Indiana Session 4 Agenda by john.kuglin


									                          Indiana Trails Educational Cooperative
                     Technology and Learning Professional Development
                                         Session 4

                                    Conducted by John R. Kuglin
                 Senior Consultant and Retired Associate Dean, University of Montana
                                        March 15 - 16, 2012

Session Focus
       What No Books!!
       Researching, Creating, and Implementing Personal Content Repositories
       Collaboration in the Digital Classroom
       Building Depth of Skill and Knowledge in Previous Applications

Items Needed for These Sessions
    An account with Mindmeister – Free account can get us started.
    A set of ear buds or head set for listening to audio privately.

Session Topics
I am using a new format for the agenda this session more to reflect the activities that will be
covered as opposed to a time schedule. Each day will have a morning and afternoon break build
into the day with ample time for lunch as determined by Dan. Please let me know if you have
specific questions regarding this agenda.

Building Project Maps

We will be working with MindMeister the market leading and multiple award-winning web-
based collaboration solution that uses proven mind mapping concepts to facilitate multi-user
planning, brainstorming, and project management sessions, all from within a standard web
browser. This session develops the context for the various learning objects that will be created in
many of the Web 2.0 tools in use today. This activity will start bringing it all together for you!

Building Additional Skills in Communicating On Line

We will be using SlideRocket again to learn and utilize the benefits of using a cloud-based
presentation application. We will learn to craft a more powerful web-based message that in
some cases can to viral around the globe!! We will see examples of multidimensional
presentations delivering powerful messages – A real 21ST Century skill for our students.

Creating Learning Objects with Web-based Content

In this session, we will be using Sidevibe to do the following:
     Capture quality web content
     Distribute the links and associated interactions to your students
      Record and assess the handwritten data they give back to you.
      In general we will build manageable student Web experiences for your classroom.

Building and Expanding Your Skills with Weebly

I will be showing you the more advanced capabilities of Weebly and how to incorporate them
into your website. Content elements (like text, photos, maps, and videos) will added to your
website by simply dragging & dropping them into place. Text is edited just like in a word
processor. Building your website is done in real time, right from within your web browser. This
piece is central to your development as a digital teacher in the future!

Understanding and Developing New Systems for Content Delivery
Incorporating the Web’s Highest Quality Teaching and Learning Materials

This Section is devoted to building and using personal and on-line content repositories. Three
nationally know resources will be featured providing educators with award winning content with
the click of a button. The Sky product features custom curriculum publishing,
Verizon’s Thinkfinity site providing access to the highest-quality teaching and learning
materials, and the iSchool Initiative providing the best of the best mobile touch applications.

In addition, numerous cloud-based applications will be featured providing a means for you as an
individual to setup, aggregate, and deliver your own library customized to your individual needs
as an educator. Sky - recently announced a new type of cloud-based
       application called Sky. With this introduction, they have also introduced a new
       concept called “Custom Curriculum Publishing. Sky and CCP offers the ability to
       Enhance Teacher effectiveness and confidence in their abilities to lead in a web-
       enabled classroom. Sky does this through the web-enhanced digital learning environment
       that provides teachers with tools to find and deploy digital resources with their students,
       collaborate with other teachers to create, find and share successful lessons and strategies.
       This is an exciting new concept and serves as a major component to any 21ST Century
       Verizon’s Thinkfinity has tens of thousands of standards-based K-12 lesson plans,
       student materials, interactive tools and reference materials that are reviewed by the
       nation's leading education organizations to ensure that content is accurate, up-to-date,
       unbiased and appropriate for students. All Verizon Thinkfinity content is endorsed by
       Verizon content partners, the nation's leading education organizations, who either
       develop or review each resource. Each of these organizations is a recognized leader in the
       specific discipline for which they create Thinkfinity content. In addition to the national
       standards alignment, Verizon’s State Partnerships also ensure that Thinkfinity lessons are
       aligned with state-specific standards.
       The iSchool Initiative is a partnership between students, teachers, school administrators,
       and software application developers, providing a mobile platform for each to comprehend
       the other's needs. iSchool’s mission is to advocate, support and implement technological
       advancement for students and educators in the 21st century. In order to accomplish this,
       they have three primary objectives: raising awareness for the technological needs of the
       classroom, providing collaborative research on the use of technology in the classroom,
       and guiding schools in the implementation of new learning opportunities through
       advancing mobile technologies. Educators will learn more about the latest mobile
       applications for both the iPad/iTouch solutions as well as the new Android based touch
       tablets poised to hit the market. Many of these technologies are either free or very
       inexpensive thus saving schools money during these difficult times.

Learning to use Key Cloud-based Collaboration Tools
Setting up Collaboration Systems

This skill building block will focus on teachers becoming aware of and developing proficiency in
using some of the web’s most common collaboration tools. This hands-on experience will
provide teachers knowledge of the various collaborative tools on the web while providing a
means for them to share an online experience with each other.

   Participants will experience in depth hands-on experience with the following topics or

      Google Docs
      Google Forms
      Learn New and Free Screen sharing and Online Course Management Systems
      Docstoc – Document Displaying
      Google Earth

Collaboration in the Digital Classroom
Developing a Plan to Address Today's Digital Student

Collaboration in the Digital Classroom is an interactive e-learning experience that offers an in-
depth look at collaboration with a focus on online collaborative tools. In this mini course,
teachers see how collaboration helps students develop 21st century thinking skills, deepen
content understanding, and prepare them for the global world. Teachers learn how to plan and
manage collaboration activities that integrate online collaborative tools which are increasingly
part of our globally connected workplaces. They follow two teachers as they implement
collaborative experiences in their classrooms. The mini course offers opportunities to apply the
collaboration concepts from the previous activity with action planning exercises.

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