Entourage 2008 Using the Scheduling Assistant by dandanhuanghuang


									Entourage 2008
Using the Scheduling Assistant
The Scheduling Assistant is used to view other people’s availability and to set appointments.
Although there are different ways to view other calendars, using the Scheduling Assistant gives
you much more functionality than seeing someone’s schedule in a calendar view. For example,
using the Scheduling Assistant allows you to view people and resources without having to set
up special viewing permissions. You can also begin with a view of several people and then add
or remove them as you are planning your event (same with resources).
It is also the best way to check the availability of resources and classrooms.
Opening the Scheduling Assistant:

In the Calendar, click on File> New> Calendar Event.

Click on Invite.
Begin typing the names of the people or resources you’d like to view. As you type a list will populate. If
you see the name of the person you are looking for, you can click on it to enter it in or click the Add

For resources, begin typing in the department prefix. As you type a list of known resources will be
displayed. Choose your resource by clicking on it.

If you are unsure of a person’s name, type in the part you know and click on Check Names.
To choose from the Global Address List, Click on the arrows by the Address Book option and select the
Default Global Address List (nau).

The Global Address List will be displayed in the pane on the right. You can type in a person’s last name
(or part of a name) and the Global Address List will display names that match. Once you find the person’s
name, click on it to add it to the list. You can find resources this same way, just begin with the department
prefix in the search box.
Once the names, resources, and/or classrooms that you want to view are listed, click on the grey box in
the top left corner to close the view.

You will now see the each person and resource listed in the New Event window. Click on the Scheduling
tab. You can now see the free/busy times for each person and resource. You can change the Start and
End dates and times in their respective boxes or simply scroll to check.

Once you are done you can choose the Appointment tab to set up a meeting by filling in the information
and choosing Send Now (top left corner) OR you can close the window and choose Don’t Save.

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