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     1906.                                             MONTHLY WEATHER REVIEW.                                                                                                          13

is more than 60° 45' above the horizon the parhelia accom- were well developed. The second was a much stronger dis-
panying the halo of 22O are no longer formed.              turbance.
   In addition to the works previously mentioned valuable    The detailed times of the usual features follow:
articles on halo phenomena will be found in the MONTHLY Earthq&ee of Janitnry and February. 190.5,am-enty-fftthmeridian time.
WEATHER   REVIEW 1897 on pages 294 and 305, and in the
                 for                                                                           January 20,1905, February 14,
volume for 1902, page 317.                                                                          (p. m . )               m.)
                                                                                                                   1905, (,a.
                                                                                                                                               h.    mi.    8.            h.      m.     6.

 METEORoLO(3ICAL CHARTS OF THE INDIAN OCEAN.                                   First preliminary tremors b e g a n . . . . . . . . 1 6 37                                         4 14 10
                  TALMAN,Section of Ocean Meteorology, U. S Weather Bureau.
                                                           .                   Second preliminary tremors b e g a n . . . . . . 1 10 58                                           4 93 00
                                                                               Principal portion began . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 14 38                                    4 31 21
   As one result of the recent transfer of the work in ocean                   Principal portion ended . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 20 32                                    4 35 36
meteorology from the Hydographic Oftice to the U. S. Weather                   Eodof earthquake.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 29 15                                   5 20 oi)
Bureau, the latter becomes a cooperator in the important                       Duration of first preliminary
studies of the Indian Ocean and adjacent lands, recently un-                     tremors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 min. 21 see.                               8 min. 50 8ec.
                                                                               Duration of second preliminary
dertaken on a large scale by the meteorological service of                                        ................               3 "           40 "                           s " 21 "
India. The general plan of this work was outlined by Sir                                         incipal portion. .              5 ''           54 'L                         4        15
John Eliot, in his notable address before the subsection of                    Total duration of earthquake . . 23 ''                           38 ''             1 hr. 5 l L          50 '

Cosmical Physics a t the last meeting of the British Associa-                  Average period of definite waves, in preliminary poition. . .                                        19.8 sec.
tion.                                                                          Average period of                                                     poition.. . . . . .             17.0
   The Indian Service published for several years daily synoptic               Period of pendulu                                                     ..............                 28.0 "
charts of the Indian monsoon area, but the region covered by                   Maximum double a                                                    cement of earth
these charts extended only between 3G0 north and 12O south                                                                                             . . . . . . . . . . . . . . O.% mm.
                                                                               hlagniflcation of record . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       10 times.
latitude. The observations upon which the charts were based
were partly made a t the shore stations, and partly obtained                      The earthquake of February 14 was preceded and followed
from meteorological logs of vessels. I n view of the vast imyort-              by very perceptible pulsatory oscillations, by which are meant
ance t o India of a complete understanding of the conditions                   very slight oscillations that are visible throughout nearly the
which control the monsoon winds and the resultant rainfall,                    entire record and which have been noticed to occur from time
it has been decided to extend the field of observation over the                to time without apparent close connection with other observed
greater part of the Southern Indian Ocean, and also t o include                phenomena. These oscillations tend to render the determina-
broad areas of the surrounding continents and islands.                         tion of the times of beginning and encling of the feebler
   In order to obtain as many observations as possible from the                phnses of the earthquake inexact.
oceanic areas, and especially from the region of permanent
high pressure in the ocean east of Cape Colony, the coopera-                                                        DR. J. 0.HARRIS.
tion of the British, German, and American meteorological                                      By WILLIAMG. BVRNS,
                                                                                                                Sectiou Director, U. S. Weather Bureau.
