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					Heat Transfer: Radiation Lab – S’mores                                         Name:________________________________Per:_____
Read the Heat Radiation Section on pages 46-53 of the Heating and Cooling Minitext and complete the following
assessment question. All questions must be satisfactorily completed before starting the lab portion of making S’mores.
1.   Define Heat Radiation.
2.   What is another name for heat radiation and describe two physical properties?
3.   Describe how radiation can travel.
4.   Feeling infrared radiation, explain how convection is different from heat radiation.
5.   Radiation travels in different ways depending on what materials it comes into contact with. Complete the chart below.
                                                                                      Dull, Dark Surfaces Shiny, Light Surfaces
      Emission – (make a definition)
      Absorption – (make a definition)
      Reflection – (make a definition)
6.   Where would you expect to find houses painted white and why?
7.   Which would absorb more heat if you walked outside on a hot day; an asphalt blacktop or a swimming pool?
8.   Provide two explanations for how animals are able to use radiant energy to ensure their survival.
Once finished, place your book back on the cart and show your work to Mr. G . to move on to the S’mores lab portion of
today’s activity. Be prepared to explain the process of heat transfer that make it possible to roast a marshmallow!

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