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					   Grace Bowman (Equestrian)
                                                                     Date of birth     16 July 1990
                                                                             Sport     Equestrian
                                                                  Discipline/event     Ind. Championship, Ind. Freestyle
                                                                          Disability   Complete paraplegia
                                                                     How acquired      Horse riding accident
                                                                         Residence     Moonta, South Australia
                                                            First time competed in     1999
                                                                         your sport
                                                           First time competed for     2006
                                                           Sport career highlights     Competing in England in July
                                                                                       2006, Canada in September 2006
                                                                                       and Beijing 2008
                                                         Best international results    1st in team, freestyle and
                                                                                       individual championship at Pacific
                                                                                       Rim International CPDI 2006
                                                             Previous Paralympic       Beijing 2008
                                                                        Personal       Australia Day Young Citizen of
                                                         honours/awards received       the Year for the District of the
In 2002, Grace Bowman had an                                                           Copper Coast 2007
accident doing what she loved – horse                           Greatest sporting      Representing Australia at the
riding. It resulted in paraplegia and she                                 moment       Beijing Paralympic Games
now uses a manual wheelchair for all                       Most influential person     Her father
her mobility, apart from when she is                         Heroes/role models        Her family and friends
riding. Grace      has    always    found                         Favourite quote      Winners never quit, quitters never
comfort, strength and inspiration in her                                               win
relationship with horses and was
selected to represent Australia as a Young Rider at two competitions in England in 2006. She performed
brilliantly, coming third behind the number one Paralympic rider in the world in her first three competition
tests. She top scored on the first day of the Young Rider competition for future Paralympians and finished third
overall. Grace was then asked to join the Australian equestrian team and competed in Vancouver where she
won three gold medals.

In 2008, she experienced her first Paralympic Games which was the highlight of her horse riding career.
Unfortunately Grace’s horse became overwhelmed by the electric atmosphere in the arena and she finished
12th in the freestyle test and 15th in the championship test. Although she didn’t score highly, she felt she rode
well and is proud of her performance.

She has also graced the cover of the York Peninsula telephone directory in recognition of her courage and
dedication to getting back into the saddle.

Grace plans to compete at the World Equestrian Championships in 2010 and then London in 2012 as well as
begin university life. “Beijing provided me with some precious competition experience so I know exactly what I
need to do to raise the bar in 2012.”