services has been requested. These three services are now                         Dr. J. 0. Harris, an honored member of the staff of volun-
engaged in securing marine observations from vessels of all                    tary observers of the Climate and Crop Service of the Illinois
nationalities throughout the world. As an indication of the                    Section, died a t his home in Ottawa on the morning of Janu-
probable number of reports to be furnished by the Weather                      ary 10, aged 77 years. He was born a t Liverpool, Onon-
Bureau, the statement of the Hydrographic Ofice as to the                      daga County, New York, on September 13, 1528. He was a
number of reports of trans-Indian voyages received during the                  descendant of Revolutionary stock. A graduate in medicine,
period January 1, 1902, to January 1, 1904, is of interest.                    he entered the Army in 1862 as assistant surgeon of the 53d
The number was 53, and the average time spent within the                       Illinois infantry. He was public-spirited and identified with
prescribed area was 51 dags, making a total of 2700 observa-                   every local enterprise. A man of high literary and scientific
tions in 720 days, o r approximately four observations a day.                  attainments, as early as 1854 he organized the public library,
To this number, the vessels reporting to the British and Cter-                 and his labors in the meteorological field clnte back to 1853, when
man meteorological services, together with those which report                  he acted as correspondent for the Smithsonian Institution.
direct t o the Indian Service, will be added, making up a very                    Since the organization of the Signal Service in 1870, Doctor
respectable total; so that the daily synoptic charts which the                 Harris has served as voluntary observer, and his labors ceased
Indian Service is to prepare, commencing with January 1,1906,                  only with his death.       ~-
are likely to present an interesting and valuable picture of the
march of weather conditions over this region.                                             RECENT PAPERS BEARING ON METEOROLOGY.
   Sir John Eliot says:                                                                               Yr. H. H. KIMBALL.Librarian and Climatologist.
   It has been found that the abnornial conditions of the past sevenThe subjoined titles have been selected from the contents
years, with thetr droughts in Australia, Africa, and India, have been
                                                                  of the periodicals and serials recently received in the Library
associated with abnormal pressure conditions over a very large portiun
                                                                  of the Weather Bureau. The titles selected are of papers or
of the earth's burface; and it i s hoped that these charts will enable light
                                                                  other communications bearing on meteorology or cognate
t o be thrown on a number of questions of scientific interest a s well a s
of economic importancu.                                           branches of science. This is not a complete index of the
   The new enterprise of the Indian Meteorological Service meteorological contents of all the journals from which i t has
appears to be an important step in the direction of L ' w ~ r l d been compiled; it shows only the articles that appear to the
meteorology," with successful long-range forecasting as its compiler likely to be of particular interest in connection with
ultimate aim.                                                     the work of the Weather Bureau. Unsigned articles are indi-
                                                                  cated by a -
                     BY PROF.CHARLESF. MARVIN.                        Robinson, Edward E. Suprr-cc?drtl raindrolis. P. 295.
                                                                          Floods in the United States. P. 308.

   The following notes have reference to two slight earthquakes       MacDowall, Alex. B. The i111)nn the baroiilrter. P. 320.
recorded by the Bosch Omori seismograph a t the Weather Knowledae. London. New Series. Vol. 2.
Bureau in January and February of 1905.                               Clarke, Agnes M. Muilrru cosmoyunirs. X I . Our own system.
                                                                       Pp. 24-26.
   The first, while definitely registered was of short duration       -The late Rev. J. M. Bwon. P. 31.
and only a few of the characteristic features of such records         Lockyer,William J. 5. Our siiii and ' * weather." Pp. 33-35.
14                                                                 MONTHLY WEATHER REVIEW.                                                                              JANUARY,
Proceedings of the Royal Society. London. Vol. 74.                                                                      des ohserx a t i o w ni6ti.orologiqne faites en trois stations
     Chree, Charles. An analysis of t h e results frIJm tlie Falniouth                                                   tle l’Inih-Chine en 1903. Pp. 271-272.
        magnetograms on “ q u i e t ” clays during t h e tnelve gear.: 1891 t o                                                                   de
                                                                                                                        riitj Il-iC.tPorologique f i i i n w . Paris. 5Sme annte.
