Grace O' Malley by dandanhuanghuang


									Grace O’ Malley
  Nicole Muschinske
          Country Of Origin
• Mayo County, Ireland
• Born in 1530 in Mayo County, Ireland.
• Daughter of Pirate Owen O’ Malley.
• Cut hair and dressed like a boy to prove
  she could handle the sea life.
• Spent her young life learning the ways of a
• Owned her first fleet of ships at a young
• Grace used galleys
• Galleys are used for
  trade and warfare
• They were propelled
  by oarsmen
             Code of Conduct

• Grace O’ Malley did not have a code of conduct
  that was specific to her fleet of ships.
• Most other pirate codes of conduct stated
  women could not be allowed on ships.
• “No boy or woman to be allowed amongst them.
  If any man shall be found seducing any of the
  latter sex and carrying her to sea in disguise he
  shall suffer death.”
• Obviously, Grace did not pay attention to these
• Grace mostly associated with her own
• Her first husband Donal O'Flahetty, whom
  she had 3 kids with
• After Donal died she married Richard
  Burke, and had one more child.
• Also associated with her crewmates
    Associations with England
• During this time, England was taking Irish
  land. Grace fought back as did her family.
• Grace’s brother and son were captured by
  the English, so she went to negotiate with
  Queen Elizabeth
• Queen Elizabeth admired Grace’s spirit
  and pardoned her family.
• Grace was supposed to be executed but
  the Queen Pardoned that too.
  Associations with England, Cont.
• Grace agreed to use
  her leadership and
  power to protect the
• The song to the right
  was supposedly
  played whenever
  Grace was in the
  Queen’s court.
        Who was Affected?
• Grace attacked Turkish and Spanish ships
  and stole the cargo.
• She plundered Scotland’s outlying islands
  on her return trips back to her father on
  Clare island.
• She also attacked fortresses on the
           Pirating Activities
• Since Grace’s ships had been banned from
  Galway, the most important trading port in
  Ireland, she most commonly attacked ports right
  outside of Spain, Portugal, and Scotland.
• Other than pirating ships, Grace charged ships
  for safe passage and regained her riches and
  had a thriving piracy empire and control of 5 of
  the castles in the area. (Of Clare Island)
• Grace developed the nickname
  “Granuaile” because her brother called her
  “Grainne Mhaol” when she cut her hair.
  Grainne Mhaol means “bald”.

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