provocative interviewer of an economic development expert, organizational leader or celebrity.
Requests to serve on or moderate panels, lead roundtable discussions or conduct workshops
are not usually accepted.

AudioVisual. Jonathan does not require or use audiovisual equipment or special effects. A
podium with microphone is preferred.

Ancillary Activities. Jonathan welcomes the opportunity to participate in ancillary
organizational activities, such as receptions, private leadership dinners, interviews, etc.

Fees. $5000.00 per speech or event. Discounts for nonprofits with an aligned mission.
Jonathan’s speaking fees are invested in social justice causes or enterprises.

Travel Expenses. For travel to the east coast, an all-inclusive, single travel expense fee of
$2000.00 ($750.00 for west coast travel; zero within Northern California) is preferred.

Bio & Photos. Updated biography and five headshots are available at

Engage Jonathan. Send a request to with your organization’s or
event’s hoped-for outcome or general expectations, time & date and size & nature of audience.