         1902. Pp. 323-326.                                                                        Moureaux, Th. R65umt5 de t r r n t r annkes d’obsrrvatinns in6teor-
Journal o Geography. London. Vol. 2.5.
           f                                                                                          iilogiiiurh a 1’0bservatoiie du Pnro Saint-Maur ( 187k191Y3). 111.
     -A scheme for the coiiipariwn o f cliniateb. [Review of woik i i f                               Pluir. Pp. 9-1G.
        W. F. Tyler.] P. 217.                                                                        ~     Relatiou entre les niar6es rt l r s oritgrq. PI’. 24-25.
Science Abstracts. London. 1*01. 8.                                                                  ~     Plnir ile p o u d k r r b rn 1902. Pp. 25-26.
     B[orns], H Direct ani1 phi itograpliic observations o f anrorak. DUP Weltall. Bwlin. 5 Jahrgcmg.
         [Abstract of paper of Sj kora.] P. 5.                                                     Krebs, Wilhelm. Tornadoes. Pp. 177-18lJ.
     Ros[enhain], H. Further coniliarisnnh ( i f gas thrrtiionirtrrs. P. 35. Das Wetter. Berlin. 22 Jahrgnng.
     SLtarling], S G. Electric conductivity of air and cluantity of ozonr                          Sieber, August. Erilhelien unil Witterung. Pp. 1-9.
        present. [Ahytract of wvork of V. Coniail ani1 M. T o l i ~ i l a u + k ~ . ] Arendt, Th. Ueber die Gewitterverhaltnisse ron Berlin und des-
        P. 43.                                                                                        sen Unigebung. Pp. 9-17.
     B[orns], H. Diurnal \ariation o f t h e magnetic rlriiietits in Eataviit.                     Assmann, Richard. Das Arronauti~chrObserx atoriiiin Iiei Ber-
        and sun spots. [Abstract of wurk of J. Liznizr.] P. 54.                                       lin ini Jahre 1904. Pp.
Ahoiiuutical Journal. London. Vol. 9.                                                              __ Wo rrgnrt r< ani nir                           ilrr Erlle? P1i. 2o-21.
     Baden-Powell, B. The adrunautical tviiipetiticin a t tlie St. Louis                           Eyre, Stanhope. Das                                nic.lit alleinigr U r s i t p tlrs lang-
        exhibition. Pp. 2-4.                                                                          nillrndrii Doiinrr-. Pi). 21-22.
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Science. New York. Vo1. 21.                                                                           sii.htliaieu Stiithlung. PI). 1-19.
     Clough, H W. Synchrouiius variations in kiilar ant1 nic~tecini11~~i-                     Annalen der Hydrographle und Maritinien Neteorologie. Berlin. 37 Jahr-                   .
        cal phenomena. [Abstract of paper o f H. W. Clouyli.] PI’. 174-                               9“9.
     175.                                                                                          Bebber, W. J.van. Eenic.rkenswri-te Sturmr. Pp. 49-55.
     Fox, Philip. Determination of t h                ilitr rut:ttiou lirrinil f i i i i n         Moller, Johannes. Beobavlitungen vou Diiitiinrriin~srrsclieinnn-
        flocculi po$tions.       [Abstract of Iial    f Pliilili Fox.] P. 175.                        gen, angrsttbllt auf See. P1i. 55-68.
     Barus, Carl.        Note on t h e variation      lie sizes lit’ niicblvi \I i t l i tlir Peternianns biittcilt(n!len. Gotha. 5/1 Eand.
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Scientifi American. New York. Vol. 92.                                                        Physikitlische Zettachriff. Leipzig. 6 Jahrgnng.
     ~      New radium theories. P. loa.                                                           Krell, Otto. I J e l w IIrssiiiig t u i i d j nitiiiisc~liriiinnrl sta
     -What \\e know about ~ i u n         hlicits. P. 147.
                             lenient. New I-ork. rol. 59.                                          Elster, J., and aeitel,
                              o f iadiu-activity. P. 24307.                                           Fiaili~i-ahtivit,it on Qnel
                             ethodb of forecasting the weather. Pli. 2435s-
        24360.                                                                                                                                in rlrr frrien Atnioslihdrr. P. 71-73.
     -The molecule, the atom, and t h r new thrury ( i f niattrr. P ~ I .                                                                     e Iili~itugraliliihclie \Virk*ainkrit deb
        24388-84339.                                                                                  ozims. Pp. 73-74.
Journal o Geography. Nem York. Vol. 4.
           f                                                                                  S~tzuiigbericlite der h‘aiserlichen Akademie der Wiaaenachctften. Berlin.
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Popular Science Monthly. New York. 1701. CG.                                                                                 ~n
                                                                                                      F l t ~ c ~ h i t ~ t tPp.. 1498-142n.
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Le Temps qu’il Fait. Mona. dine annge.                                                                stmilt! vwsc4iiedenrr Grstaltrn in der Luft. [dhstiai-t of article
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Comptea Rendua de I’Acadimie &a Sciencee. P a m . Tome 140.                                                                                 ,
                                                                                                      x rrinittrlst eineb n e i i n ~ n dgnatiitinirti iwhe Wage brnanntrn Ap-
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                                                                 des                               --      Dit) Hiiclifahitm des Wiruri Aini Iiluh 1HIl1-1904. Pp. 33-34.
        soiirces therniales. Pp. 5-30.                                                               ~     Dines’ Drx~.lirnvrrsuclie. Pp. 31;-3X.
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                              e:                                                                     ~     Way der Wintl kanu. Pp. 36-39.
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La Nature. Paria. 339ne annie.
     Guillaume, Ch. Ed.                                    t givrr.
                                                            .           Pi’. 98 99.                  ~
                                                                                                      istiius. P p 55:&55Y.
                                                                                                           A. C:oi.kel ii1ii.r (lie ALh:ingigkelt iler e l r k t r i d i e n Leitungy-
     Jullien, 0 Fin de la                                  ute-Sax iiir. P1i. 1 1 ~ 2 .               fdiigkrit iler Atiuosphiiie von den iiirtriiri ilogischrn Factoren.
     Rudaux, Lucien. M                                                                                Pp. 559-560.
Annuaire de la SociCtB hiitloroloyique de Frnnw. Paris. 52eie annPe                                  ~     S. Rivua ilbrr tlir heurige Ddrrr in Ungarn. Pp. 560-564.
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     Teisserenc de Bort, Leon. Sur la qiiatrieiiie coiifirence t l t l la                            ~     Rvsultatr drr iiieteorulugiscliru Brobachtringen auf drin Ben
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                             crtpnhculairrs rt aiirol‘ales; crrcle clr Bisholi.                    Hann, J. H o c l i ~ ~ a s s e r ~ t d n c l eNil zwibchen 1841 und 1902. Pp.
     1905.                                                 NONTHLY WEATHER R,EVIEW.                                                                               15
   -Mittlerer Regenfall im Bassin des Nil. Pp. 573-574.                           11. Published by authority of t h e Meteorological Council. xii, 137 pp.
   -Resultate der meteorologischen Beobaohtungen zii Aililis-Ahrlba               fO. London. 1904.
      in Abessinien. Pp. 576575.                                                     H i l d e b r a n d s s o n , H. Hildebrand and Teisserenc de Bort, Leon.
   -C. Michie Smith iiber das Hlirua rleh BergohRer\-atoriuiiis Koilai-           Les bases de la mbtcorologie tiynaiuique historique-Ctat de nos connais-
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   H[ann], J[ulius]. Regennieshungen auf Sumatra. P. 5i6-6ii.                        Institut Agricole de Lausanne. Observations rnttAorologiques
   -Meteorologische Beobachtungen in1 Grbirtr tlrr Hudsonljai.                    faites a la Station MCtCorologique clu Champ-de-l'air. Institut Agricole
      P. 577.                                                                     rle Lausnnue. Annl:,e 1'303. SVII e annbc. (,16,1, pp. 4". Lausanne.
   -Meteorologi~uhe        Beobachtungen an d r r H I                             l!lll4.
   B a t e s , D. C. Einige Reqnltate der iiirtrt)r                                  L e y s t , Ernst. Beol?achtungen angestellt iin Meteorologischen Ob-
      unpen am Obhervatorium zu Wellington (Nrii+ri.laud) Ib64-1:)113.            servatorium der Iiaiserl. Universitiit Moskau im Jahre 1902. Hrsg. von
      P. 578.                                                                     Prof. Dr. Ernst Leyst. 11)i pp. 8'2. Mockba. 1903.
   Sapper, Karl. Meteorologihvhe Beobaclituugm, angrst4lt in iler                    L e y s t , E r n s t . Contemporary p r o b l e m in the study of atmospheric
      Republik Guatemala in den Jaliien 190d unil 1'JOY. P. 578-581.              electricity. [Russian text. 1 2 pp. 8O. Mockba. 1904.
   -Meteorologische Beobachtungen in Paraniuribo (Guiana I iu alrn                   L e y s t , E. Meteorologische Beobaclitungen in Moskau im Jahre 1900,
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   -Meteorologische Beobaclitungrn in Britiscli-rleiluatorialafril;n.                L e y s t , Ernst. Die Hnlo~ihiiuomene Russland. I Soci6t6 Imperiale
      P. 683.                                                                     des Naturalists de Moscou. ) Pp. 393-42s. no. Mockba. 1903.
   M a r t i n , C. Meteorologisches aub Chilcl. P. GX:1-6X4.                        M e r e c k i , Romuald. Iilimatologie zieiu Polskic!li. I . Meokresowa
   Sieael, F. Meteorologische Eeol)a~~htungen Curitylm ini Jaliie
                                                      zu                          zmiennoso temperatuiy powietrza. 119, pi). 1O. Krakowie. 1889.
      1903. P. 584.                                                                  M e r e c k i , Rom. Die Sonnentiitigkelt nnd die rinperiodischen Luft-
Hemel en Dampkring. Amsterdam. 2 Juhrgang.                                        driiukfiuderuugen. (,hIeteorologische Zeitschrift, Wen, ,Jan., 1904. 17
   Nell, A. C. De weervoorspelling met b r h o l l ~ a n liicitl+~ nriii-
                                                       1           waai           PP.1
      ingm. P. 131-135.                                                              M e r e c k i , R. WpIyw zmienne dzialalnosci slonca na neokresoweruchy
   N., Chr. A. C . De telegrafiwhe rerl~iudungiiirt Ijslanil en de                atniosfery ziemsltief. (Odbicka z '' Prcqc mateiuatyczno fizscznch ". T.
      weervoorbpellingen. P. 138-l4U.                                             SIV.) d X pp. Wartizawa. 1'303.
Memorie della Societa &gW Spettr      iwi Itnlicrni. Girfnnicr. Vol 33.              Observatoire de Z i - K a - W e i . Ctllendrier-annueire pour 1905. 818
   Bemporad, A. Tavole au             ie l ~ e rsperivnze siill'assc~rbiiiientv
                                               r                                  pi). 11;". Chang-Hai. 1904.
      atmosferico. P. 213-235.                                                       P a f i a t h , Josef. Meteorologische Beobachtungen am dem Rheinge-
Memorim de lo Sockdad Cientificia "Antonio Akafe." Mexico. Toaio 1;        '.     biete von Chur bis zuin Bodensee. (SI11 dahresbericht des ijffentlichen
   Tenorio, Francisco de P. Ligrra vriti4.a averca del alJiiKo ..Pa+              Privat.g,ytuuasiiinimsa n der Stella Matutina zu Feldkirch. 1903-1904.) 56
      trana" para termimetros. P. 371-377.                                        pp. 9". Feldkirch. 1904.
                                 ~~                                                  Prussia. Koniglich Preussisches M e t e o r o l o g i s c h e s Institut.
    R E C E N T ADDITIONS TO THE WEATHER BUREAU                                   Deutsche Meteorologisches .Jahrbuch Iiir 1903. Preussen nnd benachbarte
                                      LIBRARY.                                    Rtaat.en. Hrsg. vom Kiiniglich Preussichen Meteorologischen Institut
                                                                                  durch clessen Direktor Wilhelm von Bezold. Pp. G3-122. f O . Berlin. 1904.
                             By Mr. 11. H. K I M H ~ L Librarian.
                                                                                     Prussia. L a n d e s a n s t a l t fur Gewasserkunde. aahrbuoh fur
                                                                                  die (;e\viisserkonde Norddeutschlands. Hrsg. von der
   The f o l l o w i n g titles h a v e been selected f r o m a m o n g the Looks Laudesansttlt fiir GewRsserliuntle. dbflussjahrgang 1901. Preussischen [In G parts.]
recently received, as representing those m o s t l i k e l y to be u s e f u l v.11. f". Berliu. 1!)04.
to Weather Bureau officials in their m e t e o r o l o g i c a l work am1            Queensland. Water-Supply D e p a r t m e n t . Map of Queensland
studies. Most of t h e m can be loaned for a l i m i t e d t i m e to showing anuual rainfall to end of 191J3. Water-Supply Department. 1
officials and employees who m a k e application for then].                        sheet. 30x23 in.
                                                                                     R e t h l y , Anton (cvll.) Erdhebenbeobaclitungen in Kijnigreich Ungarn
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Bd. LXSIV.) 323 pp. fo. Wien. 1904.                                                  R i c h t h o f e n , F e r d i n a n d Frhr. v. (Ed. j Deutsche Sfidpolar-Expe-
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ological report for t h e year 1902. The Survey Department, Public Works Ccricht iiber die missenschaftliclien drbeiten. f Veriiffentlichungen des
Ministry, Cairo. 2U4 pp. ldo. Cairo. 1904.                                        Instituts fiir Meereslcunde geographisclieu Instituts an der Universitiit
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Sciences de Finlande. observations mbtGorologiclues publi6es par 1, 2, 5. v.p. 8". Berlin. 1904-1903.
1'Institut MBthorologique Central de la Socibti. des Sciences de Finlaude.           R o t c h , A. Lawrence. The first observations with 'ballons-sondes'
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Sciences de F i n l a n d e . Observations publiGes par 1'Institut MttBoro-          Rotch, A. Lawrence. An instrument for determining the true direc-
logique Central de la Soci6tB des Scieuces de Finlande. Volume cliihui- tion and velocity of t,he wind at sea. (From Quarterly ,Journal of the
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Gotha. 1903-1904.                                                                  Inst,itotes. l!l03. Jahrgang VI. Hrsg. voin Direktor Professor Dr. Paul
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from t h e self-recording instruments a t four observatories under t h e report on nieteorological observat,ions in the Straits Settlements for the
meteorological council, 1901. Thirty-third year; new series. Volume year 19113, by D. K. McDowell. n.p. fa. Singapore. 1904.
                                                              NOTES AND EXTRACTS.
   APPARATUS FOR INSTRUCTION I N PHYSICS AND                                        or how best to espend a given amount of m o n e y for furnish-
                METEOROLOGY.                                                        ing- a school l a b o r a t o r y , that he would v e n t u r e a few general
  The editor has so often been asked w h a t apparatus to bug                       reinarks on this s u b j e c t .

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